Located in the North Shore region above Chicago, the suburb of Highland Park offers so many great opportunities to both residents and commercial entities as well.  With an area of a little over 12 square miles, Highland Park offers a small town feel with all the great amenities of a big city.  Leasing office space in Highland Park is an excellent choice for many business owners as it provides them with convenient access to a large number of consumers, allows their employees to have access to public transportation and offers the business owners an opportunity to lease one of many offices in the area.

Business Atmosphere

No matter where you lease office space in Highland Park you are sure to have a great location.  US-41 runs through the city and offers easy on/off access for business owners, employees and residents.  In addition to easy driving access, Highland Park also has four Metra stations within the city limits.  The Pace bus line also runs through Highland Park, offering employees and customers easy ways to reach your business.  For out of state visitors who wish to reach companies in Highland Park, the two international airports, O’Hare and Midway, are close by.

Other Businesses in Highland Park

As an established city, Highland Park has many businesses set up within the community.  Home improvement companies, financial institutions, attorneys, doctors, stock brokers, artists, retail stores, restaurants and more line the streets of Highland Park.  The variety of businesses within the city ensures that you will feel at home no matter what type of business you are in.

About the Residents

With 33,492 residents calculated in September of 2009, one can see that Highland Park is a popular locale for residents.  It was estimated in 2007 that the median household income was $113,350.  Almost 70% of the households in Highland Park contained married couples and approximately 36% of the households had children within the home.

Things to Do

Families and singles alike will find a wealth of entertainment possibilities in Highland Park.  Both groups will enjoy the annual Ravinia Festival offering plentiful entertainment as well as park district options throughout the year such as hiking, biking and enjoying nature.  There are quite a few nightlife options for singles and couples looking for fun in the evening in the downtown area such as nightspots for drinks, music and fine dining establishments.  Highland Park is a well-rounded locale which provides things to do for all who live and work in the city.

Dining and Shopping Options in Highland Park

In the downtown area of Highland Park you will have access to over 125 retail shops for all of your shopping pleasures.  From clothing boutiques to electronics stores and more, the Highland Park downtown area is the place to go.  You will also find other stores to check out in other areas around Highland Park.  For dining options, the downtown Highland Park area is a wise starting point as well.  If you have an appetite, you are sure to be happy with the Highland Park dining options.  With choices such as Bella Via Ristorante, City Park Grill and Las Palmas Mexican Restaurant, to name just a few, you simply can’t go wrong dining in Highland Park.

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