Located northwest of Chicago is the suburban area of Hoffman Estates. Hoffman Estates and the surrounding area is the perfect spot for business owners who want a suburban location with the convenience of the city. This town has both residential homes and commercial buildings which provides the area with a convenient feel. Hoffman Estates is home to businesses such as Marriott, Mary Kay, Serta, Quest International and other well-known names. No matter what area of business your company is in, rest assured that there are plenty of commercial office space leasing options for you in the Hoffman Estates and surrounding areas.

Why Business Owners Should Lease Office Space in the Hoffman Estates Area

First and foremost, if you are looking for a suburban location for your business yet still want to have city-like convenience, then Hoffman Estates and surrounding areas should be the perfect fit. This area is close enough to the city to drive in business from the Chicago area but still maintains a suburban feel. Clients and employees can get to the leased office space via Route 59 or I-90 in addition to a number of other local roads. Plus, being in the suburbs, those who have to come to your office to do business will appreciate the fact that parking will be much easier in a suburban area than in the downtown Chicago area.

Another reason why the Hoffman Estates area is a good one to look into when shopping around for commercial office space relates to your commercial business neighbors. When you choose Hoffman Estates for office space leasing you will find that plenty of other businesses will be with you as well. It is wise to lease office space in an area where there are other commercial businesses nearby as you will reap the benefits of being close to customers of other companies who may find their way to your doorstep as well.

One will also find plenty to do in Hoffman Estates and the surrounding areas. Since you can’t work 24/7, having activity options for before and after work is an optimal concept. There is the Sears Centre Arena for those seeking out entertainment and the Prairie Stone Sports and Wellness Center for those who want to work out before or after work.

Dining and shopping in Hoffman Estates is also readily available. When you have retail stores and restaurants close by as you do in Hoffman Estates, you are able to even do some shopping on your lunch break or pick up something to eat during that time as well. Two shopping centers in the area include the Poplar Creek Crossing shopping center and the Prairie Stone Crossing shopping center.

Leasing office space in the Hoffman Estates and surrounding areas is the perfect choice for the business owner who wants a suburban location for their company or corporation, likes the idea of having an accessible office space lease for both clients and employees and wants to still be within driving distance to the city of Chicago.