Office Space in the Tinley Park and Surrounding Areas

Tinley Park is an area located close to the city of Chicago but is of such a nature that it maintains a lovely suburban feel.  The Tinley Park area is home to both residential and commercial individuals and includes locales such as Oak Lawn and Palos Heights as well.  Its location is southwest of Chicago and is close to major highways including I-80, I-355, I-57 and I-294.  The area is also located within a short driving distance of Chicago airports.  The location is one of the many reasons why small business owners and corporate business owners choose Tinley Park, Palos Heights and Oak Lawn for their commercial office space leasing needs.

Reasons to Choose Tinley Park and Surrounding Areas for Leasing Office Space

If you are a business owner seeking a commercial office space to lease in the Chicago area, look no further than Tinley Park and surrounding areas.  Tinley Park, Palos Heights and Oak Lawn all provide business owners with a great variety of commercial office space leasing options.  Whether you are searching for a small office space property to lease in Tinley Park or are hoping to lease a large office space property in Palos Heights, all of these options and more are available to you in this region.  The wide array of commercial office space leasing options makes this area one to certainly consider.

There are also plenty of amenities surrounding Tinley Park, Oak Lawn and Palos Heights areas.  Most business owners who lease office space want a location which is not isolated but instead surrounded by plentiful amounts of amenities such as stores, restaurants and things to do after work.  When you lease an office in the Tinley Park area you are settling into an area that has many different retail stores and dining establishments.  You will also find that the area is home to various entertainment spots including the First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre and The Vogt Visual Arts Center.

Office space rental is also a popular choice in this area.  When you open up your store doors or professional office doors in Tinley Park and surrounding areas you may find that your neighbors include businesses such as Panduit, Odyssey Country Club or UGN, Inc.  No matter whether you are a large corporation looking for office space to rent or a small professional company seeking an office building for lease, the Tinley Park area is a perfect choice.

Leasing office space is a big decision for business owners to make.  When choosing an office space for lease in Tinley Park, you want to find a location which has ample parking, large enough office space for the entire company and is located in an area which has plenty of amenities nearby.  This area has so many great commercial leasing options that finding the perfect office space to rent is much easier than one might expect.  It is close to many highways, has plenty of commercial neighbors nearby and draws in clientele in an easy fashion.  No matter what type of office space you seek to rent, Tinley Park and surrounding areas such as Palos Heights and Oak Lawn will have the office space leasing solutions you seek.

Westchester Office Space


Westchester is a large western suburb of Chicago.  With a population of 16,824 noted in 2000, Westchester is a popular one with Illinois residents.  It is also home to a wide array of companies and corporations whose business owners and CEOs enjoy the close proximity to the city and the convenience of a suburban atmosphere.

Business Atmosphere

Westchester offers the ideal business atmosphere due to its location, wide array of employers and an even larger amount of customers and potential clients.  Nestled in between I-290, I-294 and I-55, those traveling to Westchester businesses by car can do so with ease by traveling on any one of the various interstates surrounding the village.  Public transportation is also plentiful and those who take public transportation to get to and from work in Westchester or do business with one of the many companies in the village can take the Metra, Pace bus lines or taxis.  Business parks and small office buildings are high in number and no matter what the size of your business or industry you are in, Westchester offers the perfect business atmosphere for you and your employees.

Other Businesses in Westchester

Businesses throughout Westchester keep customers happy and content.  There is very little which Westchester does not have in the way of businesses as all types of companies lease office space and buy commercial property throughout the village.  Some of the largest employers within Westchester include G4S Secure Solutions, Corn Products International, Sogeti, Insurance Auto Auctions and Chicago Laborers Pension and Welfare Funds.  When you lease office space in Westchester you can also expect to have plenty of small companies and independent professionals as your neighbors, whether you open up your business in a single company commercial building or lease space in a high-rise office building, such as the Westbrook Corporate Center.

About the Residents

For a village, or suburban area for that matter, Westchester has quite a large population.  Perhaps it is due to the area lying close to the city lines or maybe people live in Westchester for the multitude of modern conveniences which this village affords them.  Whatever the reason may be, Westchester is a popular locale to say the least.  The median family income was $70,313 in the last census and there were 4,924 families residing in the village during that time.

Things to Do

Nature lovers in Westchester will have a great time taking part in one or more of the activities offered by the Salt Creek Greenway Association such as nature treks at Wolf Road Prairie.  The historical society offers residents and area business employers and employees a glimpse into the past of Westchester.  Westchester also offers plenty of indoor activities and recreation options for all to enjoy.

Dining and Shopping Options in Westchester

For those who live and work in Westchester, finding a store to shop in or a restaurant to dine in is not that difficult a thing to do.  Whether you want a small, personalized boutique or a large retail chain store, you can find it in Westchester.  For dining options, try a casual pizza place such as Rocky’s or visit Morton’s the Steakhouse for a lengthier dining experience.

Tenant Advisors, Inc.:  Helping You to Find the Ideal Westchester Office Space

Tenant Advisors, Inc. is your go-to tenant representation firm which has been helping countless numbers of business owners locate their future office space for lease.  Leasing office space can be a difficult task to get through but with the help of Tenant Advisors, Inc., leasing commercial office space can be completed with ease.

Our professional real estate staff will work with you so that you can locate the perfect commercial office space in Westchester.  With our free service, you gain the knowledge and expertise of Tenant Advisors, Inc. at no cost at all.  We represent business tenants only, never the landlords of the office space.  By doing so we can provide you with high quality, loyal service.

In addition to helping you locate your future office space, we will walk through the leasing process with you and be there for you whenever you need us throughout the lease term.  We want you to feel comfortable in the knowledge that Tenant Advisors, Inc. is with you every step of the way.

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Highland Park Office Space


Located in the North Shore region above Chicago, the suburb of Highland Park offers so many great opportunities to both residents and commercial entities as well.  With an area of a little over 12 square miles, Highland Park offers a small town feel with all the great amenities of a big city.  Leasing office space in Highland Park is an excellent choice for many business owners as it provides them with convenient access to a large number of consumers, allows their employees to have access to public transportation and offers the business owners an opportunity to lease one of many offices in the area.

Business Atmosphere

No matter where you lease office space in Highland Park you are sure to have a great location.  US-41 runs through the city and offers easy on/off access for business owners, employees and residents.  In addition to easy driving access, Highland Park also has four Metra stations within the city limits.  The Pace bus line also runs through Highland Park, offering employees and customers easy ways to reach your business.  For out of state visitors who wish to reach companies in Highland Park, the two international airports, O’Hare and Midway, are close by.

Other Businesses in Highland Park

As an established city, Highland Park has many businesses set up within the community.  Home improvement companies, financial institutions, attorneys, doctors, stock brokers, artists, retail stores, restaurants and more line the streets of Highland Park.  The variety of businesses within the city ensures that you will feel at home no matter what type of business you are in.

About the Residents

With 33,492 residents calculated in September of 2009, one can see that Highland Park is a popular locale for residents.  It was estimated in 2007 that the median household income was $113,350.  Almost 70% of the households in Highland Park contained married couples and approximately 36% of the households had children within the home.

Things to Do

Families and singles alike will find a wealth of entertainment possibilities in Highland Park.  Both groups will enjoy the annual Ravinia Festival offering plentiful entertainment as well as park district options throughout the year such as hiking, biking and enjoying nature.  There are quite a few nightlife options for singles and couples looking for fun in the evening in the downtown area such as nightspots for drinks, music and fine dining establishments.  Highland Park is a well-rounded locale which provides things to do for all who live and work in the city.

Dining and Shopping Options in Highland Park

In the downtown area of Highland Park you will have access to over 125 retail shops for all of your shopping pleasures.  From clothing boutiques to electronics stores and more, the Highland Park downtown area is the place to go.  You will also find other stores to check out in other areas around Highland Park.  For dining options, the downtown Highland Park area is a wise starting point as well.  If you have an appetite, you are sure to be happy with the Highland Park dining options.  With choices such as Bella Via Ristorante, City Park Grill and Las Palmas Mexican Restaurant, to name just a few, you simply can’t go wrong dining in Highland Park.

Tenant Advisors, Inc.:  Helping You Secure an Office Space to Lease

Highland Park offers many opportunities to business owners and if you are eager to lease office space in the city, Tenant Advisors, Inc. can help.  Our free tenant representation services will not only get you on the right avenue to locating office space to lease but we will help you secure the lease and come to adequate terms with your new landlord.  Our real estate professionals are well-versed in the area of office space leasing and will guide you along the way to the perfect office space or building to lease.

At Tenant Advisors, Inc. we represent only business tenants so you never have to worry about our loyalty to you, the tenant.  We do not represent landlords as we want to serve our tenant clients in the best manner possible.  You can rest easy knowing that Tenant Advisors, Inc. is there for you every step of the way.

Now is the ideal time to get started with the commercial leasing process. Contact us today by filling out the form on this page and we will get back to you in a speedy fashion.  We want to make the most of your time looking for an office space to lease and will start the process with you right away.  Tenant Advisors, Inc. is here to help!

Wood Dale Office Space


Located in DuPage County, Wood Dale has much to offer residents and those leasing office space within the city.  As a medium-sized locale, having 13,535 residents at the time of the 2000 census, one would not be surprised to note that Wood Dale has plenty of job opportunities, recreation offerings and dining/shopping establishments.  Many businesses are starting to realize what a good opportunity they have to do business within the city of Wood Dale.  Not only are there places for business owners to buy but there are also many commercial office leasing options within Wood Dale as well.

Business Atmosphere

Wood Dale is the premier business location as it is quite close to not only the city of Chicago but to O’Hare International Airport also.  This makes it a readily accessible location for both customers in-state as well as those out of state who fly into O’Hare to do business with local Wood Dale companies and corporations.  For customers traveling by car to do business with company owners who lease office space or own commercial property in Wood Dale, there are quite a few main thoroughfares allowing the customers to get there with ease.  I-290 and I-294 provide clients with easy ways to get to Wood Dale businesses in no time at all.  Public transportation including Pace and Metra lines also offer convenience to business customers and employees of Wood Dale businesses.

Other Businesses in Wood Dale

When you open up your business in the Wood Dale area, you will find that your commercial office neighbors are wide and varied.  The list of top employers contains financial institutions, lab technicians and large name retailers.  Some of your future neighbors may include Target, HSBC, Quest Diagnostics, Michael Lewis Company and AAR Corporation.  In addition to these companies, you will often find smaller professional businesses and retailers as well in Wood Dale.

About the Residents

The residents of Wood Dale enjoy a small city location which is close enough to Chicago to enjoy the aspects of the big city but still be located within a separate entity all its own.  The median household income was $57,509 and the median family income was $62,289 per the last census.

Things to Do

Many residents enjoy the great outdoor aspect of Wood Dale.  Although it has a close proximity to O’Hare and Chicago, it has many outdoor features which residents love.  The forest preserves and three separate golf courses surrounding Wood Dale offer various options to those who like to get out and about.  The Prairie Fest is a big festival which usually takes place in August each year.  There are games, rides and fun for all.  There are also parks and the local library for other entertainment options as well.

Dining and Shopping Options in Wood Dale

Barbecue, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, American and all other types of cuisines are readily available at restaurants throughout Wood Dale.  Employees of area businesses as well as residents of Wood Dale do not have to venture too far to enjoy top-notch cuisine.  Whether you are looking for a casual restaurant or an upscale dining establishment, you will be able to find the ideal place in Wood Dale.  Shopping choices are also yours for the taking.  Large name retailers such as Target offer shopping perfect for the whole family and there are smaller shops around town as well, if you are more interested in boutique-style shopping.

Tenant Advisors, Inc.:  Helping You Locate Wood Dale Commercial Office Space

If you are in the market for commercial office space to lease in Wood Dale, allow Tenant Advisors, Inc. to help you with your search.  Our company is comprised of reputable, professional and experienced real estate agents who represent tenants in their search for the perfect office space.  The staff represents only tenants as this allows us to be loyal to one party, and one party alone, in all transactions.

As the premier tenant representation firm in Illinois, Tenant Advisors, Inc. knows what you as a business owner are looking for with regard to commercial office leasing.  We will listen to your needs and make sure that the properties we show you meet such standards.  Not only will we help you to find the perfect office location to lease but we will help you through the leasing process and be your guide throughout your lease.

Plus, our services are FREE for you to use!  We will help you lease an office space which is perfect for you and not charge you a penny for our professional services.  Choosing Tenant Advisors, Inc. to help you along the way to finding ideal office space is a great place to start.  Fill out our contact form and we will get back to you ASAP!