Lombard Office Space

Commercial office space tenants find that Lombard offers the best in all that a commercial business owner and their employees crave in a business locale.  This Chicago suburb is within reach of the city yet has all that business owners could want with regard to amenities and potential customers.  The village of Lombard has plenty of commercial business rental options, regardless of whether one is looking for a small office rental space or a large company headquarters.

Business Atmosphere

Lombard is in a prime location for business.  Nestled between I-355, I-88 and I-294, Lombard presents a bountiful business opportunity for those businesses who want to bring in customers from the village of Lombard and the city of Chicago as well.  The Metra Union Pacific/West Line services Lombard and allows individuals to get in and out of the village.  Taxis and the bus line also provide transportation options for those who lease office space in Lombard and customers of such businesses.

Other Businesses in Lombard

Healthcare businesses, clothing boutiques, insurance companies, attorneys, educational institutions, restaurants, retail stores and other businesses all flock to Lombard.  The access to clients is readily available and the office space rentals are there as well.  The benefit of having quite a few commercial neighbors in town is that they will bring in customers on their own which may ultimately find their way to your business in addition to your current customers.

About the Residents

Although Lombard is classified as a village, it has a high population.  The census estimate in 2004 showed Lombard as having around 42,975 residents.  The Lombard dwellers live in homes, condos, apartments and lofts throughout the village.  The median household income in a 2007 estimate was gauged at $69,752 and the median home value in 2000 was $168,500.

Things to Do

There are plenty of things to see and do in Lombard.  One of the biggest events during the year in the village is the Lilac Festival.  Held in May, this 16-day festival is fun for families and single individuals alike.  There are parades, concerts and tours for attendees to enjoy and few Lombard residents and business owners miss out on the Lilac Festival.  At other times during the year, residents, visitors and business owners/employees can enjoy the historical, entertainment and outdoor recreation which Lombard has to offer them.

Dining and Shopping Options in Lombard

Lombard is filled with a variety of dining and shopping establishments.  Whether you are seeking out a quick lunch break spot for fast food in the midst of your busy day at your leased office space or are looking for a fine dining restaurant for a night out on the town, Lombard has it all for you.  Shopping options are also in your favor in Lombard.  Large shopping centers and smaller privately-owned boutiques line the streets of the village, offering plenty to those who live and/or work in Lombard.

Tenant Advisors, Inc.:  Helping Business Owners Find Commercial Office Space

The reliable and professional staff at Tenant Advisors, Inc. knows that finding commercial office space to lease is a big decision.  We will show you all there is to offer in the way of office space rentals in Lombard and help you to get the best deal on the lease.  Our company only represents commercial office tenants and never landlords.  This protects you as a business tenant as you know right where our loyalty lies.

Our real estate agents will be with you from the very beginning as well as throughout your lease.  Our services are FREE for you to use and we will help you to find the best office space rental in Lombard.  We will review your leasing preferences and show you properties which are exactly what your company needs to do efficient and prosperous business.

Today is the perfect time to find the office space rental you have been looking for in Lombard.  Fill out the short contact form and we will get back to you promptly so that the search for the perfect office space rental can begin.

Lisle Office Space

Lisle is a popular Illinois village known for its friendly residents and blossoming business elite.  In 2007, Lisle was in the Top 100 List of Best Places to Live, falling in at #20 per Money Magazine and placed 17th in 2009 on the Money Magazine list of Best Places For The Rich and Single.  For both residents and business owners, Lisle proves lucrative and offers those lucky enough to spend time there plenty to see, do and experience.

Business Atmosphere

Located slightly northeast of Naperville, Lisle is in a central location for businesses and business customers.  Just south of I-88 and west of I-355, no matter where you are coming from you are able to get to Lisle to do business with one of the many elite businesses in the village.  O’Hare International Airport is not too far away, approximately 15 miles, which makes an easy commute for those business customers who are flying into the area from out of town.

Other Businesses in Lisle

Lisle has a number of top businesses within its borders.  Some of the more notable businesses which either buy or lease office space in the village include Platinum Systems Specialists, Inc., Molex, CA Technologies, McCain Foods and Hilton Hotel.  In addition to these larger corporations, there are plenty of smaller businesses which lease office space in Lisle and provide the perfect blend of commercial entities in the village of Lisle.

About the Residents

Lisle has a generous population as a village with approximately 23,135 per a 2008 population estimate.  The median household income of Lisle residents peaked around $75,594 in a 2008 census estimate.  There is a wide array of individuals who live in Lisle ranging anywhere from young singles to older, married couples.  Lisle residents are proud of their village and often show their pride by doing business in town with local business owners.

Things to Do

Both indoor and outdoor activity seekers will find plenty to do in Lisle.  For those who fancy the outdoors, a trip to the Morton Arboretum or Four Lakes Ski Hill will be sure to please.  If hanging out indoors is more your speed, then the Museums at Lisle Station Park will provide you with access to many historic buildings preserved in Lisle.

Dining and Shopping Options in Lisle

Whether you crave ethnic cuisine or hearty American fare, your perfect restaurant awaits you in Lisle.  Those who live or work in Lisle can have their choice regarding cuisine for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  A variety of shopping centers placed conveniently within Lisle offer home goods, clothing items and more to those who need a shopping venture to satiate their buying needs.

Tenant Advisors, Inc.:  Lisle Commercial Office Space Awaits You

Businesses of all types open up shop in Lisle and with the help of Tenant Advisors, Inc., your business can as well.  Our tenant representation firm is comprised of high quality, licensed real estate agents who know the Lisle commercial real estate market inside and out.  We will identify your commercial office space leasing needs and find you the perfect office to rent for your company.

Whether you need a small office space to rent or a large company locale to lease out, Tenant Advisors, Inc. can help you to find it.  Our services are free for you to use and you can rest assured that we only represent the needs of commercial business tenants and do not work on behalf of landlords.  Our loyalty is to you, the office tenant in the transaction.

Contacting our company has never been easier.  Simply fill out the brief contact form and be connected with our reputable real estate agents today.  You deserve the best in office space rental and we can provide you with all that and more.

East Loop Office Space

The Loop is a downtown part of Chicago known for its multitude of businesses, residential condos, high class dining establishments and shopping options galore.  East Loop is one portion of the The Loop which also has all of these great establishments and amenities for business owners, employees who work in The Loop and individuals who live there to enjoy.  Commercial office space is plentiful and businesses open up quite frequently in East Loop due to the many commercial opportunities present there.

Business Atmosphere

It is really quite easy to get to East Loop as well as maneuver around this part of the city.  The main interstates which will bring in commercial customers to your leased office space in East Loop include I-94 and I-290.  Public transportation including buses and taxis is plentiful in this area.  For those who drive in to East Loop to do business at your commercial office building, they can find a place to park in one of the local downtown parking garages.  Hotels are also quite readily available in the The Loop area so your customers who are staying in town for a few nights, after having flown into nearby O’Hare International, have plenty of choices as to where to stay.

Other Businesses in East Loop

There are all different types of businesses located in the East Loop section of Chicago.  From fitness chains such as L.A. Fitness to Groupon, the famous online coupon company, businesses certainly make their mark here.  There are also plentiful retailers, restaurants and service providers who have bought or leased commercial office space in East Loop.  Practically every type of business owner imaginable has found that the lucrative location of East Loop is ideal for their business needs.

About the Residents

Those who live in the East Loop area are fortunate enough to have every amenity at their doorstep.  Most residents don’t even have to pull their car out of their monthly fee parking garage to get to different businesses in East Loop.  Many commercial office buildings, restaurants and shops are in walking distance and provide East Loop residents with all that they can desire.  There are many condos for East Loop residents to reside within which is an optimal location for these city dwellers.

Things to Do

There is plenty to do in The Loop area.  Aside from shopping and dining options, those who live in this area of the city can attend the Civic Opera House or view outdoor sculptures by famous artists.  The Chicago Symphony Orchestra also plays in The Loop area and historical buildings and museums are abound in this locale.

Dining and Shopping Options in East Loop

For those who prefer to dine or shop, East Loop offers it all.  Small boutiques or large retailers can provide you with all that you want in East Loop.  Restaurants with cuisines of all types line the streets of East Loop providing residents and workers from local commercial office buildings with the right food to satiate their palate at any time of the day.

Tenant Advisors, Inc.:  Helping Commercial Business Tenants with Their Leasing Needs

Tenant Advisors, Inc. has been helping business owners get their commercial office space leasing needs met for many years now.  Our professional staff members are licensed real estate agents who work for the good of commercial office building tenants.  Finding you the perfect place to open your business doors is our primary concern in addition to ensuring that you get the best deal possible in your lease contract.

We will review the available office space rental options with you, show you all that you want to see in the way of commercial office space and then help you to sign the lease and get your company into the new commercial establishment.  We only work with commercial business tenants and do not represent landlords in any capacity.  We dedicate our services to helping those who lease office space and provide them with the information and insight to get the right office space rental for their commercial business needs.

Contact Tenant Advisors, Inc. today by filling out our brief contact form and learn how we can help your business find the perfect location in East Loop.  Our services are FREE and our dedication to you will be readily apparent from the very beginning of our working relationship.

Itasca Office Space

Itasca is a village located in DuPage County.  This Illinois suburb offers so much to both residents and businesses due to its small town charm and affluent qualities.  It was deemed to be the best affordable suburb in Illinois in 2009 per Business Week and was also claimed to have the best parks as well.  With lovely scenery, friendly residents and plenty of ripe business opportunities, it is easy to see why commercial office rental space in Itasca is high in demand.

Business Atmosphere

Although Itasca is a suburb and not located in a downtown area, it is still readily accessible to business employees and customers.  The Metra line is the Milwaukee District/West line and provides transportation between Chicago, at Union Station, and Elgin.  For those who prefer to get to Itasca via car, it is in a prime location which is easily accessed by I-290, I-355 and the Elgin-O’Hare Expressway.

Other Businesses in Itasca

Even though Itasca is a smaller village, it still has all that one could want in the way of businesses. Coffee shops, eateries, attorneys offices, accountants, office supply providers and other service providers lease or purchase office space in town.  One of the more well-known businesses which has laid down roots in Itasca is the insurance brokerage firm of Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.  No matter what your business genre is, there will most likely be a place for you to lease commercial office space in Itasca and blend in well with the commercial neighbors.

About the Residents

Those who reside in Itasca are fortunate to have access to high quality park systems and a wide array of amenities.  The median household income in the village is $88,282 and $101,891 for families.  The residents of Itasca enjoy a good living and help the businesses within the village to prosper as well by giving them their business.

Things to Do

Due to its top-notch parks, many residents and those who work in Itasca spend time outdoors enjoying the lovely outdoor venues.  For those who prefer indoor activities, the town library and museum offer hours and hours of fun and enjoyment for the whole family.

Dining and Shopping Options in Itasca

Those who like to spend their free time dining and shopping can find a wealth of options in Itasca.  From quaint and popular Italian restaurants to unique bakeries and cafes, those who like to dine are in the right location.  This is perfect for commercial business owners and employees who want great places to eat during their workday lunch breaks.  Shopping is also equally as accessible in Itasca and those who live and work in the village can shop at places such as small, privately-owned boutiques or national chain stores.

Tenant Advisors, Inc.:  Helping You Locate Itasca Commercial Office Space

At Tenant Advisors, Inc. we know what business owners are looking for when it comes to the perfect commercial office space in Itasca. We gain this knowledge by sitting down with each and every one of our clients and going over every aspect of commercial office space lease options with them.  We want to be sure that we find our clients exactly the office space they are looking for and will help them to obtain the best lease contract possible.

Our licensed real estate agents represent tenants alone…no landlords.  This provides you with first-class, non-wavering support in the search for top-notch commercial office space rentals.  Our service is FREE for you to use and you will find that not only are our real estate agents professional but they are highly efficient all the way through.

Fill out our contact form today and allow us to help you with your commercial office space rental needs.  You deserve to have a knowledgeable and reputable tenant representation firm on your side as you look for the perfect commercial office location in Itasca.

Elmhurst Office Space

Elmhurst is a suburban city located just west of Chicago.  Both residents and business owners like the fact that it is close to the big city yet maintains a small town feel.  There is always something going on in Elmhurst, from the Memorial Day Parade to the ultra-popular St. Patrick’s Day Parade.  With its rich history and family atmosphere, many have decided to live and work within the city boundaries of Elmhurst.

Business Atmosphere

A short drive from Chicago, Elmhurst businesses see customers coming from Chicago as well as the locals who live in town. I-290, I-294 and the Eisenhower Expressway offer easy in-and-out access to visitors and business clients who drive to Elmhurst from out of town.  Pace buses and Metra trains run to and from Elmhurst which opens up various public transportation options.  Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport is also located not too far away and those coming into the area from out of state can easily fly in to the airport and catch transportation to the businesses of Elmhurst.  Those businesses which lease commercial office space in Elmhurst are sure to appreciate the readily available customer base which results due to the prime business atmosphere of the city.

Other Businesses in Elmhurst

Leasing office space in Elmhurst or buying commercial property within the city limits has been the wise choice of many businesses for years.  When you rent an office in Elmhurst, you will have some well-known businesses as neighbors.  The corporate headquarters for Keebler Company had its roots established in Elmhurst until 2001 but when they left their absence was quickly replaced by other popular companies.  Two well-known businesses which currently operate out of Elmhurst include Sunshine Biscuits and McMaster-Carr Supply Company.  In addition, many other businesses and restaurants either lease or own commercial property in Elmhurst.

About the Residents

According to a census estimate taken in 2008, the population in Elmhurst was 46,013.  The residents of Elmhurst were estimated to have a median household income of $81,925 in 2007.  Those who live in Elmhurst fall within all different age ranges but the median age is 39.

Things to Do

If you like art, culture and history, Elmhurst is the place for you.  Some of the favorite pastimes include previewing art pieces at the Elmhurst Art Museum and Lizzadro Museum of Lapidary Art or getting a feel for the history of Elmhurst at the Elmhurst Historical Museum.  For those who prefer the outdoors, a visit to the Wilder Park Conservatory is a fun way to spend the day.

Dining and Shopping Options in Elmhurst

Business owners who lease commercial property in Elmhurst will be opening up their doors in a locale filled with plentiful dining and shopping options.  Fine Italian dining establishments grace the streets of Elmhurst as do All-American fare restaurants.  Small boutiques and large national retailers show their presence throughout Elmhurst, offering many options to residents who live there and business owners who lease office space in town.

Tenant Advisors, Inc.:  The Commercial Office Space Locators

As a business owner, you want your commercial office space location to be simply perfect.  You want to get a good deal on the commercial lease, have proper office space and parking for your employees and find office space to rent in a location which is sure to be filled with customers.  In order to get all that you want and so much more, let Tenant Advisors, Inc. help you in the journey to acquiring office space for rent.

Our company employs some of the best licensed real estate agents in the business and we work for tenants only.  In addition, our services are FREE for you to use.  That’s right!  There is no cost for having the tenant representation you need and deserve in your quest for office space rental.

Our staff members will carefully review your office space rental needs and find a location which is perfectly suited for your company.  We will review the commercial lease and help you in your dealings with your new landlord.

If you are renting office space in Elmhurst, we are here to help.  Complete the contact form and one of our reputable real estate agents will be in touch with you shortly to start planning for your new office space rental in Elmhurst.