Office Tenant Representation: Why You Need One

Office Space

The commercial office leasing procedure can be a tricky one for many commercial tenants. Not everybody is well-versed in the commercial real estate field and going in on your own to lease office space can be a venture into the unknown. As a business owner, when you go into leasing office space, you want to be able to make intelligent, businesslike decisions.  With a tenant representative to aid you in the process, you can make the right business decisions with ease.

Here are some reasons why it’s important to have a tenant representative with you as you take every step in the leasing process:

  • A Tenant Representative Knows The Drill: As a whole, a tenant representative is the commercial real estate professional you need as they know how the procedure goes. You want to have the assistance of a professional so that you get the right property at the right price.
  • Help to Determine Your Leasing Needs: A tenant representative will help you to determine your leasing needs. In other words, how much space you need, what amenities you should have, the location which will be most ideal for your business and many more considerations. The tenant representative will think of all of the things you may miss and more.
  • This Real Estate Professional Knows The Market: When you lease commercial offices, you may not know what the commercial real estate market looks like at the time. Therefore, you may not know what the cost of the commercial lease is and what the norm is for leasing commercial real estate.
  • Negotiation Skills: A tenant representative is the perfect individual to have with you when you need to negotiate your future commercial space lease.  These real estate professionals are adept at negotiating these types of commercial office leases and will get you the best deal on your future lease.
  • Tenant Interest Protection: A tenant representative acts in the best interest of their client, the tenant. In something as difficult as a commercial real estate transaction, the tenant needs someone to act in their best interest and help them through the oftentimes difficult portions of the transaction.With the assistance of a tenant representative, you will feel secure in having this professional with you along the way.
  • Maintain Order In The Leasing Process: With commercial real estate leasing, there are quite a bit of steps in the process. The tenant representative knows how the procedure goes and will help to maintain order along the way. This guidance is especially important for the tenant who may not be as experienced with commercial leasing as is the landlord, who probably has gone through quite a few commercial real estate transactions in the past.

Going into a business transaction such as a commercial real estate lease without a tenant representative is simply not a good business move to make. In order to make your next lease agreement as favorable as possible and get the office space you desire, make sure that your tenant representative is present there with you.