Chicago Space: How Negotiable Is The Price Per Square Foot

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Office space leasing rates will vary in the commercial real estate market. The exact price of the office space rental will depend on a number of different factors. Some of these considerations include size of the rental space, location, amenities included in the commercial office space, parking options and more. All of these factors come down to the set price per square foot. In the past, price per square foot in commercial leasing situations was pretty much set in stone. There was little flexibility in the price terms and the prospective commercial tenant would just have to take it or leave it. Today, this trend has changed a bit.

Commercial Office Space Leasing Has Decreased

Since the economy has been less than stellar in the past few years, the need for commercial office space has decreased as fewer individuals and companies had the money to embark on a new commercial office space lease. This can be good for negotiating deals with the price per square foot for commercial office space tenants. Since landlords are more eager to occupy their commercial properties, they may be more likely than not to negotiate a bit when it comes to the overall price per square foot that they are asking.

Commercial Landlords Are More Willing To Negotiate To Get Rentals

Commercial landlords are well aware of the fact that they are not doing as well as they were approximately 8-10 years ago in the commercial real estate arena. With this in mind, they know that they must negotiate or risk losing potential commercial tenants who will ultimately go on to another commercial landlord who is willing to negotiate price per square foot. Even though the commercial landlord may not be getting their asking price, they are gaining a new commercial tenant and know that they will receive money as a result of the lease agreement.

Ways to Make Price per Square Foot More Negotiable

If you find a commercial office space to lease and the landlord is not exactly pleased about negotiating on the price per square foot, there are ways in which you as a tenant can make the price more negotiable and ensure that the landlord will be more willing to negotiate on price per square foot. First, make sure you are not too demanding with regard to other aspects of the lease. Don’t ask for multiple inclusions to the lease agreement and the landlord will be more likely to appease you when it comes to negotiating as to price per square foot. Also, be mindful of the current commercial real estate market. If the market in your area is still in a less than favorable position, you can feel more confident knowing that the commercial landlord may just agree to your price per square foot negotiations.

Negotiating as to the price per square foot terms is not as fruitless as you may think it to be. Review the current market and ask your tenant representative for additional ways to aid you in your price per square foot negotiations.