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“I wanted to send you a quick note to express my sincere appreciation for all your hard work and efforts in finding a new location for our Illinois operation.  As you well know the conditions of the space we are presently in are less then desirable.  With your knowledge of the area and space available, you were able to find us space that is an enormous improvement, and yet at a rate close to what we are currently paying.  This, I did not believe would be possible.  Everyone in our Illinois office are very anxious and excited to move, and are looking forward to finally working in an environment and atmosphere that is conducive and enjoyable to work in.
It has been a true pleasure to work with you, and you have made this entire process not only as simplistic as possible but enjoyable.  On behalf of everyone here I would like to wish you the very best success in your business and look forward to the opportunity to work with you in the future.”
Controller, Software Company, Schaumburg, IL
“Now that we are settled into our new office space, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your hard work and dedication in helping us find the office space that was right for us.  I especially appreciate your willingness to stick with us through the process, which at times must have seemed like a futile exercise, given our President’s desire at the time to remain in the space that we had occupied for the past ten years!  With your help, we were able to quickly identify the options that fit our criteria.  From there, via the RFP process that you coordinated, we were able to determine which of the options could work from a pricing standpoint.  In the end, you helped us to obtain a deal that made sense financially as well as provided us with the opportunity to upgrade our space and corporate image.
Now that we have been in our new space for a few months, I can assure you that everyone, including our President, is delighted with the space.  Not a day goes by that we do not receive some sort of complement from visitors to our new office.

Thank you again for the dedication, perseverance and professionalism that you exemplified throughout the process.  I have worked with a lot of commercial realtors over the years, and your honesty, professionalism and straight-forward approach puts you at the top of my list!”Chief Financial Officer, Marketing Company, Schaumburg, IL

“When we embarked on a search for new, larger office space I was candid with you – I don’t have much experience in commercial real estate.  Your help through the process was very valuable.  I was most impressed with the way you took the time to learn about our company so you could make good choices about potential office options that would work for us logistically but that also reflected the type of company we are and the image we want to present.
Of course, I think we did well in negotiating our new lease and you played a central role in that process.  Honestly, I expected that.  What I didn’t expect was the help you provided in the build-out process.  While ours was relatively simple, there were still issues and your assistance was really great.
“We realize now that we gave you some pretty difficult parameters to get us where we are now.  As you remember, we had only a few months to locate and settle on a building and then negotiate a lease, perform construction, obtain occupancy, and then pack up multiple years of records, move, and unpack.  We know that without your help, we could not have been successful in our relocation.  We want you to know that we appreciate the time and substantial effort that you gave to “make it happen.