​Millennial​ ​Values​ ​In​ ​A​ ​Modern​ ​Office​ ​Space

The millennial generation, traditionally defined as individuals born between the years 1982 and 2004. Why are they important? Well, they entering the job market and will continue to with for years to come. Let’s perspective, a child born in 1982 would have graduated college around 2005; born in 2004? Expect to be graduating and entering the workforce around 2027. 

At Tenant Advisors, we posed the question : what does this generation value in a workplace?

We spoke with millennials that recently entered the workforce to discover what inspires and fuels their passion in competitive work environments.

Data Analyst: office size 75-100 people

 “ I work at a company that has outgrown its office space, currently we’re forced to have to maximize office space by sacrificing efficiency.

A lack of common space is detrimental, the only place you have is your desk area. If you need to take a phone call, we don’t really have anywhere in the office you could step aside to.

On the flip side – the office is in a great location. It’s very convenient to hop on the El and get to work in 30 minutes.

Our office has a great view of the city, we also have great facilities available in the building. Often times I’ll take advantage of the gym”

Inside Sales: office size 750-1,000 people

“ I think my favorite thing about my office is the layout and location. I am incredibly close to public transportation and am able to utilize the CTA to get to the office quickly, my commute is usually like 45 minutes.

My office has great amenities, they have a great common areas and a nice kitchen.

What I love about my office is the open collaborative, layout.

You can talk and interact among your coworkers, being able to get advice or ask for help from someone close by is really nice.

Something I think could be improved on is the aesthetic, I think the office could be better decorated. Don’t get me wrong, it looks really nice as is, but some fresh paint or new artwork would make a big impact in my opinion. Some more colors in the office would really brighten up the place and I would argue inspire creativity “

Financial Planner: office size 200-300 people

“ A lot of the work we do is collaborative and involves usually a whole team of people working together. Our meeting rooms are great, they are linked up with great technology so we can video chat among other offices really without having many problems.

Our clients depend on us to have a quick turn around so not having to worry about this or that going wrong, knowing we have reliable equipment allows us to better tackle the problem at hand.

Something I would improve on in my office would be to reconsider cubicles. Often times I find it acting as a barrier for productivity, often sending emails to people across the room.

I understand it’s how a lot of offices have been traditionally laid out, but this doesn’t necessarily mean this is the way it needs to be, ya know?”

There you have it, a first hand account from rising young professionals. For all your Chicagoland Office Space needs, Tenant Advisors will guide you every step of the way. Give us a call today at 847 778 0296, we look forward to hearing from you.

In Today’s Office Space, Are Cubicles Or Open Work Spaces A Good Move?

Office space setups vary greatly from office to office. Some office buildings are a large collection of cubicles amongst the various floors while other office buildings have primarily individual offices to accommodate the business professionals. For those offices where cubicles are a common sight, it may be in the commercial office space owner’s best interest to consider whether these seating areas are right for their employees.

Here are a few things to know about cubicles in today’s office space:

Distractions Are More Apparent With Cubicles

When you have a cubicle setup within the office, you’ll find that your employees tend to get distracted more easily. The constant foot traffic, conversations and office machinery noise will interrupt your employees in their daily work and make it less likely for them to concentrate. When you have individual office space and less cubicle-like structures throughout the office, you’ll find that your employees are more productive and happier while accomplishing their daily work.

Cramped Setups Often Cause Work Disruption

An employee who is comfortable at work is one who will get more done throughout the day, and do so with peace of mind. Cubicles often equate with cramped setups and leave your employees looking for extra room, not only for their belongings but to allow them to sit easily and comfortably. Consider taking down the confined walls of the cubicle or expanding the walls so that it is more like a single office space but not completely closed in like one. You’ll find that your employees work with greater ease, and a more positive attitude as well.

Cubicles Are Not The Best Health-Wise For Your Employees

Cubicles hinder mobility and, for this reason, may be one of a variety of contributing factors related to certain health conditions. Those who work in constricted spaces every day are less mobile, less active and may be more likely to be at risk of experiencing various health conditions, such as Type 2 diabetes, heart conditions and more. This sedentary work setup will make it easier for the employee to stay seated too long and not be as mobile as others who have their own office or are located in a more open setting where they are able to move around more often.

Making the Decision to Omit Cubicles

Many business owners like the aspect of cubicles because they allow the employer to fit a good amount of employees within the office space and provide each employee with a bit of their own private space, even though it’s not a completely closed-off office area. However, if possible, it may be wise to redesign the office in a cost-efficient manner to thereby eliminate the cubicles and produce a more employee-friendly setup.

Some employers may like to make all executive decisions without consulting their employees while others may be more open to employee input on office space layouts. If you fall within the latter category, provide your employees with a few possible office space layout options and ask them which office space layout works best for them and the reasons why this is so. By having this information, you may find that cubicles should be eliminated, or maintained, and know which layout will be best suitable for your employees and provide them with a seating area which allows them to be most productive and content.

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How to Find the Perfect Chicago Office Space

Finding the perfect office space can seem like a daunting task. This is especially true for those who are unsure of the move or who don’t know where to start. Therefore, you should take a moment and decide what properties are important to you in a new office space. There are various aspects that should be considered when you are searching for the perfect Chicago office space.Chicago Office Space

Consult a Real Estate Agent

You may be tempted to research properties alone. However, when looking for a new office space you should consider consulting a real estate agent. It can be hard and time consuming to find an inexpensive space that fits all of your business needs. An agent will be able to take on the burden of finding a space to fit your specific needs while you concentrate on your business and preparing for the eventual move. These professionals have plenty of experience and know exactly how and where to look in order to get you in your new space as soon as possible.

Consider the Location

It can be hard to find the perfect office space at the right price. However, one thing that is very important when searching for the perfect space is the location. You want to choose a location that is easy to get to for your client’s convenience. You also want to be in a safe and secure area. Another thing to consider is if there are amenities such as restaurants or coffee bars nearby for both clients and employees.

Determine the Perfect Size

When choosing a new office space, you may be tempted to select a very large office. However, you should consider the size of your business before decided on the size of the office and how soon you may need more space. If you only have a few employees, you should choose a smaller location. Still, you also don’t want to choose a too small space that will make employees and clients feel cramped, especially as you grow. You need to find the middle ground.

When choosing a new office space, you should first decide which properties are the most important for your business. Once you do so, you should contact a real estate professional who can assist you with finding the perfect office space for your needs.


Set Up Your Office for Success

Your office is the place where all of your success for your business can happen. Getting set up correctly can be the difference between making it big or losing it all. Here are a few great tips to get your office off to the right start when moving or starting your business.

  • Use Resources Wisely – When deciding how to budget the money going back into your business, consider cultural and environmental factors. This includes the space in which your employees spend most of their time. An office that has high satisfaction for employees can lower the turnover of your business. It can actually be a key factor when an employee is deciding to stay with, or leave, the company.
  • Placement for Prosperity – Knowing where your office will be located in proximity to cafes, lunch places, markets and fun environments is also an important factor when choosing an office space. When your employees enjoy their surroundings, it makes it a more productive environment within your office. It can lead to employees working harder during office hours to enjoy time in the local surroundings.

When you’re looking for the perfect office space for your business, be picky. Make sure that you take the time to analyze every detail of your new space to make your budget, and most importantly, your employees happy. Looking for tenant representation services? Check out TenantAdvisors.com for more information, today and find the perfect place in the Chicago area for your business.

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Subordination & Non-Disturbance Agreements in Office Leases

Chicago office space rentalWhen an office tenant signs their commercial office space lease, it’s only natural to assume that the tenant will have an undisturbed tenancy and complete access to the premises as noted in the lease. This is often the case, however, there comes a time on occasion when a tenancy is disturbed for one reason or another. This can happen when the property has a mortgage on it and there is a lender involved. Should the property owner/landlord default on their mortgage, the lender may have a right to interject in some form. This is where a subordination and non-disturbance agreement comes into play.

What Is a Subordination and Non-Disturbance Agreement?

The subordination and non-disturbance agreement is one which will be signed at the time of the lease signing. Basically, this agreement states that should the landlord default on their loan, the rights of the tenant are subordinate to the lender. The non-disturbance portion of the agreement safeguards the tenant by stating that, even though the lender forecloses on a property, the tenancy and tenant’s rights under the lease will go undisturbed. This agreement acts as a way to cover any issues which could possibly arise in the future with a property that is in some way involved with a lender.

Is This Form of Agreement Common?

In commercial office space leasing, you will often find a subordination and non-disturbance agreement present within the paperwork. With real estate transactions such as this one, it’s important to consider all possible instances which could occur in the future and ensure that there is an agreed-upon solution stated in writing should such an instance occur. Office space tenants should not be hesitant to sign a subordination and non-disturbance agreement as it will safeguard their tenancy in the future and ensure that their lease term will go undisturbed throughout the length thereof.

The Importance of Reading the Agreement Thoroughly and Ensuring It’s Part of the Lease Agreement

When presented with the subordination and non-disturbance agreement, office space tenants should read through the agreement thoroughly and make sure that their rights under the agreement are known. A tenant representative can help the office space tenant to understand this document and explain in further detail the different components of it. With an agreement of this type as part of the lease arrangement, the tenant knows exactly where they stand should the lender choose to foreclose. It’s also readily agreed to by the lender, as the subordination portion benefits their rights to the property, especially when there is a tenant in possession of the property under the lease term.

The subordination and non-disturbance agreement is just one more necessary piece of the leasing puzzle which helps to outline the rights of the parties involved in the real estate transaction. It will not be put into the motion in most instances, however, it is vital to have this type of strategy in place should a loan default and foreclosure become an issue during the life of the lease term. Tenants should be sure to inquire with their tenant representative about any questions they may have related to this type of agreement prior to signing it.