Wheeling Commercial Office Space

Wheeling, Illinois is a village located in Cook and Lake counties. With a population of 37,648 per the 2010 census, Wheeling has a good residential base, which is a selling point for businesses looking to lease office space there. Located 30 miles northwest of Chicago, this suburban location is ideal for those business owners who wish to be outside of the city yet close enough to head into town when they so desire.

Getting Around Wheeling with Ease

Wheeling transportation options are plentiful. You can travel by train, bus or car, and get where you need to go with ease. The Metra line has a stop in Wheeling and the Pace bus line offers service throughout Wheeling as well. For drivers, there are many local roads which provide easy ingress/egress as well as I-294 which runs close to the village. Having multiple transportation options will help to get your employees and customers to and from your business. Therefore, ensuring that ease of access exists is a must for business owners contemplating a new office space lease.

Things to See and Do in Wheeling

Business owners will appreciate that there are plenty of things to see and do in Wheeling. Shops such as Wheeling Flowers, Walgreens, Lynn Plaza Shopping Center and Radio Shack are some store options for individuals, especially business owners and their employees who wish to do a little lunch break shopping. For dining options, Wheeling offers restaurants such as Rise N Dine Pancake Cafe, Joe’s Pizzeria, Cooper’s Hawk and Saranellos, to name a few. These options will provide dining and shopping offerings for the business owner and employees before and after work but also for customers of the business.

For those who like to get outdoors, the Wheeling Park District offers 19 sites to choose from in the way of recreation. There is also the Chevy Chase Golf Course, Family Aquatic Center, Community Recreation Center and an outdoor ice rink in the winter.

Why Your Business Will Fit in Well in Wheeling

Wheeling is a village which will welcome your business, no matter what industry it may fall within. There is always room in Wheeling for business expansion and leasing Wheeling commercial office space there will help you to set up shop and start bringing in customers and clients. There is also a good, solid customer base in Wheeling. Not only will your business gain customers who are Wheeling residents but also those who live outside of town and come into Wheeling to do business.

Get Started Finding Your Wheeling Office Space

There has never been a better time than the present to open your business doors in Wheeling. An easy way to get started is to contact a tenant advisor to help you with the search. Not only will this tenant representative point you in the right direction with regard to a commercial office space lease but they will also help you to get the best lease terms when negotiating with your future landlord.

Wheeling is the ideal spot for your business, large or small.

Suburban Office Space

Suburban Chicago Office Space: Tenant Improvements

Suburban Office Space

Chicago suburb business owners who are looking for that ideal office space often find what they are looking for in an office setting. However, there are certain times when the suburban Chicago office space may not be exactly what the office space tenant needs in a commercial office.  Fortunately, landlords will usually allow specific tenant improvements to take place so that the office tenant is 100% satisfied with the office space end result. Here is what to expect in tenant improvements in the suburban office space:

Landlords May Not Allow Every Desired Tenant Improvement

When you want to add certain amenities and additions to a leased office space in the Chicago suburbs, you may know exactly what you want. Keep in mind, however, that your landlord may not allow every type of tenant improvement in their premises. After all, the landlord still owns the building and you are simply leasing it for awhile. Therefore, it is reasonable that there will be certain tenant improvements which won’t be allowed. Make sure that you thoroughly discuss these tenant improvements with your landlord and have the results of the conversation in writing so that there is no miscommunication along the way.

Tenant Improvements Can Be Pricey

Depending on what type of Chicago suburban office space tenant improvements you wish to complete, the end result can be costly.  You should decide upfront what type of improvements you want to make and be sure that you will be able to afford the tenant improvements. Some landlords will pay for tenant improvements while others will allow such improvements but have the cost be the responsibility of the tenant alone.

Certain Leases Will Accommodate for Tenant Improvements

For the lucky suburban Chicago office space tenants, there may be a clause within the office space lease which states that the landlord will pay for certain tenant improvements. This will allow the tenant to get what they want out of the office space and not have to pay the cost for doing so. A good tenant representative will be able to negotiate with the landlord and have them add this desirable clause into the final lease.

Pre-Existing Condition Clauses May Exist

For those office tenants in the Chicago suburbs who complete tenant improvements, they may need to ultimately return the leased premises to its pre-existing condition once their lease is up. These pre-existing condition clauses in the lease safeguard the landlord and ensure that the property will look exactly as it did prior to the tenant improvements. This is always something which the tenant must consider before making big changes to the leased premises since returning the structure to its prior state may be costly in the end.

Tenant improvement clauses are beneficial for Chicago suburb office tenants who want to make changes to the property. The tenant should see if the landlord will pay for such changes and whether they will have to return the property to its former state once their lease term is up. All of these things should be clearly outlined in the lease for the benefit of all parties involved in the leasing agreement.

Chicago Office Space in the Darian Area

Located in the suburbs of Chicago, Darien offers business owners a lot of options in the way of office space leasing. Throughout its 6.1 square miles, Darien offers business leasing options for small professional business owners, large corporation CEOs and even industrial business owners. Even though it is outside of the Chicago city limits, the amenities which one will find in the Darien area will make you feel as if you are in a larger city rather than a small suburban town.

For those who commute to and from Darien businesses, there are plenty of ways to get to your leased office space in Darien. You can take main routes such as I-294, I-355 or I-55 to make your way to Darien or use some of the smaller routes to get there. There is also Metra service which goes through Downers Grove and Pace and taxi service as well. Out of town clients can fly into nearby Chicago O’Hare International Airport and then get to your leased office premises with ease.

Darien has a good mixture of business professionals and companies within it. Attorneys, accountants, financial entities, retail stores, restaurants, clothing boutiques and more fill the streets of Darien. This eclectic mixture means that you will fit in well, no matter what type of business industry you may be in. Office space leasing is wide and varied. In Darien, your company will be able to find the perfect commercial office space to rent.

One of the many features which business owners who lease office space in Darien appreciate is the suburban location. Although Darien still has many amenities available within its town limits similar to a big city, it doesn’t have the traffic, parking issues and other congestion problems which are typical within larger cities. Those who work at Darien businesses and come to Darien to buy the products and use the services offered by Darien business owners enjoy the ease of parking and driving throughout the town.

Amenities are readily available throughout Darien. Finding a bite to eat on your lunch break when you lease office space in Darien is easy, no matter what type of fare you prefer. Those who rent an office in Darien will also enjoy the shopping options nearby which means that doing one’s grocery shopping after work or picking up something at a nearby store on a lunch break is simple.

Leasing office space in the Darien area offers many beneficial features to business owners. Location, amenities, ease of access and the opportunity to gain new clientele are all benefits associated with leasing a commercial office building or office space in Darien. Employees will enjoy how easy it is to get to and from work as well as the parking situation which exists in Darien. Public transportation options ensure that both employees and customers will be able to get to the leased office space as well.

If you own a small company or even a large corporate entity, leasing office space or renting an office building in Darien will yield many favorable results for your business.

Commercial Office Space in Chicago on LaSalle Street

The LaSalle Street area in downtown Chicago is a prime spot for business owners looking for office space to lease in the city. Also known as “The Canyon”, LaSalle Street is filled with businesses of all types. Small professional office buildings as well as large corporations fill the LaSalle Street locale. Although there are many places within the downtown Chicago area to lease office space, LaSalle Street is definitely a favorite amongst business owners.

One of the reasons why business owners of both smaller companies as well as larger corporations choose LaSalle Street is that it offers easy expressway access for their clients and employees to take advantage of. Getting to and from these businesses is easy as can be with main highways and plenty of side streets. The Metra, Pace bus line and taxi service are also options for those who do business with or work at LaSalle Street offices. The access which the LaSalle Street area properties provide make it a prime location and one which is high in demand. Even with the popularity of this area, there is still a wide array of commercial office buildings available for lease.

With its locale in the financial district of Chicago, business owners who choose the LaSalle Street area for their office space leasing needs will be in good company. Businesses such as retail stores, restaurants, professional offices, financial companies and more line both sides of LaSalle Street. The array of business offerings on LaSalle Street add an eclectic feel to this area and make this location a popular one for customers and clientele.

When a business opens up their doors in leased commercial office space on LaSalle Street and the surrounding area, they are taking a step in the right direction when it comes to area amenities. This area is also known for its fabulous restaurants, unique retail stores and other shopping options. Many employees and employers will enjoy the close proximity of these amenities and find that it is convenient to have when on one’s lunch break or before/after work.

Finding the Right LaSalle Street Office Space

When shopping around for office space to lease on LaSalle Street, make sure that you keep a few things in mind. Look at locations where access is the easiest as it pertains to both car travel and public transportation options. Also, make sure that the size of the building or office space which you lease will adequately accommodate your entire company and clientele. In addition to the square footage of the leased office space, you should also inquire as to what amenities are included within the leased premises as many office buildings will include amenities such as use of conference rooms, shared receptionist coverage and more.

Choosing an office space to lease on LaSalle Street and in the LaSalle Street area in general is a wise choice. You will have the amenities which downtown Chicago offers you in addition to a wide array of choices when it comes to office space to lease.

Elgin Office Space


Located 40 miles northwest of the Chicago downtown area, Elgin offers a superior suburban location for residents and business owners alike.  With a population of over 108,000, Elgin is one of the larger cities in Illinois.  This makes it perfect for business owners who want to lease office space in a highly populated area outside of the city limits.

Business Atmosphere

Elgin has a wonderful, lucrative business atmosphere, due largely in part to the fact that it is continually growing in size.  Business owners who lease property within Elgin find that individuals utilize their commercial services and come from both within and outside of Elgin to do so.  Located close to I-90 and I-290, those who live outside of Elgin can reach the town’s businesses with ease.  Local bus service is offered by PACE and there are three Metra train stations within Elgin.

Other Businesses in Elgin

Elgin is filled with various goods and services businesses.  Law firms, staffing agencies, home improvement stores, financial institutions and more have opened up their doors in Elgin.  Restaurants and retail shops also line the neighborhood streets of Elgin.  One can say pretty much all types of businesses are located throughout Elgin and you will be in good company when you lease office space in town.

About the Residents

The residents of Elgin are of a culturally diverse nature which adds flair and uniqueness to the community.  The median income of residents is $52,605 and the home value statistics received in 2005 showed homes ranging in the $229,300 rate.  There are plenty of job opportunities for those who live in Elgin so many residents work within the city limits.

Things to Do

Whether you live or work in Elgin or enjoy indoor or outdoor activities, you will find many things to do in this area.  For the outdoor enthusiasts, Bowes Creek Golf Course offers excellent tee time activities, bikers can enjoy the Fox River Bike Trail or pay a visit to the Elgin Sports Complex.  Those who like to engage in activities indoors will enjoy the Elgin Opera, Elgin Art Showcase, Elgin Public Museum and more.

Dining and Shopping Options in Elgin

No matter if you are looking for a quick stop for lunch or an exquisite and lengthy dining experience for dinner, Elgin has much to offer.  Porter’s Pub is the perfect place for a quick bite whereas you can have a full dining experience when you visit Buckingham’s Steakhouse and Lounge.  These are just two of the many fantastic restaurants to select from in Elgin.  As for shopping options, the State Street Market and Fisher Nuts Outlet Store are two popular shopping spots amongst a wide array of other well-known retail stores and privately owned boutiques.

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