Hoffman Estates Office Space

Hoffman Estates offers its residents and those who own and lease commercial office space in the area an opportunity to be close to Chicago yet still be located in a suburban vicinity.  Situated northwest of the city, Hoffman Estates has all that one could want in a suburb including a vast array of dining options, shopping venues and activities to keep one busy each and every day.  Business owners are continuing to explore Hoffman Estates as a place to open up shop and make a living.

Business Atmosphere

The accessibility of Hoffman Estates is perfect for business owners, employees and customers.  Ease of access is ideal for those hoping to do business with any one of a number of companies which operate out of Hoffman Estates.  Route 59 and I-90 offer easy access as do the multiple public transportation options including the Metra.  Due to its close proximity to Chicago, many people travel from within the city to Hoffman Estates to reach their business of choice.

Other Businesses in Hoffman Estates

Hoffman Estates is filled with a variety of businesses.  Some of your business neighbors will include Sears, Roebuck and Co., Quest International, Serta, Mary Kay, Target, Marriott and more.  As the months progress, one will see more businesses open up their doors in Hoffman Estates, providing all which residents and visitors to the village could ever want.

About the Residents

According to the census of 2000, 49,495 residents were living in Hoffman Estates.  The median household income in Hoffman Estates was $65,937 as shown by the 2000 census but was estimated to be around $74,425 in 2007.  The residents of Hoffman Estates have the good fortune to live in a town which has all of the possible amenities that they could want but be close enough to Chicago should they want to venture downtown for one or more reasons.

Things to Do

Those who live and work in Hoffman Estates have plenty to see and do.  The Sears Centre Arena is a popular choice for those who enjoy a live show while shopping centers are plentiful in town.  The Prairie Stone Sports and Wellness Center is perfect for those who want to work out and stay healthy.  For those who like the outdoors, Hoffman Estates also offers outdoor venues and recreation options for all.

Dining and Shopping Options in Hoffman Estates

With every year comes new shopping and dining options for residents and those who work in the village.   The Arboretum has quite a bit of choices when it comes to shopping and eating as do the Poplar Creek Crossing and Prairie Stone Crossing shopping centers.  No matter what you are seeking in the way of dining or shopping, there is something in Hoffman Estates waiting for you.

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Downers Grove Office Space

The DuPage County village of Downers Grove offers suburban living with big city aspects.  Located in the northwestern part of the state, Downers Grove offers features which both residents and business owners/employees are sure to enjoy.  Scenic settings, plentiful office space rentals and friendly community atmosphere are sure to please.

Business Atmosphere

Those who rent office buildings or lease office space in Downers Grove can take advantage of many commercial opportunities.  Being only a short drive away from Chicago, it is close enough for those flying in for business to easily get to the location.  In addition, the main highways which travel around Downers Grove, such as I-88, I-355, I-55 and I-294, allow those who conduct business in Downers Grove to drive there with ease.  With its location right outside of metropolitan Chicago, it’s easy to see that businesses can benefit by opening up shop in Downers Grove.

Other Businesses in Downers Grove

Downers Grove is a popular business locale.  Some of the other businesses which rent office space or have purchased commercial real estate in Downers Grove include Sara Lee, Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital, Midwestern University, FTD and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois.  Whether you are a small privately-owned business or a large corporate giant, you are sure to feel at home in Downers Grove, Illinois.

About the Residents

With a population slightly under 50,000, Downers Grove has the perfect population amount.  Small enough to have a suburban/pre-city feel to it but large enough to be a town which will include all dining, shopping and business options one could ever want or need, Downers Grove equates with the perfect size.  The median income for households in Downers Grove was around $73,000 in accordance with an estimate provided in 2007 and residents make a good living in this town.

Things to Do

Those who call Downers Grove their home or work in the village will find plenty to see and do.  Catching a show at the Tivoli Theater or paying a visit to the Downers Grove Museum to learn all there is to know about Downers Grove history are two popular options.  For those who love to read, the Downers Grove Public Library offers one of the highest circulations in the state and invites individuals in to learn all they can through reading.  Sears Catalog Home Tours are also a popular attraction for residents and visitors of Downers Grove.

Dining and Shopping Options in Downers Grove

With its close proximity to Chicago, one may think that those who live and work in the area would rather go to the big city for dining and shopping options.  However, this is not so since you can have it all without ever having to leave Downers Grove.  From family restaurants to fine dining establishments, Downers Grove has so much to offer those looking for a bite to eat.  As for shopping, one can locate stores containing anything from artwork to furnishings to exquisite clothing boutiques.

Tenant Advisors, Inc.:  Helping Business Owners Find Office Space Rentals

Renting office space in Downers Grove is easy when you utilize the free services offered by Tenant Advisors, Inc.  When you contact our company you will gain assistance from a qualified, licensed real estate agent who knows exactly what business owners want when they embark on the office space rental search.

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Evanston Office Space

The lakeside community of Evanston is unique in many ways.  It has a small town feel but is located right outside of Chicago which provides it with big city access.  Not that big city access is necessary in Evanston.  Those who live, work and play in Evanston find that the town has everything they could want without ever leaving the city limits.  Businesses also feel good in opening up their doors in Evanston as the customer base is there and constantly growing.

Business Atmosphere

Business opportunities have never been better in Evanston.  Large companies and small businesses both enjoy the wonderful business advantages which Evanston offers them.  Regional and national accessibility is available to Evanston businesses.  Clients and customers who live in or around Evanston can simply drive into town via I-94 and its connecting roadways to do business or take one of the many easily accessible public transportation modes to do so.  For clients who are coming into the area from out of state, O’Hare International Airport is close by and provides visitors with access to the area.

Other Businesses in Evanston

Business is booming in Evanston these days.  Some popular employers in town include Northwestern University, NorthShore University HealthSystem, Rotary International and C.E. Niehoff & Co.  There are plenty of office buildings and individual commercial office spaces for rent in Evanston.  Businesses of various sizes choose Evanston due to its central location and ease of access for customers and employees.

About the Residents

The residents of Evanston are quite diverse, ranging from Northwestern University students to families and everyone in between.  The location of Evanston makes it a great place to live.  In 2000, there were 74,239 individuals living in Evanston.  The estimated median income for a household in 2007 was $69,303.

Things to Do

Whether you are interested in history, shopping, dining, the arts or the outdoors, Evanston can be your go-to destination.  There are many historical landmarks throughout Evanston, such as the Grosse Point Light Station, and many of the neighborhoods throughout Evanston have a historic feel to them.  The Evanston History Center is a great place to visit also if one wants to learn more about the area.  Festivals and concerts are also held at various times throughout the year in Evanston which is perfect for those who enjoy music and other types of entertainment.

Dining and Shopping Options in Evanston

With around 90 dining establishments renting or having bought commercial space within the city limits of Evanston, it is easy to see that one will be able to find their choice of cuisine, no matter what it may be.  Shopping is also widely diverse ranging from small unique boutiques to large-name retailers.  Evanston is a great city to walk around which means that you can enjoy various dining and shopping opportunities in an easy fashion.

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Schaumburg Office Space

Located in the northeastern part of Illinois, Schaumburg offers business owners the opportunity for growth and prosperity due to the large amount of potential clients in the area.  Residential and commercial premises lie within the boundaries of Schaumburg and there is a little bit of everything within the village borders.

Business Atmosphere

Within close proximity to both O’Hare International Airport and the bustling city of Chicago, Schaumburg offers plenty of opportunities to business owners large and small.  Metra provides access for employees and clients to get to and from the business with ease.  Travelers can also use the highways and roadways, which are quite driver-friendly, to get around town.

Other Businesses within Schaumburg

Two of the big corporation names in Schaumburg include Motorola and IKEA.  The Woodfield Mall is another prominent feature within Schaumburg, as it is the second largest mall in America.  For those who want to get in touch with their historical entertainment side, the restaurant and entertainment venue Medieval Times is located within Schaumburg as well.  Other small businesses, restaurants and shops fill the village of Schaumburg, offering various options to Schaumburg residents and those who reside in surrounding areas.

About the Residents

For companies which are considering renting office space in Schaumburg, there is certain to be plenty of business to go around.  With the population hovering approximately above 75,000, opportunities for business are certainly available for those who choose to lease or buy office space in the village of Schaumburg.  The median income for families within Schaumburg comes in around $85,000, per a 2008 estimate.

Things to Do

When you lease or purchase commercial office space in Schaumburg, your employees are certain to love the area as well since there is plenty to do.  Whether it is watching the minor league baseball team play at Alexian Field or doing some shopping at the Woodfield Mall, the entertainment aspects of Schaumburg will not only draw people in to the village but keep them there as well.

Dining and Shopping Options in Schaumburg

You won’t have to worry about what to do on your lunch break when you lease office space in Schaumburg as there are plenty of dining options in the area.  Some of the popular choices include Outback Steakhouse, Pizzeria Uno, P.F. Chang’s, Rainforest Café and more.  If shopping is what you are in the mood for, head over to Woodfield Mall for a variety of stores or visit IKEA for all of your furnishing needs.

Tenant Advisors, Inc.:  Helping Tenants and Buyers Find Office Space

Tenant Advisors, Inc. is the best choice for business owners who are seeking out commercial real estate to lease or buy.  Schaumburg has plenty of options in the way of commercial office space for rent and we can guide you every step of the way so that you and your company find the best office rental space available.

We will fully identify your business needs so that the Schaumburg commercial office space you choose is the ideal choice.  Our licensed and professional real estate agents will show you the properties available for lease and purchase throughout Schaumburg and highlight the pros and cons of each locale.

It is important to have a tenant representative to help you find the perfect office space to rent or buy.  Our reliable staff will walk you through the process, help you to understand the lease or purchase agreements and get you settled into your new commercial office space perfectly.

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Sublease Office Space vs. Direct Office Space Leasing

Commercial real estate options are wide and varied for business owners.  There are many different leasing arrangements which owners of businesses can engage in so that they can carry on business in the best possible manner.  Two of the main types of leasing arrangements are subleasing and direct office space leasing.  The following will highlight each leasing arrangement and discuss the pros, cons and comparisons of each type.

Subleasing Office Space

When individuals enter into a sublease in order to secure office space they are entering into a transaction with the current tenant of the office space.  In order to sublet office space, the lease between the current tenant and landlord must allow such an arrangement to be entered into.  Should the business owner agree to sublet the office space from the current tenant, they will often find that there are certain obligations owed not only to the current tenant from whom they obtained the sublease from but also the landlord of the building.

There are certainly pros to entering into a sublease for office space.  The first deals with monthly rent.  One who sublets office space will often find that their rent is the same or less than what the current leaseholder is paying.  Also, business owners who want to get involved with a sublease agreement may be happy to know that the office space is quite frequently all set up and ready for them to start their business operations right away.  In addition, one who is in a sublease agreement may also find that they are not bound too stringently to the landlord of the building and have more leeway in what they do under the sublease agreement.

There are also cons to subletting office space rather than obtaining it outright from the landlord.  As mentioned above, although some sublease agreements can be less strict for the business owner, the opposite may be true at times as well.  Some business owners who rent office space this way find that their hands are tied to not only the current tenant but the landlord due to regulations regarding the building.  Although some aspects of the primary lease will not apply to them in their position as a subletting entity since the contract was between the landlord and primary tenant, certain points under the lease will apply to them due to general building rules.  Lastly, certain tenants sublet their office space rental to others in order to make some money in the end and this may produce less than favorable results for the business owner who sublets the property from the initial tenant if they have to pay higher rent than the primary tenant is paying.

Direct Office Space Leasing

For those who choose to rent office space directly from the landlord of the building, this means that there is a contract only between two parties, the landlord and tenant (business owner).  This type of lease can be for a year or a period of five years as commercial office space leases will vary.  With this type of lease there is no confusion as to which party is responsible for what aspect of the office space rental arrangement as it will be set out in the single lease between both parties.

The pros of a direct office lease are quite plentiful in number.  First, the tenant in direct office space leasing will know exactly what is required of them during their tenancy.  Also, the landlord will know who is paying them and who to go to when they need to discuss rental matters which makes things easier for both parties.  Direct office space leasing can also help to lessen costs for the business owner as they won’t have to pay increased rates sometimes requested by tenants eager to sublet their office space to make a quick dollar.

As for the cons of direct office space leasing, business owner tenants may find that the terms of the lease are less flexible than they would be had they sublet the office space from a current tenant.  For example, the business owner may be able to sublet a place for a year whereas those tenants who enter into direct office space rental may be locked in to a longer lease term and be unable to change the length of the lease.  Also, those who obtain direct office space leases may not be able to get into the office space right away or find that the office space has a lot of work to be done to it before the business owner can set up shop.

Which Leasing Arrangement Is The Better Option?

After having reviewed both options, subletting and direct office leasing, you may be wondering which is the best bet for you.  The answer to this question is that it all depends.  It will depend on your line of business, the current availability of subleases or direct office leases in your area, what lease terms you are seeking out and how much each type of lease arrangement will cost you.  To make the best decision, consider your current business operation status and review both sublease and direct office lease opportunities in your area.  Just make sure to thoroughly understand your role in either the sublease setup or direct office lease arrangement prior to signing the contract so that you can make a well informed decision in the end.