Commercial Office Space

Business owners who wish to lease commercial real estate have plenty of choices these days. Since not all business owners require the same type of commercial real estate, it is good to know that there are various options available. Some individuals who own businesses do so in the retail industry whereas others work in a light industrial setting. Whichever industry one is hoping to find a new office home within, there is sure to be quite a few choices, especially in downtown Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. The following will highlight some types of commercial real estate and detail what things prospective commercial tenants should look for in a commercial real estate setting.

Office Space

Professional office space is high in demand in the Chicago area. Appraisers, insurance agents, attorneys, medical professionals and those in many other industries need professional office space to operate their business out of on a daily basis. Some office space for Chicago professionals consists of a single office whereas others may be a few floors in a large office building. When choosing the right professional office space setting, business owners must consider location, square footage, office amenities, parking and more. Before settling on a specific office for your company, make sure that your desired inclusions are a part of the decision-making process.

Industrial Real Estate

For those who work in a more industrial field, industrial real estate space is necessary for day-to-day business operations. As with professional office space, the Chicago area also holds many options for industrial business owners. When considering industrial real estate locations, one must look at the surrounding neighbors to ensure that it is industry-friendly, in addition to checking on local zoning regulations to ensure that industrial operations are allowed. The landlord of the prospective commercial real estate will be able to answer these questions for you. You should also make sure that the industrial real estate location you select will properly accommodate the size of your business and be feasible for all of your work operations.

Retail Space

Retail shops are in abundance in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs and do a great deal of business, no matter what the retail operations may be. If your retail store is looking for a new home in Chicago, you will find plenty of retail lease options in most areas throughout the city and on the outskirts as well. Some features which you should look into prior to leasing a particular retail space include square footage, amenities, parking options, layout, delivery entrances and more. Taking a closer look at the current retail space neighbors will also help you to determine whether or not a particular spot will be the most lucrative one for your business.

There are so many different commercial leasing options available to business owners in Chicago and the Chicago suburbs. No matter whether your business is professional, industrial or retail, there is a future commercial home for you in the Chicago area. The best way to ensure that your leasing choice is the right one is to have a tenant representative by your side every point in the search.