Leasing Commercial Office Space In Schiller Park

Schiller Park is a smaller village located outside of Chicago in Cook County. With 11,793 residents calculated during the 2010 census, this suburb is small enough to exude a small-town feel but large enough to accommodate businesses of all varieties. Leasing an office in Schiller Park will put your business less than 15 miles away from downtown Chicago, which offers ease of access for those in the city to reach your business.

Transportation Options in Schiller Park

There are quite a few transportation options for individuals who live and work in Schiller Park. Transportation by car is easily achieved when your business leases an office in Schiller Park. Due to its suburban location, one won’t face the driving and parking issues which they do in the downtown Chicago area. With that said, Schiller Park is close enough to Chicago that it sees all of the public transportation options available to those who live and work in big city. Pace bus routes and a Metra stop in Schiller Park make public transportation a breeze for residents, customers and employees. You will also find taxis available as well.

Amenities Are Plentiful in Schiller Park

Schiller Park is home to many wonderful amenities for those who live and work in town. Dining establishments such as Great Escape, Mantra and Hubcaps will keep the Schiller Park residents and business employees well fed while shopping opportunities exist at many area stores, including those local to Schiller Park. For those seeking recreational activities in Schiller Park, the village offers great amenities such as the recreation center, activities center and water park. There are also plenty of parks and recreation leagues in Schiller Park to choose from as well.

Why Your Business Belongs in Schiller Park

The aforementioned items provide you with some insight into why your business belongs in Schiller Park. The location is convenient, transportation options are available and the amenities are great in number throughout town. You will also find that the customers who will utilize your services and buy your products, will be from both in the village and surrounding areas, too. There are many surrounding towns in close proximity which is ideal for the business owner who wishes to draw in out-of-town clients. You will find that by leasing commercial office space in Schiller Park, you will have access to many beneficial things in addition to plenty of customers who live in and around Schiller Park.

Leasing Options Await Your Business

Some business owners who are eager to lease office space may wonder if their business will be welcome in Schiller Park. The answer to this question is, “Yes!” Schiller Park leasing options exist, no matter whether your business is industrial in nature, a small corporate office or some other type of business. The leasing opportunities exist in Schiller Park, no matter what your company may do with regard to industry. Although certain areas will be zoned to suit particular businesses, office space is readily available for lease within Schiller Park.

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Is It Time to Move Your Commercial Office Space?

As businesses grow, they outgrow their current space; as time passes, needs change. Your office space should meet those needs whether they are getting larger or smaller. When is it time to make this decision? Let’s start by asking a few, simplified questions to help us answer the big question: Is it time to move your commercial office space?


Does your current office space meet your projected long-term needs? If not, put a tally in the move column. Whether you are expanding or consolidating, your commercial office space must agree with projected work demands. If you bottleneck here, you hinder earning potential.


Location, location, location, right? This element is true for your financial requirements just as largely as your client base. Long, arduous commutes are a deterrent for new hires and a hindrance for retention, so distance effects your employees as well. For this matter, consider parking. Difficulties with parking can lead to unwanted client and employee frustration.


Leases are complicated. How can you be certain that your rental agreement is secure? What if you get to the end of your lease and your property owner wants to increase your rates? What if your office rental is out-bid on? These are all very realistic concerns. The best answer is to get a commercial real estate expert who can work in your favor to put limitations and restrictions on your lease.

Deerfield Office Space

Leasing Commercial Office Space In Deerfield, Illinois

Deerfield Office SpaceThe Chicago area is perfect for business owners in all industries. Leasing commercial office space in Deerfield is a wonderful option as it offers commercial leasing options for many to acquire. Located in Cook and Lake counties, Deerfield is home to many popular companies and corporations as the residential population is an ideal customer base for these commercial entities to serve.

About Deerfield

Deerfield has a population of over 18,000 individuals and is home to corporate giants such as Walgreens, Baxter Healthcare, Fortune Brands and more. The village is located 27 miles outside of the Chicago loop, which offers a suburban area with easy access to Chicago, which is favorable for business owners and residents in Deerfield alike.

Transportation Options

Getting around Deerfield by car is ideal and easy to do, as I-94 runs through a portion of the village, but there are public transportation options as well. Deerfield has a Metra station and Pace bus route for those wishing to use public transportation.

Shopping and Dining in Deerfield

Business owners who select Deerfield as their leasing destination will appreciate the shopping and dining options which Deerfield offers. It’s always good to choose a commercial office space lease location which has plentiful amenities surrounding it. When you have sought-after stores and restaurants close by, you will find customer traffic for your business will be more abundant than if you were to choose an area to lease office space where there were little amenities surrounding it.

Deerfield Square is a popular shopping area in the village. In addition to stores and restaurants such as Barnes & Noble, Biaggi’s Ristorante, Il Forno Pizzeria, Ann Taylor Loft and other dining and shopping destinations, Deerfield Square is also home to professional offices as well. If you can lease an office in Deerfield Square, you are really in the middle of the customer traffic, which will be beneficial for your business.

Recreation Options in Deerfield

For those who live in Deerfield, there are many recreation options in the village itself as well as throughout surrounding towns. The Deerfield Golf and Learning Center is a popular choice for golfers, both advanced and beginner skill levels, and the Patty Turner Senior Center offers a wide array of activities for seniors in the Deerfield area. For those who like the outdoors, there are quite a few botanical gardens and nature preserves in the surrounding area, which provides excellent outdoor activity options for those who love to get out and about in nature.

Leasing Office Space in Deerfield Is a Good Business Move

Deerfield office space leasing works exceptionally well for many business owners. There are leasing options available for large and small companies and the small village aspect gives the business owner the opportunity to be the go-to professional is his/her area of expertise in Deerfield. In addition to drawing in clientele from within the village limits, businesses will also find clients making their way to the company from outside of Deerfield as well.

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Wheeling Commercial Office Space

Wheeling, Illinois is a village located in Cook and Lake counties. With a population of 37,648 per the 2010 census, Wheeling has a good residential base, which is a selling point for businesses looking to lease office space there. Located 30 miles northwest of Chicago, this suburban location is ideal for those business owners who wish to be outside of the city yet close enough to head into town when they so desire.

Getting Around Wheeling with Ease

Wheeling transportation options are plentiful. You can travel by train, bus or car, and get where you need to go with ease. The Metra line has a stop in Wheeling and the Pace bus line offers service throughout Wheeling as well. For drivers, there are many local roads which provide easy ingress/egress as well as I-294 which runs close to the village. Having multiple transportation options will help to get your employees and customers to and from your business. Therefore, ensuring that ease of access exists is a must for business owners contemplating a new office space lease.

Things to See and Do in Wheeling

Business owners will appreciate that there are plenty of things to see and do in Wheeling. Shops such as Wheeling Flowers, Walgreens, Lynn Plaza Shopping Center and Radio Shack are some store options for individuals, especially business owners and their employees who wish to do a little lunch break shopping. For dining options, Wheeling offers restaurants such as Rise N Dine Pancake Cafe, Joe’s Pizzeria, Cooper’s Hawk and Saranellos, to name a few. These options will provide dining and shopping offerings for the business owner and employees before and after work but also for customers of the business.

For those who like to get outdoors, the Wheeling Park District offers 19 sites to choose from in the way of recreation. There is also the Chevy Chase Golf Course, Family Aquatic Center, Community Recreation Center and an outdoor ice rink in the winter.

Why Your Business Will Fit in Well in Wheeling

Wheeling is a village which will welcome your business, no matter what industry it may fall within. There is always room in Wheeling for business expansion and leasing Wheeling commercial office space there will help you to set up shop and start bringing in customers and clients. There is also a good, solid customer base in Wheeling. Not only will your business gain customers who are Wheeling residents but also those who live outside of town and come into Wheeling to do business.

Get Started Finding Your Wheeling Office Space

There has never been a better time than the present to open your business doors in Wheeling. An easy way to get started is to contact a tenant advisor to help you with the search. Not only will this tenant representative point you in the right direction with regard to a commercial office space lease but they will also help you to get the best lease terms when negotiating with your future landlord.

Wheeling is the ideal spot for your business, large or small.

Wood Dale Office Space

Wood Dale Office Space For Lease

Wood Dale Office SpaceWith a population of over 13,000, Wood Dale is a good-sized Chicago suburb. Located in DuPage County, Wood Dale offers plenty for both residents and businesses. Residents can choose from townhomes, condos and single family homes while business owners can choose to lease or buy a wide array of commercial properties in Wood Dale. Both types of Wood Dale residents find that the community offers so much in the way of ease of access, plentiful amenities and a friendly community vibe. If you are a business owner, leasing an office in Wood Dale simply makes sense.

Wood Dale Offers Suburban Attributes with City-like Convenience

When you lease your next Wood Dale office space, you will appreciate the suburban attributes while finding that city-like features are there as well. Public transportation is available in Wood Dale. Metra offers daily train service and Pace bus routes are present as well. For those who use the roadways, main routes such as I-90, I-294 and I-355 as well as plenty of other connector roads and local roadways help Wood Dale residents, business owners, employees and customers get around the city.

The amenities which Wood Dale offers makes you feel as if you are in the heart of the big city but still in a location where suburban aspects can be yours. Shopping and dining in Wood Dale is easy to do. Some of the stores you will find in Wood Dale include Target, Big Lots, Petco and smaller shops while the dining options include names such as Christy’s Restaurant Pancake House, Sweet Baby Ray’s Barbecue, Marino’s Pizzeria & Cafe, Shorty’s and Thornwood Restaurant Lounge, to name a few.

Plenty to Do in Wood Dale

When you lease an office in a particular city, you will usually be concerned with the office space itself and what features this lease location offers to you and your employees. However, it is always wise to pick a location where entertainment and recreational activities are close by. These areas will draw residents, as well as those who live outside of Wood Dale, to the area, which in turn could equate to new customers for your business. Wood Dale Clock

In Wood Dale, there is a wonderful Park District, which will bring people to the area and be a good option for your employees on their lunch breaks to get some outdoor time. There is also a Movie in the Park series, which is a good recreational activity option. Golfers will enjoy the Wood Dale area golf courses and there are Wood Dale fitness centers which your employees are sure to love having close by.

Lease An Office in Wood Dale and Boost Your Consumer Base

No matter what industry your work is based in, Wood Dale offers the ideal lease spot for you. With its location, amenities and generous resident base, your customer list is bound to grow. Leasing an office in Wood Dale ensures that you are picking a spot which has the right features for your company and its employees.