Image Is Everything – Does your office send the right one?

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Clients, customers, and even employees make snap decisions based on appearance. Your office needs to send the right message the instant people see it. People need to know that they made the right decisions in choosing you—your company. Give it to them, but cautiously and with deep consideration.  Image is everything – does your office send the right one?

We are wired to make instantaneous judgments. It has gotten us this far, and Mother Nature is not likely to abandon the system. After all, it is a jungle out there.

Office Value

Your office space should make the right first impression. It also needs to follow through with that impression. This means looking great, but it does not mean making it look like you are putting more money into decoration than your product. You don’t want to undersell your space either. Find a balance. If you are charging a million bucks, your commercial office space should look like it. Likewise, your office space should look like the model for cost-efficient process if your product is.

In addition to portraying the right value, your space should convey the right values. This is considerably easier than identifying a financial image. Trust your company’s core values and ask people if your space agrees with those values. Does this look trustworthy; does this look personable; timely; creative…? These are all great questions to ask on behalf of your office space. Find the answers and you identify success.