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Office Tenant Representation: Why You Need One

The commercial office leasing procedure can be a tricky one for many commercial tenants. Not everybody is well-versed in the commercial real estate field and going in on your own to lease office space can be a venture into the unknown. As a business owner, when you go into leasing office space, you want to […]

Office Space Lease Negotiations

>7 Key Points To Negotiating Your Office Lease  1.             Be Ready, Willing and Able to Walk Away The biggest mistake many tenants make is not developing legitimate alternatives to their first choice, whether a new space or a lease renewal.  If a landlord believes you’re not willing to switch to a different property, you lose […]

How To Choose A Commercial Office Space Tenant Representative

As a business owner searching for a commercial lease for your company, you have to make sure you take every safeguard possible in the leasing journey. You want to choose a commercial office building which meets your needs and get a lease on the property which benefits you as the tenant. Although you can embark […]

Questions To Ask A Tenant Representative

A tenant representation specialist is an individual who will help commercial business owners find offices to lease.  This professional knows the ins and outs of the commercial real estate business and will help the office tenant every step of the way when it comes to finding a property, securing a lease and even renewing their […]

Office Space Tenant Representation

Office leasing is a popular rental option these days.  It allows business owners to have a place to engage in all of their office dealings yet not have to worry about the hassles which often go along with owning commercial office property.  An office tenant representative will protect the interest of you, the business owner, […]