Evanston Office Space

The lakeside community of Evanston is unique in many ways.  It has a small town feel but is located right outside of Chicago which provides it with big city access.  Not that big city access is necessary in Evanston.  Those who live, work and play in Evanston find that the town has everything they could want without ever leaving the city limits.  Businesses also feel good in opening up their doors in Evanston as the customer base is there and constantly growing.

Business Atmosphere

Business opportunities have never been better in Evanston.  Large companies and small businesses both enjoy the wonderful business advantages which Evanston offers them.  Regional and national accessibility is available to Evanston businesses.  Clients and customers who live in or around Evanston can simply drive into town via I-94 and its connecting roadways to do business or take one of the many easily accessible public transportation modes to do so.  For clients who are coming into the area from out of state, O’Hare International Airport is close by and provides visitors with access to the area.

Other Businesses in Evanston

Business is booming in Evanston these days.  Some popular employers in town include Northwestern University, NorthShore University HealthSystem, Rotary International and C.E. Niehoff & Co.  There are plenty of office buildings and individual commercial office spaces for rent in Evanston.  Businesses of various sizes choose Evanston due to its central location and ease of access for customers and employees.

About the Residents

The residents of Evanston are quite diverse, ranging from Northwestern University students to families and everyone in between.  The location of Evanston makes it a great place to live.  In 2000, there were 74,239 individuals living in Evanston.  The estimated median income for a household in 2007 was $69,303.

Things to Do

Whether you are interested in history, shopping, dining, the arts or the outdoors, Evanston can be your go-to destination.  There are many historical landmarks throughout Evanston, such as the Grosse Point Light Station, and many of the neighborhoods throughout Evanston have a historic feel to them.  The Evanston History Center is a great place to visit also if one wants to learn more about the area.  Festivals and concerts are also held at various times throughout the year in Evanston which is perfect for those who enjoy music and other types of entertainment.

Dining and Shopping Options in Evanston

With around 90 dining establishments renting or having bought commercial space within the city limits of Evanston, it is easy to see that one will be able to find their choice of cuisine, no matter what it may be.  Shopping is also widely diverse ranging from small unique boutiques to large-name retailers.  Evanston is a great city to walk around which means that you can enjoy various dining and shopping opportunities in an easy fashion.

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