Deerfield Office Space

Leasing Commercial Office Space In Deerfield, Illinois

Deerfield Office SpaceThe Chicago area is perfect for business owners in all industries. Leasing commercial office space in Deerfield is a wonderful option as it offers commercial leasing options for many to acquire. Located in Cook and Lake counties, Deerfield is home to many popular companies and corporations as the residential population is an ideal customer base for these commercial entities to serve.

About Deerfield

Deerfield has a population of over 18,000 individuals and is home to corporate giants such as Walgreens, Baxter Healthcare, Fortune Brands and more. The village is located 27 miles outside of the Chicago loop, which offers a suburban area with easy access to Chicago, which is favorable for business owners and residents in Deerfield alike.

Transportation Options

Getting around Deerfield by car is ideal and easy to do, as I-94 runs through a portion of the village, but there are public transportation options as well. Deerfield has a Metra station and Pace bus route for those wishing to use public transportation.

Shopping and Dining in Deerfield

Business owners who select Deerfield as their leasing destination will appreciate the shopping and dining options which Deerfield offers. It’s always good to choose a commercial office space lease location which has plentiful amenities surrounding it. When you have sought-after stores and restaurants close by, you will find customer traffic for your business will be more abundant than if you were to choose an area to lease office space where there were little amenities surrounding it.

Deerfield Square is a popular shopping area in the village. In addition to stores and restaurants such as Barnes & Noble, Biaggi’s Ristorante, Il Forno Pizzeria, Ann Taylor Loft and other dining and shopping destinations, Deerfield Square is also home to professional offices as well. If you can lease an office in Deerfield Square, you are really in the middle of the customer traffic, which will be beneficial for your business.

Recreation Options in Deerfield

For those who live in Deerfield, there are many recreation options in the village itself as well as throughout surrounding towns. The Deerfield Golf and Learning Center is a popular choice for golfers, both advanced and beginner skill levels, and the Patty Turner Senior Center offers a wide array of activities for seniors in the Deerfield area. For those who like the outdoors, there are quite a few botanical gardens and nature preserves in the surrounding area, which provides excellent outdoor activity options for those who love to get out and about in nature.

Leasing Office Space in Deerfield Is a Good Business Move

Deerfield office space leasing works exceptionally well for many business owners. There are leasing options available for large and small companies and the small village aspect gives the business owner the opportunity to be the go-to professional is his/her area of expertise in Deerfield. In addition to drawing in clientele from within the village limits, businesses will also find clients making their way to the company from outside of Deerfield as well.

Start searching in Deerfield for the perfect office space lease to acquire.

Deerfield Office Space

Located about 25 miles north of Chicago, Deerfield, Illinois is a village which offers many wonderful things to those who live inside the village limits and also business owners who purchase or rent office space there.  Deerfield is filled with history, scenic views and a friendly vibe.

Business Atmosphere

Although Deerfield is a village, it has all the makings and amenities of a city.  Surrounded by I-94, Edens Expressway Spur and Skokie Highway, there are plenty of routes in and out of Deerfield, which is a desirable trait for business owners who rent commercial office space in town.  Deerfield has its own Metra station with a direct train to Chicago, which is perfect for commuters and business customers.  Two Chicago airports are relatively close to Deerfield which provides for those travelers coming in from out of state.

Other Businesses in Deerfield

Deerfield has quite a few corporate headquarters within it.  Companies and corporations such as Walgreens, Consumers Digest, Baxter Healthcare and APAC Customer Services are just a few of the well-known business entities in Deerfield.  When you lease commercial office space in Deerfield, you will also have plenty of smaller businesses as your neighbors as well.

About the Residents

At the time of the 2000 census, Deerfield had 18,420 residents.  The median household income was $107,194 and it was $118,683 for families.  Those who live in Deerfield and have children appreciate the wide array of educational facilities offered to them.  The village is a wonderful place for its residents to live, work, play and relax.

Things to Do

Deerfield is filled with great things to see and do.  For history buffs, the Historic Village is a good place to go.  During the summer months, the Deerfield Farmers Market is open for business offering the finest in fresh fruits and vegetables in addition to an assortment of many other items.  You will also find plentiful amounts of parks, a couple of recreation centers and a golf club.

Dining and Shopping Options in Deerfield

Most people enjoy variety when it comes to their dining and shopping options.  For those who live and/or work in Deerfield, you certainly will not be disappointed with the selection.  Cuisines including Greek, Mexican, American, Italian and more are all available for those who like to mix it up a bit.  Shopping options are also ideal in Deerfield.  From Ann Taylor Loft to Vis a Vis Furniture Studio and everywhere in between you are bound to find what you are looking for.

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