Hoffman Estates Commercial Office Space

Leasing Hoffman Estates Commercial Office Space

Hoffman Estates Commercial Office SpaceHoffman Estates is located northwest of Chicago and has land in both Cook County and Kane County. There is a generous residential base of approximately 52,000. Not only is Hoffman Estates a large residential area but it is also home to many large corporations and privately owned businesses. Business owners lease commercial office space in Hoffman Estates as it has the client base businesses need in a suburban location which is often convenient for business owners, employees and customers.

There Is Plenty To Do In Hoffman Estates Which Attracts Residents and Businesses

For those who love to shop, Hoffman Estates is the place to do so. With shopping areas/stores such as the Barrington Square Town Center, Cabela’s, Charter Bank Plaza, Forest View Plaza, Fountain Crossing and more, there are plenty of shopping centers to choose from in Hoffman Estates. Shops like World Market, TJ Maxx, Target, Cacique and so many more will make shopping a breeze in Hoffman Estates.

If entertainment is on your mind, Congo River Golf and Exploration, the Sears Centre Arena, Hoffman Lanes and Poplar Creek Bowl are some excellent places to start. Those who like outdoor recreation will find Hoffman Estates to be the perfect locale as well. There are plenty of golf clubs in the area including Hilldale Golf Club, Bridges of Poplar Creek Golf Course and Highland Woods Golf Course. The Seascape Aquatic Center is extremely popular as well.

Whether you live or work in Hoffman Estates, you will need to eat out sometimes. Fortunately, great restaurants such as Great Harvest Bread Co., Jimmy John’s, Bistro Wasabi, Red Mango, Poplar Creek Grill and more are located in town to serve you meals throughout the day.

Leasing Commercial Office Space in Hoffman Estates Makes Sense

When searching for a Chicago suburb to open up your office space within and lease an office, Hoffman Estates is a great choice. Many large, well-known companies are firmly situated in Hoffman Estates, including Sears Holding Corporation headquarters, AT&T Midwest headquarters and Mori Seiki American headquarters.Hand Shake

With that said, you don’t have to be a large corporate entity to fit well within the Hoffman Estates commercial framework. There are plenty of commercial office spaces available for lease which are ideal for smaller, privately-owned companies. You can choose from shared office space settings or opt for entire office buildings, should your company require more room to set up shop.

Many of the office spaces for lease are close to the interstate and only about 15 miles from the airport, which is important for companies which have a lot of business travel coming to and from the office.

Hoffman Estates is the perfect commercial office space location. The amenities are all around you, no matter where you lease your office space in Hoffman Estates. Plentiful restaurants, stores and outdoor recreation options await you for when you are not in the office. The consumer base is favorable and you will find plenty of customers in the area in which to offer your goods and services to when you lease an office in Hoffman Estates.

Find Office Space in Hoffman Estates

Located northwest of Chicago is the suburban area of Hoffman Estates. Hoffman Estates and the surrounding area is the perfect spot for business owners who want a suburban location with the convenience of the city. This town has both residential homes and commercial buildings which provides the area with a convenient feel. Hoffman Estates is home to businesses such as Marriott, Mary Kay, Serta, Quest International and other well-known names. No matter what area of business your company is in, rest assured that there are plenty of commercial office space leasing options for you in the Hoffman Estates and surrounding areas.

Why Business Owners Should Lease Office Space in the Hoffman Estates Area

First and foremost, if you are looking for a suburban location for your business yet still want to have city-like convenience, then Hoffman Estates and surrounding areas should be the perfect fit. This area is close enough to the city to drive in business from the Chicago area but still maintains a suburban feel. Clients and employees can get to the leased office space via Route 59 or I-90 in addition to a number of other local roads. Plus, being in the suburbs, those who have to come to your office to do business will appreciate the fact that parking will be much easier in a suburban area than in the downtown Chicago area.

Another reason why the Hoffman Estates area is a good one to look into when shopping around for commercial office space relates to your commercial business neighbors. When you choose Hoffman Estates for office space leasing you will find that plenty of other businesses will be with you as well. It is wise to lease office space in an area where there are other commercial businesses nearby as you will reap the benefits of being close to customers of other companies who may find their way to your doorstep as well.

One will also find plenty to do in Hoffman Estates and the surrounding areas. Since you can’t work 24/7, having activity options for before and after work is an optimal concept. There is the Sears Centre Arena for those seeking out entertainment and the Prairie Stone Sports and Wellness Center for those who want to work out before or after work.

Dining and shopping in Hoffman Estates is also readily available. When you have retail stores and restaurants close by as you do in Hoffman Estates, you are able to even do some shopping on your lunch break or pick up something to eat during that time as well. Two shopping centers in the area include the Poplar Creek Crossing shopping center and the Prairie Stone Crossing shopping center.

Leasing office space in the Hoffman Estates and surrounding areas is the perfect choice for the business owner who wants a suburban location for their company or corporation, likes the idea of having an accessible office space lease for both clients and employees and wants to still be within driving distance to the city of Chicago.

Hoffman Estates Office Space

Hoffman Estates offers its residents and those who own and lease commercial office space in the area an opportunity to be close to Chicago yet still be located in a suburban vicinity.  Situated northwest of the city, Hoffman Estates has all that one could want in a suburb including a vast array of dining options, shopping venues and activities to keep one busy each and every day.  Business owners are continuing to explore Hoffman Estates as a place to open up shop and make a living.

Business Atmosphere

The accessibility of Hoffman Estates is perfect for business owners, employees and customers.  Ease of access is ideal for those hoping to do business with any one of a number of companies which operate out of Hoffman Estates.  Route 59 and I-90 offer easy access as do the multiple public transportation options including the Metra.  Due to its close proximity to Chicago, many people travel from within the city to Hoffman Estates to reach their business of choice.

Other Businesses in Hoffman Estates

Hoffman Estates is filled with a variety of businesses.  Some of your business neighbors will include Sears, Roebuck and Co., Quest International, Serta, Mary Kay, Target, Marriott and more.  As the months progress, one will see more businesses open up their doors in Hoffman Estates, providing all which residents and visitors to the village could ever want.

About the Residents

According to the census of 2000, 49,495 residents were living in Hoffman Estates.  The median household income in Hoffman Estates was $65,937 as shown by the 2000 census but was estimated to be around $74,425 in 2007.  The residents of Hoffman Estates have the good fortune to live in a town which has all of the possible amenities that they could want but be close enough to Chicago should they want to venture downtown for one or more reasons.

Things to Do

Those who live and work in Hoffman Estates have plenty to see and do.  The Sears Centre Arena is a popular choice for those who enjoy a live show while shopping centers are plentiful in town.  The Prairie Stone Sports and Wellness Center is perfect for those who want to work out and stay healthy.  For those who like the outdoors, Hoffman Estates also offers outdoor venues and recreation options for all.

Dining and Shopping Options in Hoffman Estates

With every year comes new shopping and dining options for residents and those who work in the village.   The Arboretum has quite a bit of choices when it comes to shopping and eating as do the Poplar Creek Crossing and Prairie Stone Crossing shopping centers.  No matter what you are seeking in the way of dining or shopping, there is something in Hoffman Estates waiting for you.

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