A tenant representation specialist is an individual who will help commercial business owners find offices to lease.  This professional knows the ins and outs of the commercial real estate business and will help the office tenant every step of the way when it comes to finding a property, securing a lease and even renewing their current office lease to get the best terms.  Before you select a tenant representative to help you with your commercial office space leasing needs, here are some questions which you should ask them to find the right one for your situation:

What Tenant Representation Services Do You Provide?

Not all tenant representatives are the same when it comes to services offered in the tenant representation field.  This is why it is always a good idea to ask your prospective tenant representation professional about the services they provide.  Although many tenant representatives will offer services to get you through the commercial office space leasing process from start to finish, some may not offer every single tenant representation service.  Therefore, it is always good to ask ahead of time so you know exactly what services will be provided by your tenant representative if you choose to use them when finding a commercial office space to lease.

What Is Your Experience In The Tenant Representation Field?

You will find that tenant representatives will have varying experience levels.  Before selecting a tenant representative you should always ask about their individual experience level.  By doing so you are determining how well-versed a particular individual is with regard to the tenant representation field.  Although experience alone will not dictate the total qualifications which a tenant representative possesses, it is always a good thing to know.

Do You Exclusively Represent Commercial Office Tenants?

Also, you should always ask the tenant representative if they only represent commercial office tenants and not the landlords.  This is important as you want your representative to be on the side of the commercial office space tenant at all times and not have a conflicted interest if they represent commercial office space landlords as well.

Why Should I Use A Tenant Representation Professional?

You should ask the tenant representative why they think you should use a tenant representation professional.  This is a way for you to see how the tenant representation professional will sell themselves to you and also make you sure in your decision that hiring a tenant representative is in your best interest as a commercial office space tenant.

What Is The Process Like?

Inquire as to what the process is like as it pertains to leasing commercial office space.  Ask them to walk you through the procedure and let you know what happens from start to finish as well as what role the tenant representative plays in the entire process.

How Can I Help To Make The Tenant Representation Relationship Successful?

It will also be helpful if you ask the tenant representative what you can do in order to make the tenant representation relationship a successful one.  Ask what information you can provide and what else you can do in order to enable them to help you find the best office space to lease.

By asking these questions of your tenant representative, you will be sure to get the perfect professional to help you to secure a commercial office space lease for your company.