Nestled in between the City of Chicago and O’Hare International Airport is the Village of Rosemont.  Although outside of the city limits, Rosemont holds a similar energy and vibe as a large city with a small town aspect to it. The proximity of Rosemont to public transportation and Chicago itself makes it an ideal leasing spot for commercial business owners to choose.

Rosemont Is Readily Accessible To Those Near and Far

Whether you have clients flying in from out of state or taking public transportation to your office from Chicago, when you lease office space in Rosemont, you are helping to ensure that these individuals can get to you with ease. As mentioned above, O’Hare International Airport is close by as are many public transportation options, largely due to the fact that it is close to Chicago and reaps the benefits of this large city without having to be located within city limits. For those driving to Rosemont to patronize your business, the interstates offer easy access to allow them to get to and from your location.

Rosemont Is a Largely Commercial Area

Although there are residential areas within the 2.5 square miles of Rosemont, 75% of the area is commercial/industrial. This fact shows that you will have plenty of commercial neighbors nearby when you lease office space in Rosemont. There are many benefits to being in an area where commercial businesses are more prevalent than residential areas. One of the main benefits is that you can often have more room for growth in a largely commercial area. When you lease office space in this type of location, you will find that there are plenty of choices when it comes to commercial office space for lease.

Large Amounts of Amenities Close By

Rosemont is also an area that has tons of amenities in the local vicinity. Restaurants, stores and even a convention center are located there which will draw customers in and make them likely to visit the area and more likely to visit your office for goods and services. There are also a good amount of hotels in the area, which is perfect for those office space tenants who have quite a bit of out-of-town clients to cater to. The Donald E. Stephens Convention Center is another enticing aspect of Rosemont as it plays host to a wide array of companies and consumers. MB Financial Park is an entertainment center in Rosemont which also adds to the attractive qualities of the area and brings individuals to Rosemont for a wide array of events.

The office space leasing opportunities in Rosemont are quite prevalent. By leasing a commercial office space in this village, you are setting up shop in a largely commercial area with plenty of choices as to building size, amenity offerings and availability of clients. Although outside of the large city of Chicago, Rosemont still possesses those city-like vibes, which makes for a great leasing location for your business. Whether you need a professional office to suit a few employees or an entire floor of an office building for a larger company, Rosemont has exactly what you need.