Office Space in O’Hare

Office space leasing options are prevalent throughout Chicago.  There are so many areas within Chicago which cater to local businesses that it is sometimes difficult for business owners to narrow down the options to choose just one location to open up shop within.  One such area which sees a lot of commercial office leasing options is O’Hare.  This area has plenty of businesses, hotels, restaurants and more, especially since the airport is so close.  The following will list some insightful information regarding the O’Hare neighborhood and why it is highly sought after by business owners who want to lease office space in O’Hare.

Location Is Ideal

Located on the northwest side of Chicago, O’Hare is popular with business owners who want to lease office space as it is on the outer edge of Chicago which means that traffic and parking is not as difficult to deal with as it is in the center of Chicago.  Located close to the airport and the major expressways, it is easy to get to leased office spaces in the O’Hare area.  It is also minutes away from the inner portion of Chicago which means that the downtown area is close by.

Plenty of Things to Do

Although the O’Hare region has a good showing of industrial and professional businesses within it, there are still things close by if you are looking for something to do away from your leased commercial office space.  Take a short trip to the Lincoln Park Zoo, have lunch outdoors or simply take in the unique architecture.  O’Hare is filled with history and more in addition to being a great option for leasing commercial office space.

Various Sections within O’Hare Which Cater To Businesses

Within the O’Hare area, there are a few different towns/areas, many of which are ideally suited for businesses large and small to lease office space.  Some of the towns include Bensenville, Des Plaines, Rosemont and Park Ridge.  Bensenville office space rentals are widely available as is office space for rent in Rosemont.  If you are a business owner seeking office space leasing options in Des Plaines or office space for rent in Park Ridge, you too will find options in these O’Hare area cities.

Local Amenities Make the O’Hare Area A Great Place to Work

When you lease commercial office space in O’Hare, you are renting an office in a location where there will be plenty of amenities available to both you as a business owner and your employees as well.  Office space in Bensenville, Rosemont, Park Ridge and Des Plaines is usually close to a wide variety of restaurants and shops, which is perfect for employees to take advantage of during their lunch break.  For those office space rental businesses which see a lot of out of town clients, there are also a good amount of hotels in the area, especially due to its close proximity to O’Hare International Airport.

Leasing commercial office space in the O’Hare area is simply a great idea.  The amenities are plentiful, the access to the commercial office space in this locale is easy and both the business owner which leases commercial office space in O’Hare and the employees who work for the business will enjoy the convenience which this location offers.

North Michigan Avenue Office Space

North Michigan Avenue is a downtown section of Chicago which is known for its lively character and wide array of business opportunities.  Also called The Magnificent Mile, the name pretty much says it all.  Many who have businesses on North Michigan Avenue rent commercial office space there and find that being located on The Magnificent Mile does wonders for their bank accounts.  Hotels, shops and dining options galore are along every step of the way on North Michigan Avenue.

Business Atmosphere

Companies and corporations which rent office space on North Michigan Avenue not only get clients due to the foot traffic of the area but also since it is in the heart of the city and many modes of transportation can get customers to their destination, i.e. your business.  The Metra train system stops on North Michigan Avenue as does the CTA, which is a good option if you are flying in from O’Hare International Airport.  Also, one can drive in and park in one of the many parking lots or garages in the area or take a taxi to the North Michigan Avenue destination of choice.  For those who want a more scenic tour of the area on the way to The Magnificent Mile, a trip on the water taxi is ideal.

Other Businesses Within The North Michigan Avenue Area

So many businesses in the Chicago-area have leased commercial office space on North Michigan Avenue.  After all, business opportunities are plentiful and customers can get to the locale with ease.  In fact there are 56 hotels, 124 restaurants and hundreds of stores in the area.  Companies and corporations which take advantage of all the North Michigan Avenue area provides include American Express, Fidelity Investments and multiple banking institutions.  There are also plenty of smaller businesses operating out of North Michigan Avenue buildings including the Wrigley Building and John Hancock Center.

About the Residents

Those who live on North Michigan Avenue often occupy high-end real estate.  There are many different luxury condos and loft condos available to those who want to be in the midst of all of the city action.  Many residents of The Magnificent Mile work in the city and do most of their daily shopping and eating on North Michigan Avenue due to the convenience and opportunities abound there.  This feature warms the hearts of business owners who lease office space on North Michigan Avenue as they will gain a good influx of customers from those who live, work and play in the area.  Therefore, commercial office space renters get business from both those within The Magnificent Mile and others who travel in to the area to do business with establishments located therein.

Things to Do

Eating and shopping are two primary things to do on North Michigan Avenue as the possibilities are almost endless.  There are also plenty of historical landmarks to visit while on The Magnificent Mile including the Drake Hotel, Palmolive Building and the site of Fort Dearborn, to name a few.  Architecture lovers will appreciate all that North Michigan Avenue will display in the way of unique structures.  Sightseeing tours and seasonal festivals also draw quite a crowd into the area.

Dining and Shopping Options on North Michigan Avenue

One of the best things about North Michigan Avenue is the diversity which residents and visitors can enjoy in the way of dining and shopping options.  From light fare options to full-course dining adventures, there is something for all to enjoy with regard to dining in The Magnificent Mile area.  Every step of the way on North Michigan Avenue you will find restaurants taking advantage of leasing space in this highly coveted commercial locale.  Shops large and small also open their doors onto North Michigan Avenue.  Salons, retail chain stores, high-end boutiques, electronics stores and more provide options for all who visit this area.  In fact, North Michigan Avenue has been named one of the best shopping avenues in the world in a book published by National Geographic.

Tenant Advisors, Inc.:  Your One-Stop Tenant Representation Firm

Leasing commercial office space on North Michigan Avenue is a wise move for businesses large and small.  Tenant Advisors, Inc. can help.  Our licensed and professional real estate agents will sit down with you and discuss your office space leasing needs.  From start to finish, our firm will go above and beyond to find that perfect office space rental option you deserve.  The North Michigan Avenue area will be the perfect locale for your company or corporation and provide you with the large clientele base an area of this type affords its commercial office space occupants.

Not only will Tenant Advisors, Inc. help you to realize the ideal office space rental situation but we will also aid you in negotiating the best lease terms as we represent tenants alone, never landlords.  This way you can have peace in knowing where our loyalties lie…which is with you, the tenant.  Also, our service is FREE!  Those businesses which utilize our services never pay a penny to do so.

Explore your North Michigan Avenue commercial office space leasing options today with Tenant Advisors, Inc. on your side.  Get started simply by filling out the contact form and we will get back to you promptly.  Find out all that The Magnificent Mile can offer to you in the way of reasonably priced office space leasing which is in the middle of downtown Chicago.  Contact us today!

7 Office Space Tips

Location, Location, Location

The perfect office space can lose its charm almost immediately if it’s in the wrong location. A myriad of factors must be considered before putting ink on a lease. Are you and your employees close to the space? Will clients be visiting your office and will it be accessible to them? These simple questions often make a large impact when finding the right office space to fit your business needs. A dream office loses a lot of its charm if the commute is over taxing.


Know What You’re Getting

Before signing a lease, make sure you know exactly what you’re getting! With so many factors to consider before choosing your space something can be easily overlooked. Commodities to solidify during negotiations include the parking spots received, the condition of the space upon move in, and what will you be able do to customize your space? Taking the word of your landlord is much less reliable than seeing it clearly laid out in the lease.  All parties need to be in understanding and agreement.


Office Size

The square footage is crucial when leasing your office. Take an honest look at the needs of your company as it is, and then try to predict the foreseeable future. Will you be holding meetings? A conference room will be needed. Looking to expand down the road? Account for this growth by increasing initial square footage so desks and cubicles can be added with ease. Consider your work environment: will you require larger collaborative workspaces or does something more reserved where employees can work privately better fit your needs?

Before signing your lease imagine breaking it. An infinite number of factors could lead a tenant to break a lease.  You may find yourself in this position. What fees or penalties will be assessed on breaking your lease? All things to consider before even signing.


Keeping Up With Appearances

If you anticipate clients in your office, try to imagine your office from their point of view. Their image of your company begins the moment they enter the building, how would you like them to perceive your company?

If image isn’t important and only employees will work in the space, certain amenities may not be as necessary. If clients will visit frequently, your image and the way your client perceives your company become more important. An elegant lobby area makes a strong impression. In your office, optional commodities such as signage and a reception area may cost more initially but the image portrayed to your customer can pay out in the long run.



Assuming you’ll be spending a fair amount of time at or around the office, consider the surrounding area where you’ll be spending all of this time. Simple things like a package pickup service or restaurant in the building can make time at the office more enjoyable, while hopefully allowing day to day operations to run smoother. When visiting a space initially, visit the convenience store, cafe, restaurant. Can you picture yourself getting lunch here regularly? Amenities like this, a workout facility or even a laundry service can really add to making an enjoyable workplace for you and your company.

Also consider the surrounding area, will you be in a more commercial district with lots of restaurants and amenities? Being close to public transportation, restaurants, and entertainment are all added benefits of the surrounding area, these can prove most important when choosing between two locations.


The Lease of Tomorrow, Today

The length of the lease may be the single most important factor when considering choosing your office space. Realistic expectations for your company are crucial when choosing the length of a lease. If you’re unsure of where the size of your company is headed, a more moderate short term lease may be more appropriate. If stable, steady growth is in the horizon then a long term, larger lease would prove more beneficial, as many concessions are proportional to term length. How many employees do you need to account for today versus how many will you need to account for tomorrow? Extraneous square footage could be a costly wasted space, but the opportunity to add more desks and employees may outweigh these costs. Not hiring an employee due to lack of room is an issue no business owner should face if they had considered their future before committing to a lease.



The right broker can be the ultimate tool when working with a landlord over the course of your lease. A trusted broker is the best resource for helping you, the tenant, in finding the office space right for you. A reputable broker will be your go to advisor.  They are the best resource when it comes to landlords and any issues that could arise. With as much time and work as you’ll likely be putting in at your office, you want a broker that has your best interests in mind. With trusted brokers connected to landlords across the Chicagoland area, Tenant Advisors has become the most trusted resource by tenants in helping them find their perfect office space fit.

Bensenville Office Space


Located on the outskirts of Chicago and close to O’Hare International Airport, Bensenville offers residents, employees and business owners access to the city in an easy manner while not needing to live within the city boundaries.  Business owners enjoy the close proximity to the city without the hassle of customer parking issues and downtown city traffic.

Business Atmosphere

Bensenville is nestled nicely between some of the large interstates surrounding Chicago such as I-90, I-290 and I-294.  This makes it easy for clients of the business as well as employees to reach the leased office building with ease.  Public transportation including the Metra rail service, city bus lines and taxi service enable those who take public transportation means to easily reach Bensenville office buildings.

Other Businesses in Bensenville

Tax specialists, aerospace companies, financial institutions, restaurants, retail stores, florists, doctors, lawyers, accountants and more have businesses within Bensenville.  The business offices and buildings vary in size and structure.  Some business owners choose to buy their office space while others find that leasing commercial office space is a better move to make.  The diversity of the businesses within Bensenville will allow your business to fit perfectly within the village.

About the Residents

The village of Bensenville has a population of 20,138 according to a 2000 census and has a wide diversity of residents living there.  The median family income was noted at around $59,008 and home values were stated to be $160,200.  Many Bensenville residents work in the village while others make the short journey into Chicago and surrounding areas for work.

Things to Do

Bensenville residents have plenty to do within the village.  The Redmond Recreational Complex offers ice skating, a 1.2 mile walking path, free summer concerts and more.  The Bensenville Theatre is the ideal spot for catching a movie with friends and loved ones.  Hockey lovers who live and/or work in Bensenville are sure to enjoy one or more Chicago Steel hockey games in town.  It really doesn’t matter whether you like indoor activities or ones of the outdoor variety, Bensenville has a little something to offer to everyone.

Dining and Shopping Options in Bensenville

Bensenville has a variety of choices regarding dining and shopping.  Some of the popular restaurants in Bensenville include Cancun Mexican Restaurant, Tomato’s Pizza, Market Place Café and others which make dining in Bensenville a good choice.  Shopping options vary from small boutique stores to popular name corporate retailers.  In Bensenville, you are sure to find the exact type of cuisine and retail store you are seeking without having to leave the village.

Tenant Advisors, Inc.:  Office Space Leasing Made Easy!

When you lease commercial office space in Bensenville, you should not go it alone.  Having a tenant representation firm by your side allows you to have peace of mind in commercial business leasing and ensures that you will do it the right way the very first time.  Tenant Advisors, Inc. is a tenant representation firm which can meet your office leasing needs with ease.

Our FREE service is offered by professional and reputable staff members who are extremely knowledgeable in the area of commercial office leasing.  In addition, our company knows what business owners want in an office lease and will find the perfect spot for you to lay down your business roots.

Tenant Advisors, Inc. provides representation for tenants alone which allows you to feel at ease knowing that landlords are not our clients, only tenants.  This loyalty to you, the tenant, is essential to making your transaction go as smoothly as it possibly can.

Contact Tenant Advisors, Inc. today and let us help you find the perfect commercial business spot for you.  Fill in a few pieces of information on the contact form and we will be in touch shortly!  It is easy to do and will be beneficial to you in the end.

Helping You Lease Commercial Office Space In Rosemont, Illinois


Rosemont is an ideal location for those who want to live and work in close proximity to Chicago yet still remain outside the city limits.  Situated to the northwest of Chicago, Rosemont offers close access to multiple modes of transportation, residential options and commercial opportunities.  When businesses decide to lease commercial office space in Rosemont, they are gaining access to a vast array of clients and optimum office space.

Business Atmosphere

Rosemont affords a great business atmosphere to small companies, medium-sized commercial entities and large corporations.  With the convenient locale close to Chicago and the major highways around the city, clients can reach the businesses and the businesses can stand out to the crowd as well.  Whether there are customers flying in through O’Hare or traveling by train via the Metra to get to a business establishment in town, it can easily be stated that Rosemont is the commercial hub of the Chicago metropolitan area.

Other Businesses within Rosemont

There are many top names in the commercial business industry which have their headquarters located within Rosemont.  Some of the more well-known names include U.S. Foodservice, Banco Popular North America and Culligan.  Many hotels are stretched throughout Rosemont as well including Wyndham, InterContinental, Hilton and Marriott.  Smaller companies and shops also line the streets of Rosemont, providing a plethora of commercial options for residents who live there and those who come from outside of the village to do business.

About the Residents

Approximately 4,200 individuals call Rosemont home, according to a 2000 census.  The median income for households within Rosemont was $34,663.  Those who live in the village find ease of access when it comes to shopping and entertainment options in Rosemont and don’t even have to go into the city of Chicago in order to acquire the things which they need.

Things to Do

When businesses lease commercial office space in Rosemont, not only will they have access to residents of the village who need goods and services but also those individuals who come into Rosemont to engage in the entertainment options there.  Rosemont is home to the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center, Rosemont Theater and the popular Allstate Arena.  When people are coming and going they are sure to need some commercial goods and services from those who lease office space in Rosemont.

Dining and Shopping Options in Rosemont

With all of the great entertainment venues which are located within Rosemont, it should be no surprise that dining and shopping options are plentiful as well.  From upscale steak restaurants such as McCormick & Schmick’s to contemporary American fare restaurants like Chicago Fire Oven, visitors, business owners, clients and residents are sure to find a cuisine which suits their tastes.  For shopping options, the many different shopping centers in Rosemont and department stores such as Target are sure to please.

Tenant Advisors, Inc.:  Helping Tenants Find Ideal Commercial Office Space

With all that Rosemont offers to residents and visitors, it is no wonder that business owners clamor to be a part of it all.  Tenant Advisors, Inc. can help to make your office space leasing dreams a reality.  Our real estate agents are some of the best in the business and can help you and your company to choose a commercial office space setting which will work for you.

Don’t head into the unknown of leasing commercial office space by yourself.  This can only lead to confusion, stress and many times disappointment for the business owner who goes it alone.  Tenant Advisors, Inc. has the know-how to guide you on the path to finding the perfect office space rental.

Our staff will identify your Rosemont commercial office space leasing needs and show you properties which fit within your parameters.  We will not waste your time taking you around town to show you office space which simply does not suit your needs.  Tenant Advisors, Inc. will zone in on the necessary requirements with regard to desired office space rental and get you in that new office in no time.

Contact us today by filling out our short form.  We will respond promptly to your request so that we can get started working for you.  And, did we mention that our service is absolutely FREE TO YOU?  Now is the perfect time to take advantage of our free service and find the commercial office you have always wanted.