LaSalle Street Office Space

LaSalle Street is a well-known locale in Chicago.  LaSalle Street runs from Lake Shore Drive/1700 North on the north side to 157th Street/South Holland on the south side.  Nicknamed “The Canyon”, LaSalle Street is surrounded by tall buildings, thereby creating the appearance of a cavernous thruway.  Many of the popular buildings of Chicago are situated on LaSalle Street such as the Chicago Board of Trade Building and Chicago City Hall.  There are many access points all along LaSalle Street which makes it easy for the customers of LaSalle Street commercial office buildings to get to and from the commercial office space.  This is one of the main reasons why LaSalle Street commercial business owners lease commercial office space on LaSalle Street.

Business Atmosphere

LaSalle Street has an excellent business atmosphere.  As part of LaSalle Street is nestled in the financial district, it is easy to see that there are many businesses which lease commercial office space in this area.  Customers can drive to businesses on LaSalle Street via routes such as I-94 and I-294 or take one of the many different types of public transportation to get there including the Metra, taxis and more.

Other Businesses on LaSalle Street

LaSalle Street in its downtown Chicago location is home to many other businesses and entities.  When you lease commercial office space on LaSalle Street in Chicago you may be neighbors with the Chicago Stock Exchange, sporting goods stores, department stores, restaurants or other commercial businesses.  Although LaSalle Street is in part of the financial district, it is not comprised solely of banks and other related institutions.  Therefore, no matter what your business niche may be, you are sure to feel at home on LaSalle Street in your leased office space.

About the Residents

Although LaSalle Street is filled with commercial office building tenants, there are also residential buildings on the street as well.  Many of the residential premises are in the form of lofts, condos and apartments, all of which are perfect for those who love the convenience and energetic vibe of city living.  These residents make good use of the commercial businesses which open their doors on LaSalle Street.

Things to Do

When you live or work on LaSalle Street, there is plenty to do.  You can attend local Chicago festivals, eat some authentic Chicago-style pizza in one of the many dining establishments in the area or do some heavy-duty shopping.  Architectural beauty is all around you on LaSalle Street and those who appreciate viewing fine architectural layouts or simply enjoy looking at the historical aspects of this area will adore LaSalle Street.

Dining and Shopping Options on LaSalle Street

No matter what type of food you may be craving or whatever item you need to buy, LaSalle Street is the place to go.  Fine dining establishments as well as casual eateries are all around you and if you need to pick up a product from a store there are plenty of large department stores as well as small, quaint boutiques scattered throughout LaSalle Street.

Tenant Advisors, Inc.:  Commercial Business Tenants Are Our Specialty

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