Bannockburn is a quaint North Shore community located north of Chicago which exudes high class and wealthy attributes.  Those who live in Bannockburn make quite good livings and have the real estate to show for it.  Due to the affluence of the residents as well as the opportunity to do business there, business owners are flocking to Bannockburn on a constant basis to lease commercial office space and start offering their goods and services to the masses.  This lovely village is the perfect place for individuals to live and businesses to open up their commercial doors.

Business Atmosphere

Bannockburn is north of Chicago and close to I-94 and I-294.  These features make Bannockburn readily accessible to business employees and customers who wish to do business with companies and corporations which operate out of Bannockburn.  The commuter train takes residents and employees to Chicago and allows customers to get to Bannockburn companies with ease.

Other Businesses in Bannockburn

Bannockburn is home to various businesses which cater to the elite residents of the town and beyond.  When you lease office space in Bannockburn you will become new neighbors with businesses such as the Midtown Athletic Club, The Café at Midtown, doctors, lawyers, accountants, florists, building contractors and more.

About the Residents

The village is small with regard to population, coming in at around 1,429 at the time of the 2000 census.  Those who live in Bannockburn make quite a good living as the median household income as of 2000 was $150,415. The residents who live in Bannockburn make good use of the businesses within the village as do those who come from outside the village to shop, dine and enjoy other commercial services offered there.

Things to Do

Those who live and work in Bannockburn enjoy both outdoor and indoor activities.  The Midtown Athletic Club offers classes, excellent gym equipment and the perfect opportunity to socialize with other residents of the village.  The beautiful scenery of the area beckons individuals to enjoy the outdoors as much as possible and those of all ages find fun outside in Bannockburn during all seasons throughout the year.

Dining and Shopping Options in Bannockburn

Boutiques and delicious cuisine choices are yours for the taking in Bannockburn.  Whether you want a quick bite to eat or a lovely sit down meal, the village offers a bit of something for all who reside and work there.  For those who wish to expand their choices, there are many surrounding towns which, along with Bannockburn, offer all that one could want in a North Shore locale.

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