Schaumburg Office Space

Leasing Commerical Office Space In Schaumburg, Illinois

Schaumburg Office Space

Finding an office to lease in the suburbs of Chicago may prove to be a big decision for many business owners. After all, where do you lease and what area would benefit your business the most? For many business owners, a location such as Schaumburg provides an ideal answer. Schaumburg is a Chicago suburb which is located northwest of Chicago. This area is home to residential, commercial and industrial entities and offers quite a lot to those seeking office space for lease in general.

Benefits of Leasing an Office in Schaumburg

When you lease office space in Illinois, you want a location that has certain key attributes to it. Items such as parking availability, frequented customer area, amenities close by and more will all help your chosen office space to be the right one.  Schaumburg has all of this and so much more. As the largest locale of economic development outside of Chicago within the state of Illinois, it is no wonder that this area draws in plenty of businesses and has a wide array of amenities in the area. When you rent a commercial office space in Schaumburg, you will have access to these amenities, which will not only benefit your business and employees but be an enticing draw for customers as well.

In addition, business is booming in Schaumburg on a continual basis and shows no signs of slowing down. Currently, 25 hotels, more than 200 restaurants and thousands of various businesses are located within Schaumburg. This number continues to increase as more business owners are realizing the attractive financial qualities of this location. When commercial properties increase in areas, this acts as an incentive for other businesses to follow suit. In addition, when you open up a business and lease commercial real estate in Schaumburg, you will have prominent names in the commercial sector as neighbors such as Motorola, Zurich American Insurance, IBM, Comcast and more.

As an additional benefit, those who lease an office in Schaumburg will be close to the downtown Chicago area as well as O’Hare International Airport. Having the close proximity to these two locales makes it easy for business customers to reach your establishment. It is also a great way to encourage visits from out-of-state clients. The location is a great benefit and one of the reasons why business owners lease office space in Schaumburg.

Choosing the Best Office Space

When the time comes to select an office space for lease in Schaumburg, make sure that it meets your company’s needs. Inquire about square footage, shared office space, costs, lease terms and more. In addition, you should always have a tenant representative with you in order to make your part of the negotiations easier to complete and much more beneficial in the end. Consider your line of business and find the location of office space in Schaumburg which will make your company shine amongst the rest of the businesses.

Schaumburg is the perfect place to lease office space, no matter whether you are a small privately owned company or a large national corporation.

Naperville Office Space

Leasing Office Space In Naperville, Illinois

Naperville Office Space

As the fifth largest city in Illinois, Naperville is a larger suburb with all of the amenities of a big city. Naperville residents live in an area that has all of the comforts and business owners enjoy these wonderful attributes as well. Those who lease an office or office building in Naperville get to enjoy a large consumer base and many luxuries which go along with opening business doors in this Chicago suburb.

The Commercial Population Is Wide And Varied in Naperville

With more than 141,000 individuals living in Naperville, it stands to reason that there would be plenty of businesses in the area as well. Not only do the businesses located within Naperville cater to the local community but they also are major national and international production companies. With names like Nicor, BP America and OfficeMax, one can see that the large corporations are well represented. However, there are also many smaller professional offices, retail shops, cafes, restaurants, health and beauty providers and more. As a business owner looking to lease office space, Naperville offers you the well-rounded business environment to make your company flourish.

Naperville Has Transportation Options Galore

Business owners often like to lease office space in a larger city due to the transportation avenues which these larger areas provide. Naperville is one of these cities. Although it may not be as big as Chicago, it is a city which still has a wide array of transportation options available to those who live and work in Naperville. I-88 and I-55 provide interstate access to residents and business employees as well as those going to and from Naperville for business and pleasure purposes. There are also a number of state routes which enable individuals to get around town and beyond. Metra, Pace and Amtrak services are also offered in Naperville.

Business Owners Have A Good Local Community Base

Choosing to lease office space in Naperville will yield great results for many reasons, especially since business owners in this city have a fantastic community base. There are plenty of local residents nearby who are ready, willing and able to patronize your business. No matter what professional services, products or other service offerings you provide, the local consumer will be there to help your business succeed. In addition, there are many surrounding towns in the vicinity and individuals from those areas can reach Naperville and your business with ease. Leasing an office in a city where you know you will find loyal and continual customers is a must these days in business. Naperville is one of these cities where businesses do very well and the customers are there to greet business owners on a daily basis.

Finding the right office space to lease in Naperville is easy to do. When you have a tenant representative, this journey is even that much easier. Your tenant representative will help you to choose the ideal Naperville office space to lease and make the leasing process easier as a whole. Leasing an office in Naperville simply works and works well for business owners, no matter whether the business is a small professional company or large national company.

Itasca Office Space

Itasca Commerical Office Space Leases

Itasca Office Space

Business owners in Illinois have a lot of options with regard to office space lease locations. If leasing an office in a suburban location is your ideal notion, the Village of Itasca might be the perfect choice. Situated in DuPage County, Itasca offers scenic features in addition to being a lucrative place to operate a business. There are many factors which make Itasca a wise choice for business owners in Illinois.

Office Space Leasing Is Available In Itasca

Office space leasing is a popular and common option these days. To purchase a commercial building or even single office takes money and commitment to the future, which many business owners either do not have or are not willing to make at the time. The answer is office leasing and Itasca has plenty of office space leases available to company owners who wish to lease an office, rent a floor of  a commercial building or even lease an entire office building, for those companies which are larger in size.

Commercial Businesses Will Be In Good Company in Itasca

A business owner who selects Itasca as their business lease destination will be in good company. Many businesses open up their doors to the public in Itasca and there are various business entities which lease their office locations. Some of the companies which rent or own office space in Itasca include Arthur J. Gallagher and Co., Peters & May USA, Inc., Guenther Gallery & Design and more. In addition to professional companies and service providers, Itasca has retail stores, dining establishments, health and beauty providers and more.

Easy to Get Around Town in Itasca

If you lease an office in the downtown Chicago area, you may find that transportation via car is difficult at times due to traffic, small roadways and more. When you lease an office in Itasca and drive to and from work, your travel time will be much less and the drive will often be more pleasant and less stressful overall. It’s extremely easy to get around Itasca, which is a good selling point for employers and employees and a great reason to lease Itasca office space.

Dining and Shopping During a Lunch Break Is Readily Available

When you choose to lease an office in a certain area, in this case Itasca, you want to be sure that there are stores and restaurants close by. Many employees don’t want to go far to get something to eat at lunchtime and others want to take advantage of shopping during their free time from work. In Itasca, leased office space is often located close to restaurants and stores, which means that your employees can patronize these establishments on their lunch break and get back in time to continue their workday. This is a win-win situation for both employer and employee.

Itasca holds a lot of leasing options for Illinois business owners. With the right tenant advisor and a feel for what you want in a leased office space, you will find that locating the perfect office space for lease is not only possible but highly likely.

Skokie office space

Skokie, Illinois Commercial Office Space

Skokie office space


Skokie is a popular town in the Chicago suburbs.  In 2000, it had a population of 63,348 and this number has since increased, making it quite a large village, to say the least.  Business owners like that it is close to the Chicago city lines as it offers easy accessibility to Chicago residents who want to do business in Skokie. Skokie offers all this and more to business owners who lease commercial office space or own property within the village.

Business Atmosphere

As previously mentioned, one of the reasons why Skokie is the perfect place for businesses to open up shop has to do with its proximity to Chicago.  Surrounded by busy interstates including I-94 and I-90, Skokie is easy to reach by car.  Public transportation options are plentiful as well.  The Metra and Pace lines service Skokie frequently and those who wish to travel to and from Skokie can do so with ease.  Out of state travelers can fly into one of the two international airports near Chicago and reach Skokie businesses in a quick fashion.

Other Businesses in Skokie

Many businesses either buy or lease property in Skokie.  Some of the top names of businesses in Skokie include Pfizer, Rand McNally, Woodward-MPC Airframe Systems, Skokie Hospital, Anixter, Evanston Northwestern Health Care and more.  There are also smaller, privately owned businesses which operate within the village of Skokie and will be your commercial neighbors.

About the Residents

Skokie is filled with a wide range of ages when it comes to the residents.  1/3 of the households within Skokie have children within them and the median household income is $57,375.  Many of the residents either work within Skokie or make the short commute to the city of Chicago to make a living.

Things to Do

History buffs will truly appreciate the Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center while those who are more into outdoor activities will be sure to enjoy golf courses or the ice rink.  The Skokie Park District presents many avenues for outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy the fresh air and outdoor activities while those who like to dine and shop will surely not be disappointed either.

Dining and Shopping Options in Skokie

As Skokie lies so close to Chicago, it is no wonder that restaurant owners go above and beyond to compete with city restaurants.  Therefore, you will not be surprised to find that Skokie has a wide array of cuisines within its village borders.  Greek, Mediterranean, Italian foods and more are all well represented in Skokie.  The shopping options are also plentiful.  From small shops to large shopping centers, Skokie has it all.

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Our staff does not represent landlords in any way.  Our loyalties lie with the business owners looking to lease office space and will work diligently and thoroughly to find the ideal office space rental to suit the needs of your company.

Most importantly, when you take advantage of our services you will be doing so FREE OF CHARGE.  Tenant Advisors, Inc. will represent your company and your needs at no cost to you.

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Park Ridge office space

Office Space Park Ridge

Park Ridge office space

Located northwest of downtown Chicago is the lovely suburb of Park Ridge. With a population of approximately 38,000 residents, this suburb is home to residential properties as well as commercial ones. Office space leasing is a wonderful option for business owners who want a place of their own but aren’t ready to buy an office. For those searching for an ideal Chicago suburban location, Park Ridge is a perfect locale. With its convenient location outside of the city but close enough to go to and from, Park Ridge offers many great features for businesses large and small.

Park Ridge Offers Business Amenities

As a business owner, you want to lease an office space in an area where you will find everything you need at your doorstep. Not only is this beneficial for you but also for your employees and clients. Even something as simple as restaurants or office supply stores can make your leasing destination an optimal one. Park Ridge has plenty of business amenity offerings for one to take advantage of as well as other service providers which will help to make your business operate like a well-oiled machine.

Ease of Access Makes Park Ridge Readily Accessible

Park Ridge is easy to get to from almost any direction. Major interstates such as I-94, I-294 and I-90 are in the area which makes it simple to reach Park Ridge. Accessibility is extremely important not only for the owners of the businesses but also for their employees and clients. Public transportation is also available, such as the Pace bus line and Metro Union Pacific Northwest line. No matter how you travel, you can easily reach Park Ridge and the leased commercial office space premises there.

Small Businesses and Large Corporations Work Well In Park Ridge

Park Ridge is a Chicago suburb which welcomes many businesses, including small professional corporations and large corporate entities. Leasing options are readily available to business owners in Park Ridge, regardless of your type of business. The nice blend of large and small businesses make Park Ridge a well-rounded commercial location. Add in a reasonable amount of residential properties and the blend of residential and commercial is perfect.

Stores and Restaurants Galore In Park Ridge

Since business owners and their employees have to eat and often like to shop on their lunch break, it helps that there are plenty of stores and restaurants in town. Park Ridge offers a wide variety of restaurants with varying cuisines and it is easy to find quite a few stores to shop at during your lunch break. Leasing an office in Park Ridge opens up these options for you and your company’s employees.

Park Ridge is filled with office space leasing options. Your tenant advisor will help to point you in the right direction and find that ideal office space lease for your company. Leasing an office in the Park Ridge community is an easy choice to make. You will find a wide array of choices from small professional office settings to entire corporate buildings when you shop around for office space leases in Park Ridge.