Bloomingdale Commercial Office Space

Bloomingdale Office Space

Bloomingdale Commercial Office Space


Located in DuPage County, the village of Bloomingdale offers much to residents and business owners alike.  With its attractive suburban locale yet convenient city access, Bloomingdale is a prime location for business owners to lease commercial office space and individuals to purchase homes.  Approximately 25 miles west of Chicago, Bloomingdale provides residents and business employees with easy transportation to and from the big city but allows them to be free of the hustle and bustle if they so desire.

Business Atmosphere

Situated close to I-355 and I-290, Bloomingdale offers easy transportation to commuters in and around the village.  As one knows, it is imperative that a business is located in an easy to reach spot and those who lease office space in Bloomingdale can rest assured that their clients and employees will be able to get to them with ease.  In addition to interstate access, public transportation options are also available.  Bloomingdale has Pace bus transportation and there are two Metra stations located right outside of the village for those who take the train.  Businesses of all sizes can open up shop in Bloomingdale and there is a need for every type of goods and services vendor by residents and neighboring business employees.

Other Businesses in Bloomingdale

Plenty of businesses exist within Bloomingdale.  From telecommunications companies to clothing retailers, there is something for everyone to buy or utilize in Bloomingdale.  The Stratford Square Mall has plenty of businesses within it but there are also corporate office buildings as well as individual offices and commercial establishments which line the streets of Bloomingdale, such as in the Old Town Bloomingdale section.

About the Residents

According to the census of 2000, there were 21,675 residents living in Bloomingdale.  The median family income was $78,889 in 2000 and the median home value during that time was $209,200.  A little less than 1/3 of the households had children living in them and more than 1/2 had married couples in the households.

Things to Do

Whether you live, work or are visiting Bloomingdale, there is plenty to do there.  The Bloomingdale Park District offers outdoor activities for individuals of all ages, the Bloomingdale Public Library is a nice place to go and spend some quiet time and the golfers will love the Bloomingdale Golf Club and the Hilton Bloomingdale Indian Lakes Resort Golf Club.

Dining and Shopping Options in Bloomingdale

Those who like to shop and dine will feel right at home in Bloomingdale.  Whether you are a resident or a business owner who leases commercial office space, there are options galore.  The shopping venues which attract many consumers include Stratford Square Mall, Springbrook, Old Town Square and downtown Old Town Bloomingdale, to name just a few.  Dining options are also quite favorable in the village.   Quaint bistro dining and casual chain restaurants await you and you are certain to find a cuisine that is truly to your liking in Bloomingdale.

Tenant Advisors, Inc.:  Bloomingdale Commercial Office Space Awaits You

Leasing office space in Bloomingdale is a wise business move for business owners who crave a locale outside the big city limits but one which contains all the amenities one could possibly want.  Tenant Advisors, Inc. is here to help you find a commercial office space to lease in Bloomingdale and get you in the space with ease.  Our professional real estate staff will guide you along the leasing path and won’t stop until we find you the ideal office space to lease.

Our service is free for you to use and allows you to locate the right office space lease to suit your company’s needs.  We work only with tenants, never landlords.  By doing so, this ensures that our loyalties are firmly rooted with you, the office space tenant.  Not only will our staff help you to locate office space possibilities but we will help you in various dealings with your future landlord as well.  Once you sign the lease and have moved in, feel free to call on us for any reason at all during your lease term.  At Tenant Advisors, Inc. we are here for you.

Complete the form on this page if you are seeking a tenant representation firm which will have your leasing interests in mind the entire way.  We will contact you ASAP and get the leasing search started for you.  Learn all that Bloomingdale has to offer your business in the way of office space leasing.

Lake Forest Office Space


Lake Forest is a lovely and well-to-do city in the northern suburbs of Chicago.  With its location on Lake Michigan, one will find it easy to see that the beauty of Lake Forest is readily apparent.  Not only do residents of Lake Forest enjoy the area but so do businesses which open up their stores and lease office space in this area.  There are plenty of customers for which to sell one’s goods to or offer services to and business owners find that having an office space within Lake Forest is quite beneficial to their commercial entity.

Business Atmosphere

There are three main areas of commercial entities within Lake Forest including the Market Square region.  Within these three areas business owners will find that two of them have Metra stations which provide easy access for both company employees as well as consumers.  The genre of business varies throughout Lake Forest and one can find restaurant and retail space to lease as well as corporate office buildings.  Lake Forest is easily accessible to those who live in town, those who reside in neighboring communities and Chicago residents as well.  I-94 and Skokie Highway make it easy for drivers to get to businesses in Lake Forest.  Those who wish to take the Metra can get there with ease as well by using either of the two Metra stations located within the business districts.

Other Businesses in Lake Forest

Lake Forest has quite a few well-known corporations operating within the city limits.  Some names in which you may be familiar with include Brunswick, Hospira, Tenneco, and Covered Logistics.  If you lease office space in Market Square, you will have neighbors such as Talbots, J. Crew, Einstein Bagels, and other restaurants and retail stores.  The corporate centers and office buildings in other commercial areas throughout Lake Forest are filled with architects, attorneys, doctors, landscape companies, and more.

About the Residents

In a 2008 estimate, 21,300 residents were said to be living in Lake Forest.  The median family income for Lake Forest residents per a 2007 estimate was $200,000+.  Of all the households in Lake Forest, there were 39% with children in them and 73.6% had married couples within the home.  The median age of a Lake Forest resident is 41 years.

Things to Do

When you are wondering what to do in Lake Forest, the answer is never really that far away.  There are many different options regarding Lake Forest activities.  If you are a fan of polo and it is the month of August, then enjoying the game in Lake Forest is easy to do.  For others who are interested in different activities or for those seeking out activities during the rest of the year, Lake Forest is your ideal spot for outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, and boating.  The Parks and Recreation Department of Lake Forest offers a fitness center, camps for kids, ice skating, a wide array of special events, and more for residents to enjoy.  Golfers will also be able to hit the course at the Deerpath Golf Course.  Those who like indoor activities will enjoy bowling in Lake Forest and shopping at some fantastic retail shops and boutiques around town.

Dining and Shopping Options in Lake Forest

Dining and shopping is an easy feat in Lake Forest.  For those who love to eat out, you can choose Sushi Kushi Toyo if you like Japanese food or pay a visit to Ferentino’s Pizzeria if an excellent pizza pie is what you crave.  Shoppers will adore Market Square and can pop into Williams-Sonoma for some classy cookware or head over to J. Crew to expand their wardrobe.  No matter what your style or tastes may be, Lake Forest has the perfect options available to you.

Tenant Advisors, Inc.:  Helping You Lease Office Space in Lake Forest

Lake Forest is the ideal spot to lease office space, no matter what your business industry may be.  Both individual professionals as well as large corporations feel right at home in Lake Forest.  If you are seeking office space to lease in this city, Tenant Advisors, Inc. can help in the search.  Our professional real estate staff will guide you in the right direction and help you locate the necessary office building space.  We will show you various options until you are satisfied with your final decision.

Not only do we help you in starting the search but we will be with you along the way.  We will guide you through the commercial lease process and help you with your landlord issues.  Our representation services are free for you to use and we only represent business tenants, never the office landlords.  Our loyalty lies with business tenants such as yourself.

Don’t go into the leasing process alone.  Allow Tenant Advisors, Inc. to be there for you.  Enter your contact information on the form on this page and we will contact you promptly.  We will discuss all of your leasing needs with you and get started finding you the perfect commercial office space to lease in Lake Forest.

Office Suites

Palos Heights Office Space

Office Suites


Palos Heights is a Cook County city where residents, business owners and employees of Palos Heights companies get to enjoy city convenience in a suburban locale.  With multiple city-sponsored events throughout the year as well as shopping and dining conveniences galore, it is easy to see why Palos Heights is a popular place to lay down roots.

Business Atmosphere

For business owners who lease commercial office space in Palos Heights, the business atmosphere is top-notch.  Whether a company official is choosing to rent space in a corporate center or have their own office all to themselves, Palos Heights can deliver.  Situated in between I-294 and I-55, Palos Heights is in an ideal location for commuters as well as customers heading to your business.  There are also various public transportation options, including the Metra, which customers and your business employees can take advantage of, which is a highly desirable feature these days.

Other Businesses in Palos Heights

There are plenty of other businesses in Palos Heights whom you will call your neighbors if you lease office space there.  Professional service companies, coffeehouses, real estate professionals, convenience stores, dentists, restaurants and a plentiful amount of retail shops could surround you, whether you are in the downtown business district or a low-rise office building within the town limits.  It is good to have business neighbors as this will increase your client base as well when the customers come to town to do business with one company they may then move on to do business with your company in your area of industry.

About the Residents

Palos Heights residents enjoy the convenience of a city atmosphere in suburban living.  As of the 2000 census, there were 11,260 residents in Palos Heights.  The median income was $69,907 and the median home value was $210,500.  Of the households in Palos Heights, ¼ of them had children living within and the median age of the population of the city was 47 years.

Things to Do

Those who live and work in Palos Heights can take advantage of many great outdoor venues and activities.  The Art Garden is a community meeting place and garden setting with beautiful sculptures and landscape.  Residents, employees and visitors to Palos Heights can walk around the garden and take in the day.  The Parks and Recreation Department of Palos Heights also offers other options for individuals including their multiple parks, pool and teen center.  Adults and kids alike will enjoy Lake Katherine where they can hike and engage in various educational nature-filled activities.  There are also plenty of special events held throughout the year.

Dining and Shopping Options in Palos Heights

Palos Heights residents, business owners and business employees have dining and shopping options right at their door.  Pizzerias for casual food or fine dining establishments for a romantic meal out, whatever you crave you will find it in Palos Heights.  Shopping options, both large retail stores and small boutiques, are also readily accessible to individuals around town and many are in walking distance from residences and local businesses.

Tenant Advisors, Inc.:  Representing Your Business Needs When Leasing Office Space

Business owners who are seeking an office space lease in Palos Heights will want to have as much of an advantage as possible when looking for an office to rent.  Fortunately, Tenant Advisors, Inc. can help business owners find the office space they need and acquire a lease which is beneficial to them.  If you are seeking an office lease in Palos Heights, we have the solution for you.

Our free tenant representation service allows you to locate the ideal commercial office space with reasonable lease terms.  Our reputable real estate professionals will help you locate a lease as well as aid you in dealing with your future landlord.  Once you find the perfect office space and have signed a lease, our relationship with you won’t end there.  We will be there to help you with your needs every step of the way.  Plus, we represent only tenants and never landlords, which shows our loyalty to you.

Now is the perfect time to contact Tenant Advisors, Inc. and learn more about our tenant representation services.  Fill out a few pieces of information and we will get in touch with you ASAP!  We look forward to helping you fulfill all of your office tenant needs and locate the perfect commercial real estate to rent.

Bolingbrook Office Space


Bolingbrook is a village in the southwest Chicago suburbs.  Located just south of Naperville, Bolingbrook offers a suburban locale with all of the necessities one could want in a location.  Although designated as a village, Bolingbrook is quite large in size.  According to the 2010 census, Bolingbrook had a population of 73,366.  Whether you live in Bolingbrook, work in the village or both, you are sure to love all that this destination has to offer you.

Business Atmosphere

Bolingbrook has an ideal business atmosphere for many reasons.  First, since it is close to many large cities, including Chicago, and is quite big in its own right, it offers business owners quite a few wonderful opportunities.  There are often large customer bases as well as plentiful offices to lease.  The transportation options are also positive in Bolingbrook.  This village is situated between I-355 and I-55 which makes it easy to get to by car.  There are also trains and buses which operate in and around Bolingbrook for an even more accessible aspect.

Other Businesses in Bolingbrook

Bolingbrook has plenty of businesses already in operation around the village.  Some of the big names include the following:  IKEA, EPIR Technologies, ULTA and Bass Pro Shops.  In addition to these well-known companies, Bolingbrook is also home to a wide array of other businesses including those in the healthcare field, financial arena, restaurant sector and more.  There are plenty of office space options for new business residents and tenants as well.

About the Residents

The residents of Bolingbrook love the fact that they can enjoy a large population village with a friendly small town feel.  The median household income in a 2007 estimate was $76,392 and the median family income during that same time period was $82,462.  The median home value as designated in 2000 was $141,400.

Things to Do

When you live in Bolingbrook or work at one of the businesses there, you will be happy to know that there is plenty to see and do.  The Bolingbrook Park District offers individuals a chance to get outside and enjoy nature.  The park district also has an aquatics center for those who love to swim.  Bolingbrook community centers host various activities throughout the year for all different age groups to enjoy.  If golfing is your pleasure, then one of the many golf courses throughout Bolingbrook is sure to please.

Dining and Shopping Options in Bolingbrook

Those who live and work in Bolingbrook will have many dining and shopping options at their doorstep.  The Promenade Bolingbrook is a great option if you want to do both as there are many great stores and restaurants at this outdoor facility.  Bass Pro Shops and Macy’s are two ideal places to start the day’s shopping spree at The Promenade.  In addition to this outdoor mall, Bolingbrook has so many other shopping and dining venues that there are just too many to list.  Suffice it to say that whatever you want to eat or buy in Bolingbrook, you will be able to find it there.

Tenant Advisors, Inc.:  Helping You Locate Your Next Office Space Lease

Tenant Advisors, Inc. is ready, willing and able to help you find your next office space lease in Bolingbrook.  Our real estate agents are experienced professionals who only represent tenants like yourself.  We attach our loyalties to the tenants alone as this helps us to do the best job possible.

Our responsibilities here at Tenant Advisors, Inc. are wide and varied.  We start off by helping you to locate the prime piece of real estate for which to rent and go forward from that point by helping you to obtain that desired office space lease.  We will represent you from the very beginning of the real estate search and then continue to be by your side until you sign the lease and onward.  Most importantly, our services are FREE for you to use!

If you are looking for a lease on office space in Bolingbrook, contact Tenant Advisors, Inc. today.  We will aid you in your search and get you in that new office space as quickly as possible.

Westmont Office Space


Westmont is a village which appeals to both residents and business owners for many reasons but largely due to its central location.  Located approximately 18 miles from Chicago, those who live and work in Westmont can enjoy the city when they desire to do so but have a suburban locale to call home and/or work within.  Business owners like the fact that Westmont has many office space leases available and they can take advantage of the area clientele in a lease situation.

Business Atmosphere

Westmont is perfect for businesses large and small.  Due to the favorable population of more than 25,000 residents, those who open up their business shop doors within Westmont have the customer base to sell their goods and services to.  This village is also readily accessible for those outside of the area.   Main transportation routes such as I-88, I-294 and I-355 surround Westmont and allow clients to get to and from local businesses.  The Westmont Metra station enables those who wish to do so to take public transportation to Chicago and surrounding areas.

Other Businesses in Westmont

Commercial businesses are abound in Westmont.  From the large amount of auto dealerships throughout the village to the smaller boutique shops in the downtown Westmont area, you will be in good company when it comes to your commercial neighbors when you lease office space here.  Some business owners purchase the properties while others secure leases due to the flexible options offered to the business owners which do so.

About the Residents

Westmont residents enjoy a good way of life.  The average home value in the village is $200,814 and the median income per household is $51,422.  A little under 1/3 of the households in Westmont contain children and there are a few different school districts which Westmont children may attend, depending on their residential locations.

Things to Do

Families and single individuals alike find plenty to do in Westmont.  Historical landmarks are prevalent throughout the village which is perfect for all the history buffs who live and work in Westmont.  Outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy the encompassing park system while those who enjoy indoor activities can take advantage of the many shopping, entertainment and dining options.

Dining and Shopping Options in Westmont

From the casual Harvest Pancake House and Grill to the delicious Vincitori restaurant, Westmont dining options will put a smile on the faces of those who live and work in town.  Shopping options include some of the popular spots like 30 North Antiques, Phillip’s Flowers & Gifts and more.

Tenant Advisors, Inc.: Helping Business Tenants Achieve Their Leasing Goals

Leasing office space is a big step for business owners to take.  Fortunately, Tenant Advisors, Inc. is here to make the entire process simple for you.  Our reputable real estate agents will work with you to find the perfect office space to rent and help you to acquire the leasing terms you desire.  Our tenant representation firm represents tenants only which means that your best interests are in mind the entire time.

Not only will our company members help you to find the right office to lease but we will also assist you in conversations with the landlord to make sure that you get exactly what you want.  Once you sign the lease, you can always contact us for future help with your leasing situation and/or if you choose to lease a new commercial office when your current lease expires.

Most importantly, our services are FREE for you to use.   We will offer you the tenant representation help you need with no cost to you!  If you are looking to lease office space in Westmont, contact our company today to ensure that you get the proper tenant representation from start to finish.