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Elmhurst Office Space Leasing

Elmhurst Office Space

Located to the west of Chicago, Elmhurst possesses many beneficial aspects for business owners. Regardless of whether you own a small professional company or a large corporate entity, Elmhurst is a wonderful place to lease office space. From the convenient location to the wide array of corporate neighbors, there are many enticing characteristics surrounding the city of Elmhurst. It is these aspects of Elmhurst which make leasing commercial office space a desirable notion for business owners.

Leasing Elmhurst Office Space

Some choose to buy office space as there are many benefits to doing so. However, others choose leasing as an option as they are not yet ready to take that leap and purchase a commercial office space or office building. For business owners who want to try out an office setting prior to purchasing or simply want to lease as this is most comfortable to them, there are plenty of available commercial office spots to lease in Elmhurst.

Elmhurst is a popular office space leasing location for many reasons. First, its location makes it an ideal spot to open up shop. As a suburb not too far outside of Chicago, customers can reach the commercial office location with ease, regardless of whether they live in Chicago or in one of the many suburbs in the area. Public transportation is readily available as are major highways which make getting to and from Elmhurst a simple task.

Also, Elmhurst already has many commercial tenants who have been there for years. It is a good idea to lease an office in an area where commercial business is readily available. You want to be in good company with other businesses as this may help you to increase your customer base by taking advantage of the commercial foot traffic in your area.

Those who lease an office in Elmhurst will find the area itself to be quite accommodating. You won’t have to drive long distances to get a bite to eat for lunch and doing some shopping on your lunch break is an easy task as well. In Elmhurst, there are many restaurants, retail stores and boutiques nearby which come in handy when you have to run some errands or get something to eat on your lunch break. These are things which most business owners look for in a general area when the time comes to lease office space.

Elmhurst Office Space Will Suit Your Needs

Depending on your specific business, you will want the office space you lease to match your commercial business needs. In Elmhurst, you will find single office space settings, entire floors of offices and even the whole building for large corporations which need a commercial home to lease. Elmhurst has a spot for any type of commercial business and leases are readily available if you want to rent an office in Elmhurst and take advantage of all that the town has to offer you, your employees and your business as a whole. With a convenient location, a wealth of nearby amenities and an overall enticing commercial atmosphere, it is easy to see why many business owners select the suburban city of Elmhurst as their go-to leasing option.


Commercial Office Space Leasing in Rosemont, Illinois


Nestled in between the City of Chicago and O’Hare International Airport is the Village of Rosemont.  Although outside of the city limits, Rosemont holds a similar energy and vibe as a large city with a small town aspect to it. The proximity of Rosemont to public transportation and Chicago itself makes it an ideal leasing spot for commercial business owners to choose.

Rosemont Is Readily Accessible To Those Near and Far

Whether you have clients flying in from out of state or taking public transportation to your office from Chicago, when you lease office space in Rosemont, you are helping to ensure that these individuals can get to you with ease. As mentioned above, O’Hare International Airport is close by as are many public transportation options, largely due to the fact that it is close to Chicago and reaps the benefits of this large city without having to be located within city limits. For those driving to Rosemont to patronize your business, the interstates offer easy access to allow them to get to and from your location.

Rosemont Is a Largely Commercial Area

Although there are residential areas within the 2.5 square miles of Rosemont, 75% of the area is commercial/industrial. This fact shows that you will have plenty of commercial neighbors nearby when you lease office space in Rosemont. There are many benefits to being in an area where commercial businesses are more prevalent than residential areas. One of the main benefits is that you can often have more room for growth in a largely commercial area. When you lease office space in this type of location, you will find that there are plenty of choices when it comes to commercial office space for lease.

Large Amounts of Amenities Close By

Rosemont is also an area that has tons of amenities in the local vicinity. Restaurants, stores and even a convention center are located there which will draw customers in and make them likely to visit the area and more likely to visit your office for goods and services. There are also a good amount of hotels in the area, which is perfect for those office space tenants who have quite a bit of out-of-town clients to cater to. The Donald E. Stephens Convention Center is another enticing aspect of Rosemont as it plays host to a wide array of companies and consumers. MB Financial Park is an entertainment center in Rosemont which also adds to the attractive qualities of the area and brings individuals to Rosemont for a wide array of events.

The office space leasing opportunities in Rosemont are quite prevalent. By leasing a commercial office space in this village, you are setting up shop in a largely commercial area with plenty of choices as to building size, amenity offerings and availability of clients. Although outside of the large city of Chicago, Rosemont still possesses those city-like vibes, which makes for a great leasing location for your business. Whether you need a professional office to suit a few employees or an entire floor of an office building for a larger company, Rosemont has exactly what you need.

Oak Brook

Leasing Office Space In Oak Brook, Illinois

Oak Brook

Located west of downtown Chicago lies the bustling economic locale of Oak Brook. This area is home to many well-known businesses and industries, including Ace Hardware, Papermate, McDonald’s Corporation and more. From small, singly-owned businesses to large corporate industries, Oak Brook offers commercial office space leasing to fit the needs of all types of businesses.


With its suburban location, yet not too far from the city lines, Oak Brook lets business owners enjoy a less bustling atmosphere but still provides them with access to Chicago and beyond.  With a wide array of interstates and local roads to choose from for transportation purposes, those who need to get to Oak Brook can do so quite efficiently.

Business Opportunities

Owners of businesses who decide to lease an office, or offices, in Oak Brook will have many opportunities to expand and grow. The Oak Brook area not only plays host to a variety of businesses but has a residential draw as well. With the residential and commercial combination, businesses will draw in local residents in addition to those outside of Oak Brook who come into town for commercial reasons.

Amenity Options

When you lease an office in a particular area, you want to make sure that amenities are at your fingertips. In Oak Brook, this is easily recognized. From restaurants such as Seasons 52 for fine dining to Antico Posto for excellent Italian cuisine, there are so many great dining options to choose from in Oak Brook. If you are looking to lease office space in an area where shopping options are readily available, then Oak Brook provides an answer for this as well. Oakbrook Center offers shops galore for business owners and their employees to take advantage of throughout the day, whether on their lunch break or once the workday has ended.

Attractions in Oak Brook

Another thing which draws business owners and clients in to a certain area is attractions. You want the area in which you lease office space to offer a lot in the way of recreation and entertainment.  Oak Brook does this and so much more. Places such as Mayslake Peabody Mansion and Graue Mill and Museum are wonderful area attractions which entice individuals to visit Oak Brook, among the many other attractive qualities of the area. For those who want a fun, recreational activity, Pinstripes offers bowling, bocce ball and more.

Oak Brook Meets the Needs of a Wide Variety of Business Owners

Oak Brook is a commercial location which is perfect for many different types of businesses.  Whether you are a sole proprietor or run a national corporation, Oak Brook has the commercial office space lease for your business. When viewing the options, keep in mind that you will need a location to fit your size of business as well as your individual industry of business. Certain locations will be more lucrative for one type of business entity over another. Choose your lease location wisely in order to make it the best spot to open up shop for your company’s needs. A tenant representative can help you to choose the right location and get you the lease terms you need and want in the very beginning.

Commercial Office Space Leasing In Evanston, Illinois

With its lakeside location, outside of Chicago, Evanston has both beauty and utility on its side. Known as a commercial and residential locale as well, Evanston caters to the business sector as well as individuals and families who call this lovely area home. For those business entities seeking an ideal suburban location to lease commercial office space, Evanston offers quite a bit in the way of enticing features and beneficial aspects. The location itself, as well as what is situated within Evanston, draws businesses in and encourages them to stay for a long time.

Getting To and From Evanston

Evanston is attractive to business owners who wish to lease office space as it is easy to get to and from the city. Well-traveled interstates as well as accessible local roads enable business employees and the general public to reach your company with ease. Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport is pretty close by as well.

Evanston Is City and Suburb All In One

Even though Evanston is considered to be a suburb, it actually has an urban vibe to it. This, in part, means that there is plenty to do in Evanston. Also, because Northwestern University is located within Evanston, you can be sure that there are businesses and attractions galore nearby. Individuals who live in and around the area utilize the plentiful business services of Evanston, which means that your business will benefit from a large influx of consumers who may come to the area for another business’ services but leave the area having done business with your establishment as well. In addition, Evanston has plenty of amenities throughout the area including restaurants, shops and service providers, which will suit your needs as well as the needs of your employees.

Evanston Welcomes All Types of Business Entities

Some suburban areas are known for a specific niche of industry, whereas Evanston welcomes all types of businesses to its city limits. No matter whether your business is in the insurance field, restaurant industry or is an upscale boutique, you will find the ideal commercial lease in Evanston. From single office leases to large building options, Evanston offers a lot of choices regarding leasing types. Also, when you lease office space in Evanston, you can rest assured that your business will be high in demand, even if there are other competitors in the town as well. There is a large client base in Evanston for all types of business owners and their companies to take advantage of when they lease an office space in the area.

Choosing Evanston as your go-to office space leasing location is a wise idea. You will have plenty of consumers to cater to, quite a bit of amenities in the vicinity, no matter where you lease, and be welcomed to an area which will be glad to showcase your business. Tenant representation offers a way for you to ensure that you get the right office space lease at the

best price. When you have a tenant representative, you will also be certain to feel confident in your future dealings with the commercial landlord of the building.

Office Space

Office Space: How These CAM Costs May Be Overlooked

Office Space

Many times a business owner who is interested in leasing office space will forget to consider common area intenance, or CAM, fees when they are comparing prices and figuring out if the lease is affordable. CAM costs are fees which the landlord charges in order to offset their expenses related to maintaining the common areas of the office building. There are a few different reasons why these CAM costs can be overlooked.

Office Tenants Don’t Read the Lease

Fees, such as CAM costs, should be properly stated in the leasing agreement. However, some business owners are in such a hurry to get into their new office space and are overwhelmed by the legal agreements for leases that they simply don’t read the lease completely and fully. This can make overlooking the CAM fees pretty common. When you lease office space, you always must consider that CAM costs will be an issue for the tenant. Most landlords will make these fees a part of the leasing arrangement to ensure that they won’t be stuck with paying for common area maintenance.

New Office Space Tenants May Not Be Familiar with CAM Fees

If you are a new office space tenant, having never leased an office prior to this point, you may not even know that CAM costs are an issue. Many new office space tenants simply think that commercial office space rent is all that will need to be paid throughout the course of the lease agreement. This is not the case. Therefore, you should always be aware that CAM costs are common and must be factored into the total amount of the lease.

Business Tenants Might Not Have a Tenant Representative to Help

Many business owners go into leasing commercial real estate without a tenant representative by their side. This can be a costly mistake as they may enter into an agreement without fully understanding what they are doing. A tenant representative will always point out the CAM costs and make sure that the business owner tenant is able to afford such costs. In addition, a tenant representative will know how to negotiate with the landlord regarding CAM costs and may be able to get a lesser fee when it comes to CAM costs charged to the tenant.

CAM costs are easy to overlook when leasing commercial real estate, especially if you are new to commercial office space leasing. These costs can be expensive in the end and it is important to know how much you will need to pay for common area maintenance and see if you can negotiate these fees so that they are affordable. Before you enter into a leasing agreement, make sure that you thoroughly review the contract and be certain to focus in on any CAM fees which are included in the agreement. A tenant representative is the best person to have by your side when leasing office space and reviewing the agreement. This individual will ensure that you are properly informed as to any and all fees, such as CAM costs, which may be part
of your future lease.