Is It Time to Move Your Commercial Office Space?

As businesses grow, they outgrow their current space; as time passes, needs change. Your office space should meet those needs whether they are getting larger or smaller. When is it time to make this decision? Let’s start by asking a few, simplified questions to help us answer the big question: Is it time to move your commercial office space?


Does your current office space meet your projected long-term needs? If not, put a tally in the move column. Whether you are expanding or consolidating, your commercial office space must agree with projected work demands. If you bottleneck here, you hinder earning potential.


Location, location, location, right? This element is true for your financial requirements just as largely as your client base. Long, arduous commutes are a deterrent for new hires and a hindrance for retention, so distance effects your employees as well. For this matter, consider parking. Difficulties with parking can lead to unwanted client and employee frustration.


Leases are complicated. How can you be certain that your rental agreement is secure? What if you get to the end of your lease and your property owner wants to increase your rates? What if your office rental is out-bid on? These are all very realistic concerns. The best answer is to get a commercial real estate expert who can work in your favor to put limitations and restrictions on your lease.

Deerfield Office Space

Leasing Commercial Office Space In Deerfield, Illinois

Deerfield Office SpaceThe Chicago area is perfect for business owners in all industries. Leasing commercial office space in Deerfield is a wonderful option as it offers commercial leasing options for many to acquire. Located in Cook and Lake counties, Deerfield is home to many popular companies and corporations as the residential population is an ideal customer base for these commercial entities to serve.

About Deerfield

Deerfield has a population of over 18,000 individuals and is home to corporate giants such as Walgreens, Baxter Healthcare, Fortune Brands and more. The village is located 27 miles outside of the Chicago loop, which offers a suburban area with easy access to Chicago, which is favorable for business owners and residents in Deerfield alike.

Transportation Options

Getting around Deerfield by car is ideal and easy to do, as I-94 runs through a portion of the village, but there are public transportation options as well. Deerfield has a Metra station and Pace bus route for those wishing to use public transportation.

Shopping and Dining in Deerfield

Business owners who select Deerfield as their leasing destination will appreciate the shopping and dining options which Deerfield offers. It’s always good to choose a commercial office space lease location which has plentiful amenities surrounding it. When you have sought-after stores and restaurants close by, you will find customer traffic for your business will be more abundant than if you were to choose an area to lease office space where there were little amenities surrounding it.

Deerfield Square is a popular shopping area in the village. In addition to stores and restaurants such as Barnes & Noble, Biaggi’s Ristorante, Il Forno Pizzeria, Ann Taylor Loft and other dining and shopping destinations, Deerfield Square is also home to professional offices as well. If you can lease an office in Deerfield Square, you are really in the middle of the customer traffic, which will be beneficial for your business.

Recreation Options in Deerfield

For those who live in Deerfield, there are many recreation options in the village itself as well as throughout surrounding towns. The Deerfield Golf and Learning Center is a popular choice for golfers, both advanced and beginner skill levels, and the Patty Turner Senior Center offers a wide array of activities for seniors in the Deerfield area. For those who like the outdoors, there are quite a few botanical gardens and nature preserves in the surrounding area, which provides excellent outdoor activity options for those who love to get out and about in nature.

Leasing Office Space in Deerfield Is a Good Business Move

Deerfield office space leasing works exceptionally well for many business owners. There are leasing options available for large and small companies and the small village aspect gives the business owner the opportunity to be the go-to professional is his/her area of expertise in Deerfield. In addition to drawing in clientele from within the village limits, businesses will also find clients making their way to the company from outside of Deerfield as well.

Start searching in Deerfield for the perfect office space lease to acquire.

Chicago-O'Hare Office Space

Office Space In Chicago-O’Hare

Chicago-O'Hare Office Space

The Chicago area welcomes businesses of all sizes and industry types. This is especially true for the O’Hare neighborhood. When you lease commercial property in Chicago-O’Hare, you are selecting a place which has many favorable business aspects. From the convenient location right next to O’Hare International Airport to the open availability for various property leases, the commercial community is fond of O’Hare.

Leasing Options in O’Hare Offer Favorable Commercial Features

Located in Cook and DuPage Counties, O’Hare is situated in Chicago but on the far northwest side of the city. This is a great aspect for a Chicago area business as those who live in the suburbs can reach your O’Hare location without having to travel too far into the downtown area but it is close enough for those who live in Chicago to be your customers, also. Large corporations as well as smaller, privately-owned companies lease offices in O’Hare.

Another favorable feature is that the commuting options are good for O’Hare businesses. Public transportation is easy to obtain but driving to/from the location is possible to do as well. When picking a space to lease an office, business owners must ensure that their business is easy to reach and, with an office in O’Hare, this is the case.

Amenities in O’Hare Are High in Number

Another great feature of O’Hare, and a reason to lease your next office space in Chicago-O’Hare, is the availability of amenities in the area. Restaurants, stores, recreational activities and more are yours for the taking when you open up a business in O’Hare. This benefits you and your employees for your own personal needs but will also be a selling feature for potential customers as well. If they come to the neighborhood to patronize another business in a different commercial industry, they may come across your business and become your newest customer. It is important to lease office space in an area where amenities are prevalent as they are always, and will always be, high in demand.

City Aspects Without Being in the Downtown Area

When you work in O’Hare and lease your office space there, you will be in an area which boasts city aspects without dealing with the hassle of being in the downtown area, which can be a bit more congested. O’Hare is on the edge of Chicago but still has plenty of city attributes, which is positive for many business owners. Things such as public transportation, shops, restaurants and recreation are prevalent in a city and it is always nice to have these options close by.

Leasing an Office in O’Hare Opens Up Commercial PossibilitiesHand Shake

Sometimes it’s difficult to know where to lease your office space. When you do so in O’Hare, you are guaranteed that your business will be welcomed into this largely commercial area. Industrial businesses as well as professional service providers find that they are quite comfortable and lucrative in the O’Hare neighborhood. When you join your future commercial neighbors and lease an office in O’Hare, you too will realize how perfect a location this city neighborhood truly is for the commercial community.

Elmhurst Office Space

Elmhurst Office Space Leasing

Elmhurst Office Space

Located to the west of Chicago, Elmhurst possesses many beneficial aspects for business owners. Regardless of whether you own a small professional company or a large corporate entity, Elmhurst is a wonderful place to lease office space. From the convenient location to the wide array of corporate neighbors, there are many enticing characteristics surrounding the city of Elmhurst. It is these aspects of Elmhurst which make leasing commercial office space a desirable notion for business owners.

Leasing Elmhurst Office Space

Some choose to buy office space as there are many benefits to doing so. However, others choose leasing as an option as they are not yet ready to take that leap and purchase a commercial office space or office building. For business owners who want to try out an office setting prior to purchasing or simply want to lease as this is most comfortable to them, there are plenty of available commercial office spots to lease in Elmhurst.

Elmhurst is a popular office space leasing location for many reasons. First, its location makes it an ideal spot to open up shop. As a suburb not too far outside of Chicago, customers can reach the commercial office location with ease, regardless of whether they live in Chicago or in one of the many suburbs in the area. Public transportation is readily available as are major highways which make getting to and from Elmhurst a simple task.

Also, Elmhurst already has many commercial tenants who have been there for years. It is a good idea to lease an office in an area where commercial business is readily available. You want to be in good company with other businesses as this may help you to increase your customer base by taking advantage of the commercial foot traffic in your area.

Those who lease an office in Elmhurst will find the area itself to be quite accommodating. You won’t have to drive long distances to get a bite to eat for lunch and doing some shopping on your lunch break is an easy task as well. In Elmhurst, there are many restaurants, retail stores and boutiques nearby which come in handy when you have to run some errands or get something to eat on your lunch break. These are things which most business owners look for in a general area when the time comes to lease office space.

Elmhurst Office Space Will Suit Your Needs

Depending on your specific business, you will want the office space you lease to match your commercial business needs. In Elmhurst, you will find single office space settings, entire floors of offices and even the whole building for large corporations which need a commercial home to lease. Elmhurst has a spot for any type of commercial business and leases are readily available if you want to rent an office in Elmhurst and take advantage of all that the town has to offer you, your employees and your business as a whole. With a convenient location, a wealth of nearby amenities and an overall enticing commercial atmosphere, it is easy to see why many business owners select the suburban city of Elmhurst as their go-to leasing option.

Schaumburg Office Space

Schaumburg Office Space

Schaumburg Office Space


Located in the northeastern part of Illinois, Schaumburg offers business owners the opportunity for growth and prosperity due to the large amount of potential clients in the area.  Residential and commercial premises lie within the boundaries of Schaumburg and there is a little bit of everything within the village borders.

Business Atmosphere

Within close proximity to both O’Hare International Airport and the bustling city of Chicago, Schaumburg offers plenty of opportunities to business owners large and small.  Metra provides access for employees and clients to get to and from the business with ease.  Travelers can also use the highways and roadways, which are quite driver-friendly, to get around town.

Other Businesses within Schaumburg

Two of the big corporation names in Schaumburg include Motorola and IKEA.  The Woodfield Mall is another prominent feature within Schaumburg, as it is the second largest mall in America.  For those who want to get in touch with their historical entertainment side, the restaurant and entertainment venue Medieval Times is located within Schaumburg as well.  Other small businesses, restaurants and shops fill the village of Schaumburg, offering various options to Schaumburg residents and those who reside in surrounding areas.

About the Residents

For companies which are considering renting office space in Schaumburg, there is certain to be plenty of business to go around.  With the population hovering approximately above 75,000, opportunities for business are certainly available for those who choose to lease or buy office space in the village of Schaumburg.  The median income for families within Schaumburg comes in around $85,000, per a 2008 estimate.

Things to Do

When you lease or purchase commercial office space in Schaumburg, your employees are certain to love the area as well since there is plenty to do.  Whether it is watching the minor league baseball team play at Alexian Field or doing some shopping at the Woodfield Mall, the entertainment aspects of Schaumburg will not only draw people in to the village but keep them there as well.

Dining and Shopping Options in Schaumburg

You won’t have to worry about what to do on your lunch break when you lease office space in Schaumburg as there are plenty of dining options in the area.  Some of the popular choices include Outback Steakhouse, Pizzeria Uno, P.F. Chang’s, Rainforest Café and more.  If shopping is what you are in the mood for, head over to Woodfield Mall for a variety of stores or visit IKEA for all of your furnishing needs.

Tenant Advisors, Inc:  Helping Tenants and Buyers Find Office Space

Tenant Advisors, Inc. is the best choice for business owners who are seeking out commercial real estate to lease or buy.  Schaumburg has plenty of options in the way of commercial office space for rent and we can guide you every step of the way so that you and your company find the best office rental space available.

We will fully identify your business needs so that the commercial office space you choose is the ideal choice.  Our licensed and professional real estate agents will show you the properties available for lease and purchase throughout Schaumburg and highlight the pros and cons of each locale.

It is important to have a tenant representative to help you find the perfect office space to rent or buy.  Our reliable staff will walk you through the process, help you to understand the lease or purchase agreements and get you settled into your new commercial office space perfectly.

Contact us today by filling out our form and we will get back to you within 24 hours.  With our FREE service, you can be well on your way to obtaining the commercial office space rental or purchase you have been searching for all along.