Chicago Office Space: Green Costs and LEED Certification

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In today’s society, individuals and companies are doing what they can to preserve the environment. Simple tasks such as recycling, conserving energy and using environmentally friendly cleaners are some examples of ways in which we are trying to preserve the environment for future generations. With that said, there are also larger ways in which environmental paths are being taken. For example, companies are leasing property in an environmentally friendly manner so that they can keep environmental factors in mind when doing so. The main issue occurs, however, when prospective office building tenants review the increased amount of the lease price due to the building being a green one.

Green Costs

Although most people would enjoy pursuing green commercial options, the truth of the matter is that going green in a commercial environment can be a bit pricey. Even something as simple as using energy-efficient light bulbs will cost the tenant more in the long run. In addition, if the landlord chooses to offer green features to the office space lease, the rent itself may be increased to accommodate for such inclusions. With this in mind, it is important to note that green costs are well worth the expenditure, whether you are a commercial office space tenant or commercial property landlord.

LEED Certification

LEED certification, which stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is a green building rating system. When new buildings are constructed, contractors who want to shoot for LEED certification build the offices with environmental factors per the LEED certification guidelines in mind. This can be a pricey venture for the building owners and may, in fact, trickle down to the commercial office tenants in the end due to a higher rent being charged by the commercial building landlord. However, building owners may opt for the LEED certification goals as they want to do whatever is possible for the environment and may want to draw in environmentally-conscious commercial tenants.

Deciding If Green Office Space Is Right for You

The benefits of leasing green office space are readily apparent. You will be doing your part, as an individual and business, to preserve the environment on a daily basis. Your landlord may handle most of the green upgrades or components but your rates may be a bit higher due to the green qualities of the building. In order to figure out if green costs and an office building with LEED certification is right for you, review the following factors and make your decision accordingly:

  • Business with the Environment in Mind: Do you want to operate your business and lease an office space with the environment in mind? Do you find that you were frustrated with the lack of environmentally friendly features in your prior office spaces? If so, then the green costs will be worth getting an office building to lease which has LEED certification.
  • Cost Factors: You must also ask yourself if you and your company can afford the green costs associated with environmentally friendly office building leases and offices with LEED certification. Even though the building is already built and has received such certification, keep in mind that the green costs may continue for you, the commercial office tenant. If this is still agreeable, then leasing a commercial office space with green characteristics is doable.

Leasing an office with environmental factors in mind is a socially responsible and morally beneficial thing for business owners to do. If you find that you can afford the green costs associated with doing so, then finding a green office space to lease is a wise decision to make.