North Michigan Avenue Office Space

North Michigan Avenue is a downtown section of Chicago which is known for its lively character and wide array of business opportunities.  Also called The Magnificent Mile, the name pretty much says it all.  Many who have businesses on North Michigan Avenue rent commercial office space there and find that being located on The Magnificent Mile does wonders for their bank accounts.  Hotels, shops and dining options galore are along every step of the way on North Michigan Avenue.

Business Atmosphere

Companies and corporations which rent office space on North Michigan Avenue not only get clients due to the foot traffic of the area but also since it is in the heart of the city and many modes of transportation can get customers to their destination, i.e. your business.  The Metra train system stops on North Michigan Avenue as does the CTA, which is a good option if you are flying in from O’Hare International Airport.  Also, one can drive in and park in one of the many parking lots or garages in the area or take a taxi to the North Michigan Avenue destination of choice.  For those who want a more scenic tour of the area on the way to The Magnificent Mile, a trip on the water taxi is ideal.

Other Businesses Within The North Michigan Avenue Area

So many businesses in the Chicago-area have leased commercial office space on North Michigan Avenue.  After all, business opportunities are plentiful and customers can get to the locale with ease.  In fact there are 56 hotels, 124 restaurants and hundreds of stores in the area.  Companies and corporations which take advantage of all the North Michigan Avenue area provides include American Express, Fidelity Investments and multiple banking institutions.  There are also plenty of smaller businesses operating out of North Michigan Avenue buildings including the Wrigley Building and John Hancock Center.

About the Residents

Those who live on North Michigan Avenue often occupy high-end real estate.  There are many different luxury condos and loft condos available to those who want to be in the midst of all of the city action.  Many residents of The Magnificent Mile work in the city and do most of their daily shopping and eating on North Michigan Avenue due to the convenience and opportunities abound there.  This feature warms the hearts of business owners who lease office space on North Michigan Avenue as they will gain a good influx of customers from those who live, work and play in the area.  Therefore, commercial office space renters get business from both those within The Magnificent Mile and others who travel in to the area to do business with establishments located therein.

Things to Do

Eating and shopping are two primary things to do on North Michigan Avenue as the possibilities are almost endless.  There are also plenty of historical landmarks to visit while on The Magnificent Mile including the Drake Hotel, Palmolive Building and the site of Fort Dearborn, to name a few.  Architecture lovers will appreciate all that North Michigan Avenue will display in the way of unique structures.  Sightseeing tours and seasonal festivals also draw quite a crowd into the area.

Dining and Shopping Options on North Michigan Avenue

One of the best things about North Michigan Avenue is the diversity which residents and visitors can enjoy in the way of dining and shopping options.  From light fare options to full-course dining adventures, there is something for all to enjoy with regard to dining in The Magnificent Mile area.  Every step of the way on North Michigan Avenue you will find restaurants taking advantage of leasing space in this highly coveted commercial locale.  Shops large and small also open their doors onto North Michigan Avenue.  Salons, retail chain stores, high-end boutiques, electronics stores and more provide options for all who visit this area.  In fact, North Michigan Avenue has been named one of the best shopping avenues in the world in a book published by National Geographic.

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