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Before signing the documents on your next Chicago office lease, there are quite a few financial components you must consider. Since you want to be able to properly afford your annual office lease and also know just what you as an office tenant will be responsible for paying, it is important to ask questions prior to signing the lease. Some of the financial components as they pertain to office leases are listed below to help you in the quest for the most efficient office leasing experience.

Occupancy Costs

Before you sign a commercial office space lease, you should thoroughly evaluate occupancy costs. Check to see if the base rental payments will be fixed or escalated. In addition to the base rental payments which you are required to pay, there will also be other costs as well. Some of the additional costs which you as a commercial tenant will experience throughout the lease term include utilities, parking fees, janitorial fees, buildout costs and more. The lease may also include various rent provisions such as those associated with increased operating expenses. It is important to note that each and every commercial lease will differ as to what the landlord is responsible for paying and what the tenant must pay for on their own. Some
office space leases will be quite favorable towards the tenant as the landlord may pay for utilities, janitor expenses and more. Always read the lease carefully and have your tenant representative inquire with the landlord as to all of the inclusions within the commercial lease.

Determine Which Office Lease Is Most Beneficial To You

If you have a few different options available to you when it comes to office space leases, you want to pick the choice which is most beneficial to you as an office space tenant. In the end, you want to look at the net present value, which is the total cost which the tenant will be paying.  Tax factors should be kept in mind as well. It is also important to evaluate the rentable square footage as well as the usable square footage. By comparing the various costs of the office space lease options and the individual features of each one as well, you will be more likely to choose not only the most attractive option but also the best in terms of financial aspects.

Keep Financial Considerations at the Forefront of the Lease Decision

It is easy to get off track when considering the many commercial office space lease options and not put financial aspects at the forefront of the decision-making process. However, as a business owner, you have to ensure that you not only choose the right office space to accommodate your business but that you will also be able to pay for all of the associated costs. When reviewing various lease choices, make sure you know what the landlord is responsible for paying and what the tenant costs will be, in addition to the basic costs, such as rent. Doing so will allow you to make the right financial decision for your business.