Schiller Park is a smaller village located outside of Chicago in Cook County. With 11,793 residents calculated during the 2010 census, this suburb is small enough to exude a small-town feel but large enough to accommodate businesses of all varieties. Leasing an office in Schiller Park will put your business less than 15 miles away from downtown Chicago, which offers ease of access for those in the city to reach your business.

Transportation Options in Schiller Park

There are quite a few transportation options for individuals who live and work in Schiller Park. Transportation by car is easily achieved when your business leases an office in Schiller Park. Due to its suburban location, one won’t face the driving and parking issues which they do in the downtown Chicago area. With that said, Schiller Park is close enough to Chicago that it sees all of the public transportation options available to those who live and work in big city. Pace bus routes and a Metra stop in Schiller Park make public transportation a breeze for residents, customers and employees. You will also find taxis available as well.

Amenities Are Plentiful in Schiller Park

Schiller Park is home to many wonderful amenities for those who live and work in town. Dining establishments such as Great Escape, Mantra and Hubcaps will keep the Schiller Park residents and business employees well fed while shopping opportunities exist at many area stores, including those local to Schiller Park. For those seeking recreational activities in Schiller Park, the village offers great amenities such as the recreation center, activities center and water park. There are also plenty of parks and recreation leagues in Schiller Park to choose from as well.

Why Your Business Belongs in Schiller Park

The aforementioned items provide you with some insight into why your business belongs in Schiller Park. The location is convenient, transportation options are available and the amenities are great in number throughout town. You will also find that the customers who will utilize your services and buy your products, will be from both in the village and surrounding areas, too. There are many surrounding towns in close proximity which is ideal for the business owner who wishes to draw in out-of-town clients. You will find that by leasing commercial office space in Schiller Park, you will have access to many beneficial things in addition to plenty of customers who live in and around Schiller Park.

Leasing Options Await Your Business

Some business owners who are eager to lease office space may wonder if their business will be welcome in Schiller Park. The answer to this question is, “Yes!” Schiller Park leasing options exist, no matter whether your business is industrial in nature, a small corporate office or some other type of business. The leasing opportunities exist in Schiller Park, no matter what your company may do with regard to industry. Although certain areas will be zoned to suit particular businesses, office space is readily available for lease within Schiller Park.

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