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“I wanted to send you a quick note to express my sincere appreciation for all your hard work and efforts in finding a new location for our Illinois operation.  As you well know the conditions of the space we are presently in are less then desirable.  With your knowledge of the area and space available, you were able to find us space that is an enormous improvement, and yet at a rate close to what we are currently paying.  This, I did not believe would be possible.  Everyone in our Illinois office are very anxious and excited to move, and are looking forward to finally working in an environment and atmosphere that is conducive and enjoyable to work in.
It has been a true pleasure to work with you, and you have made this entire process not only as simplistic as possible but enjoyable.  On behalf of everyone here I would like to wish you the very best success in your business and look forward to the opportunity to work with you in the future.”
Controller, Software Company, Schaumburg, IL
“Now that we are settled into our new office space, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your hard work and dedication in helping us find the office space that was right for us.  I especially appreciate your willingness to stick with us through the process, which at times must have seemed like a futile exercise, given our President’s desire at the time to remain in the space that we had occupied for the past ten years!  With your help, we were able to quickly identify the options that fit our criteria.  From there, via the RFP process that you coordinated, we were able to determine which of the options could work from a pricing standpoint.  In the end, you helped us to obtain a deal that made sense financially as well as provided us with the opportunity to upgrade our space and corporate image.
Now that we have been in our new space for a few months, I can assure you that everyone, including our President, is delighted with the space.  Not a day goes by that we do not receive some sort of complement from visitors to our new office.

Thank you again for the dedication, perseverance and professionalism that you exemplified throughout the process.  I have worked with a lot of commercial realtors over the years, and your honesty, professionalism and straight-forward approach puts you at the top of my list!”Chief Financial Officer, Marketing Company, Schaumburg, IL

“When we embarked on a search for new, larger office space I was candid with you – I don’t have much experience in commercial real estate.  Your help through the process was very valuable.  I was most impressed with the way you took the time to learn about our company so you could make good choices about potential office options that would work for us logistically but that also reflected the type of company we are and the image we want to present.
Of course, I think we did well in negotiating our new lease and you played a central role in that process.  Honestly, I expected that.  What I didn’t expect was the help you provided in the build-out process.  While ours was relatively simple, there were still issues and your assistance was really great.
“We realize now that we gave you some pretty difficult parameters to get us where we are now.  As you remember, we had only a few months to locate and settle on a building and then negotiate a lease, perform construction, obtain occupancy, and then pack up multiple years of records, move, and unpack.  We know that without your help, we could not have been successful in our relocation.  We want you to know that we appreciate the time and substantial effort that you gave to “make it happen.

So, thanks again.  It was a pleasure working with you and I hope to have the chance to do so again.  ”Vice President, Marketing & Administration, Consulting Firm, Rosemont, IL

Your expertise, knowledge of the market, lease negotiations, and accessibility, including your ability to keep a level head during those frantic moments, made all this possible.  We know that there were times of extreme frustration in coordinating all the parties to finalize the lease, but your persistence and finesse made the outcome worth the struggle.

It’s remarkable to tour our office or see the incredible difference between our old space and this one as well as the positive effects the move has had on our people.  We could not be happier with our new work environment.  The building exceeds our expectations in functionality and appearance and we believe that we are positioned now to meet future expectations.”

CEO, Engineers, Lisle, IL

“I would like to express my appreciation for the terrific job that Tenant Advisors, Inc. did in helping us execute our lease agreement with Equity Office Properties.  Your approach to and execution of the entire process was outstanding.  From the beginning, I felt that you were conducting the process just as it needed to be done, in a highly professional manner.  We visited ten buildings in our target area; we received initial proposals from eight; we had space plans done at three; and finally – after some challenging negotiation – signed an agreement to reside in our first choice property at what I believe to be a very competitive rate.”

Vice President, Distributor, Des Plaines, IL

“While I am happy about the end result (an excellent lease), I am more pleased about the process getting there.  You were flexible in the engagement terms, especially in light of the reluctance of our landlord in working with brokers.  You efficiently organized the space search activities so my time involvement was kept to a minimum.  You researched the market well and negotiated professionally to achieve an excellent lease.  The entire process was painless, but it could have been otherwise if I did not have your help.”

Software Company, Rolling Meadows, IL

“As you are well aware, we had very specific requirements for our space, many of which aren’t typical for most office tenants.  You were always very attuned to those special needs, and the results have been great.

One brief example of this is our after hours heating and air conditioning needs.  You were able to negotiate significant extra hours of heat and air at not cost.  This had become a significant cost for us at our former location.”

President, Modeling Agency, Schaumburg, IL

“We sincerely appreciate your professional assistance with our office relocation.  You were attentive and inquisitive in developing a good understanding of our needs and objectives.

Through your thorough knowledge of the market, properties, landlords and your understanding of our needs and objectives, you were of tremendous assistance in quickly refining our search to a select few properties that were a good match.  You were able to identify issues that were not apparent to those of use not familiar with the marketplace.

You patiently worked with us through the entire process.  During the lease negotiations you were very helpful with lease terms and identification of negotiable items.  While we had tremendous respect for you, the landlord likewise respected and was responsive to you.

We are now settled into our new space and love it.  We have a great location and a responsive landlord with an environment that is near perfect for our operation.”

Sr. Vice President, Administration and Assistant to the CEO, Reinsurance, Schaumburg, IL

“Now that the dust has settled on our construction, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all your help throughout the entire process.  After reviewing our lease, you recognized that our termination option gave us significant leverage to renegotiate our lease early, which produced immediate savings.

You displayed great skill, patience, and attention to detail, all along the way.  Even when the building owner switched asset manager’s midstream, you preserved, and got the job done.

We’re very happy in our smaller, more efficient layout, and we’re enjoying the savings every month.”

General Manager, IT Company, Elgin, IL

“Several real estate agents contacted me when I first started here.  You were the person who gave me the most confidence that we could work successfully together in an objective and straightforward manner.  I’m glad to say that my initial impression was correct.

I certainly felt that I was in good hands as we went through the process of making an office space decision that best met the needs of our company.  Knowing that we had only a few months before the old lease expired, you made it easy for us to view the options in our area and determine that a sublease would suit us very well.  Everyone is now very pleased with the results.

We appreciated how closely you worked with us during the sublease negotiations, acting as a liaison between Gage, the leaseholder and the landlord.  Providing a list of recommended vendors, including the electrician who assisted us with the phones, was also very helpful.  Your attentiveness during and after the move to make sure that everything was going o.k. was a reflection of your dedication and professionalism.

I would not hesitate in recommending your services to other potential customers.”

Principal – Chicago Office, Consulting Company, Chicago, IL

“I wanted to take a moment now that we’ve completely settled in the new space, to thank you for your help and professionalism throughout our entire relocation process.  Everyone is really enjoying the new location.

Looking back on where we started, I’m not sure we could have accomplished what we did, and gotten such a great result, without you.  The demands on my time are simply too great to focus much attention on the office space situation.  Still, something had to give, as we were truly out of space, and the services in the old building had deteriorated significantly.

You were able to take much of the burden off of my shoulders and allow me to focus on running my law practice and servicing my clients.  Your advice and counsel were of great value in guiding us through the many issues relating to our move: leasing vs. ownership, lease term, build out and the like.

When we shifted focus from the sublease to the direct space, you were able to quickly ramp up negotiations with the landlord to allow us to move on-time and on-budget.

The new office clearly provides us with substantially better, more reliable services.  It’s allowed us to grow and it’s a much better environment for hosting client meetings and negotiating sessions.”

Partner, Law Firm, Barrington, IL

“I wanted to take a moment to sincerely thank you for all your help with our office lease.  We couldn’t be happier with our new location.  It’s close to the expressway, which is great when we come in from Peoria.  In addition, based on all of the options we toured, I believe we ended up with a good deal financially.

I was concerned about trying to handle this process from our headquarters in Peoria.  However, your professionalism and dedication throughout the process made the whole thing relatively painless.

I look forward to working with you again in the future.”

CEO, Consulting Firm, Schaumburg, IL

“I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all of your help and diligence on our recent office relocation.  As you know, we needed to do something about our old space, as we had completely outgrown it.  We needed something that would be easily accessible to our members, and we needed options for meeting space.  Also, with our entire staff being pulled in so many directions on a daily basis, we had  neither the time nor the experience to deal with all of the issues involved in finding and negotiating for new space.

The solution you came up with for us has been a perfect fit.  We hear new complements from every visitor to our space.  Most of all, we appreciated your professionalism and patience throughout the process.  You helped us watch out for common pitfalls that didn’t occur to us.  You explained the industry jargon, putting it into everyday terms.  Finally, you followed through on all of the details to make sure we were completely satisfied.  You made our lives much easier than would have been the case had we not worked with you.

We’ll continue to recommend you when we have inquires from members about office space.”

President, Business Association, Schaumburg, IL

“Thanks again for all your help with our office lease negotiations.  Your involvement definitely made things a lot easier.

Your review of the market and securing of competitive proposals brought us an awareness of current rental rates, term length, landlord renovations and other concessions.  That information certainly put us in a more favorable negotiating position.

I appreciated the time you took throughout the process to understand our business and requirements, and to decipher the real estate industry jargon for us.

Thanks again, and I look forward to working with you again in the future.”

Logistics Company, Des Plaines, IL

“I want to take this opportunity to express my gratitude and thanks for a job well done in assisting in our office search.  Your professionalism and expertise are unparalleled.  I would not hesitate in recommending your firm to anyone in need of finding the right space for their business.  You listen to what people are looking for and hit the nail on the head with your market surveys.  Your negotiating ability in the leasing process provided us with the confidence we achieved our goals.

Once again thanks a million, as always it is great working with you.”

President, Janitorial Company, Des Plaines, IL

“I just wanted to thank you for your help in securing our new branch offices in Chicago and Oak Forest.

The sites you recommended met our company’s needs of size, facilities, and location while your assistance with negotiating and securing the leases was invaluable.

Thank you again for all your help.”

President, Medical Technology Company, Elgin, IL

“We has successfully established our new home office in Oak Brook.  The assistances of Tenant Advisors was crucial to finding the right location for the office.

You were particularly helpful in that I was new to the Chicago area.  From compiling the initial inventory of locations to negotiating the final terms your insights and knowledge were extremely helpful.  It was clear that you maintain great relationships with property managers, but at the same time you remained an advocate providing balanced input to help get a good deal for us.

We provided you with fairly unique set of requirements and then went through a prolonged approval process.  Your persistence and helpful attitude helped to get the job done.”

Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Insurance Company, Oak Brook, IL

“Your representation of the Foundation during our negotiation process was both helpful and effective.  You were able to reduce our base rent by $1 a square foot, secure a significant rent abatement, and secure a renewal allowance of $62,640.  Moreover, you saved us considerable time in the negotiating process.

We also enjoyed working with you.  If we can attest to the quality of your representation and effectiveness, we would be happy to do so.”

President, Research Foundation, Chicago, IL

“On behalf of our company please accept our sincere thanks for your services during the recent acquisition and build-out of our new office space in Itasca, Illinois.

We truly valued your firm’s flexibility in working through a false-start, an acquisition and finally navigating through a three tiered process which included our firm, our majority investor and the leasing company.  Our securing an “A Class” space within a “B Class” budget was the direct result of your expert market analysis and relationships within the industry!

It has been a pleasure working with you and your firm.  We will highly recommend your services.”

Executive Vice President/Co-Founder, IT Company, Itasca, IL

“I just wanted to take a minute to thank you again for the help and expertise that you gave us in finding a location for our business in the Schaumburg area.  Too many times exceptional service goes unrecognized so I felt it was only right to express my appreciation to you.

It was refreshing for someone like myself who had little knowledge in the office leasing arena to have someone on my side during the evaluation and negation of the lease terms.  If more people where aware of your services and the value you bring to your clients, you would probably be looking for new space for Tenant Advisors to keep up with the business.”

Principal, Payroll Services, Schaumburg, IL

“I felt that we were in good hands as we went through the process of making an office space decision and know that we never would have hot what we wanted in the beginning at this price without your knowledge and expertise.

Thank you for your dedication, market knowledge, and professionalism.  I would not hesitate in recommending your services to other potential clients.”

Manager, Workers Compensation Company, Rosemont, IL

“When Tenant Advisors was recommended to us, I guessed that you would be a reputable real estate agent, but I never expected the outstanding service that you and your company could provide.  Your personal approach, promptness and extensive preparation each of the four days we visited potential properties told me you were truly a professional.  In addition, your expertise regarding the pros and con’s related to our needs contributed so much to our decision.

Thank you again, for all your patience in helping us, and perhaps we will work together again some time.  My first experience renting commercial real estate not only proved painless with you but enjoyable, and I will enthusiastically recommend you to others!”

Director of Privacy & Security Compliance, Security Company, Oak Brook, IL

“I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the excellent job you did in assisting us with our lease renewal.  Your professionalism, knowledge, patience and follow through were very much appreciated.

Again, it was a pleasure to work with you and we would definitely recommend your services to anyone.”

Chief Operating Officer, Technology Company, Lisle, IL