Chicago Office Space Tenant Representative Services

Business is challenging. Real estate is challenging. Fortunately, managing both elements does not have to consume your resources. Trust your Chicago commercial real estate needs to so you can focus on what really matters—your business.

Tenant Advisors is committed to helping you, our clients, find the right office space in Chicago. Whether are you looking to buy or rent real estate, you can count on our professionals to analyze your options, weight value, and negotiate terms. You can also count on us to execute lease on your behalf, if you choose. This includes reviewing the lease, work letter, and facilitate negotiations with attorneys as needed.

Office Space Chicago

Opportunity is knocking; but what door is it behind? Our Chicago real estate experts can help you answer this question. Before you exhaust your resources looking for commercial properties, turn to us. We help business leaders locate prime office space in Chicago.

Tenant Advisors is committed to helping you find what you’re looking for. Just a take a look at what we do for our clients:

Define Requirements

  • Review existing lease
  • Determine goals and objectives (renew vs. relocate)
  • Establish budget and project timeline
  • Determine size and layout (click here for space calculator)
  • Define location parameters
  • Review building quality and image needs
  • Identify technical and amenity requirements

Assemble Team

  • Project manager
  • Space planner / interior designer
  • Attorney / CPA
  • Telecom provider

Prepare Market Survey

  • Prepare survey based on needs analysis
  • Identify “hidden” opportunities
  • Review list of alternatives
  • Assist in building selection

Tour and Evaluate Properties

  • Conduct building tour of likely alternatives
  • Narrow selection to final alternatives
  • Review list of alternatives
  • Facilitate space planning for top alternatives
  • Review preliminary construction costs

Analyze Proposals and Negotiate Terms

  • Prepare financial analysis
  • Analyze space plan efficiencies
  • Review construction costs
  • Negotiate business terms

Select Final Building

  • Choose top alternative
  • Negotiate final terms and conditions
  • Submit letter of intent

Execute Lease

  • Review lease
  • Review work letter
  • Facilitate lease negotiations with attorneys

Monitor Construction

  • Review working drawings
  • Monitor construction progress
  • Facilitate final walk through

Provide Post Occupancy Services

  • Prepare lease abstract
  • Monitor critical dates
  • Perform on-going follow-up