Commercial Office Space in Chicago on LaSalle Street

The LaSalle Street area in downtown Chicago is a prime spot for business owners looking for office space to lease in the city. Also known as “The Canyon”, LaSalle Street is filled with businesses of all types. Small professional office buildings as well as large corporations fill the LaSalle Street locale. Although there are many places within the downtown Chicago area to lease office space, LaSalle Street is definitely a favorite amongst business owners.

One of the reasons why business owners of both smaller companies as well as larger corporations choose LaSalle Street is that it offers easy expressway access for their clients and employees to take advantage of. Getting to and from these businesses is easy as can be with main highways and plenty of side streets. The Metra, Pace bus line and taxi service are also options for those who do business with or work at LaSalle Street offices. The access which the LaSalle Street area properties provide make it a prime location and one which is high in demand. Even with the popularity of this area, there is still a wide array of commercial office buildings available for lease.

With its locale in the financial district of Chicago, business owners who choose the LaSalle Street area for their office space leasing needs will be in good company. Businesses such as retail stores, restaurants, professional offices, financial companies and more line both sides of LaSalle Street. The array of business offerings on LaSalle Street add an eclectic feel to this area and make this location a popular one for customers and clientele.

When a business opens up their doors in leased commercial office space on LaSalle Street and the surrounding area, they are taking a step in the right direction when it comes to area amenities. This area is also known for its fabulous restaurants, unique retail stores and other shopping options. Many employees and employers will enjoy the close proximity of these amenities and find that it is convenient to have when on one’s lunch break or before/after work.

Finding the Right LaSalle Street Office Space

When shopping around for office space to lease on LaSalle Street, make sure that you keep a few things in mind. Look at locations where access is the easiest as it pertains to both car travel and public transportation options. Also, make sure that the size of the building or office space which you lease will adequately accommodate your entire company and clientele. In addition to the square footage of the leased office space, you should also inquire as to what amenities are included within the leased premises as many office buildings will include amenities such as use of conference rooms, shared receptionist coverage and more.

Choosing an office space to lease on LaSalle Street and in the LaSalle Street area in general is a wise choice. You will have the amenities which downtown Chicago offers you in addition to a wide array of choices when it comes to office space to lease.