Suburban Chicago Office Space: Tenant Improvements

Suburban Office Space

Chicago suburb business owners who are looking for that ideal office space often find what they are looking for in an office setting. However, there are certain times when the suburban Chicago office space may not be exactly what the office space tenant needs in a commercial office.  Fortunately, landlords will usually allow specific tenant improvements to take place so that the office tenant is 100% satisfied with the office space end result. Here is what to expect in tenant improvements in the suburban office space:

Landlords May Not Allow Every Desired Tenant Improvement

When you want to add certain amenities and additions to a leased office space in the Chicago suburbs, you may know exactly what you want. Keep in mind, however, that your landlord may not allow every type of tenant improvement in their premises. After all, the landlord still owns the building and you are simply leasing it for awhile. Therefore, it is reasonable that there will be certain tenant improvements which won’t be allowed. Make sure that you thoroughly discuss these tenant improvements with your landlord and have the results of the conversation in writing so that there is no miscommunication along the way.

Tenant Improvements Can Be Pricey

Depending on what type of Chicago suburban office space tenant improvements you wish to complete, the end result can be costly.  You should decide upfront what type of improvements you want to make and be sure that you will be able to afford the tenant improvements. Some landlords will pay for tenant improvements while others will allow such improvements but have the cost be the responsibility of the tenant alone.

Certain Leases Will Accommodate for Tenant Improvements

For the lucky suburban Chicago office space tenants, there may be a clause within the office space lease which states that the landlord will pay for certain tenant improvements. This will allow the tenant to get what they want out of the office space and not have to pay the cost for doing so. A good tenant representative will be able to negotiate with the landlord and have them add this desirable clause into the final lease.

Pre-Existing Condition Clauses May Exist

For those office tenants in the Chicago suburbs who complete tenant improvements, they may need to ultimately return the leased premises to its pre-existing condition once their lease is up. These pre-existing condition clauses in the lease safeguard the landlord and ensure that the property will look exactly as it did prior to the tenant improvements. This is always something which the tenant must consider before making big changes to the leased premises since returning the structure to its prior state may be costly in the end.

Tenant improvement clauses are beneficial for Chicago suburb office tenants who want to make changes to the property. The tenant should see if the landlord will pay for such changes and whether they will have to return the property to its former state once their lease term is up. All of these things should be clearly outlined in the lease for the benefit of all parties involved in the leasing agreement.