Bolingbrook and Orland Park Office Space Market

The Chicago area is a fantastic location to lease commercial office space.  No matter what type of industry your company is involved with, there is sure to be a suitable office locale for you.  Although some companies choose to operate their daily business transactions within the city limits of Chicago, others prefer a suburban location.  Two areas in particular which see a lot of commercial business operation are Bolingbrook and Orland Park.  In fact, the Bolingbrook and Orland Park office market is gaining popularity each and every day as more business owners are learning the benefits to moving their company operations there.

The Benefits of Leasing Office Space in Bolingbrook

Located southwest of Chicago, the village of Bolingbrook offers a wide array of leasing options to business owners who need office space.  Close to Interstate 355 and Interstate 55, there is easy access to the Bolingbrook area and customers and employees of Bolingbrook businesses can get there with ease.  Many big name companies have their place of business in Bolingbrook including IKEA, ULTA and Bass Pro Shops.  Companies lease office space in Bolingbrook as it is close to Chicago, features a suburban locale and has plenty of nearby amenities.

Those who work at Bolingbrook businesses have plenty to take advantage of during their time off from work.  There is the Bolingbrook Park District which offers plenty of outdoor entertainment, Bolingbrook golf courses for the golf aficionados and plenty of dining and shopping options to please all.  The existence of all of these amenities also tends to draw in customers of offices in the area which will boost business for business owners who lease Bolingbrook office space.

Why Orland Park Is Ideal As Well

Orland Park is located approximately 25 miles southwest of Chicago and is a prime suburban location for office space leasing.  Business owners lease Orland Park commercial office space because it’s a location near the city but is a locale that still maintains a suburban presence.  There are plenty of ways to get to Orland Park such as by using I-55, I-355 and I-80.  The Metra has three stops in Orland Park and the airport is not too far away as well.  Easy access is a main reason why business owners lease office space in Orland Park.

Another reason why Orland Park is ideal is due to the amenities around town.  Orland Square Shopping Center is a good bet for shopping and restaurants with a wide array of cuisines can be found in Orland Park.  After all, you are only in work for certain hours during the day and will surely want to take advantage of various amenities both before and after work in addition to during your quick lunch breaks.

Orland Park has both residential and commercial settings within its city boundaries.  If you lease office space in Orland Park you may wind up having both small companies and larger corporate entities as your neighbors.  From healthcare professionals to retail shops, Orland Park has a little bit of everything within its city borders.

Commercial office space leasing is readily available throughout both Bolingbrook and Orland Park and business owners are certain to love the readily accessible aspects of both towns as well as the amenities available throughout these areas.