Etiquette for International Business

There are some customs that seem natural to us in the United States. However, when doing business with partners from all over the world, it can be possible to overlook the cultural differences. Consider a few of these helpful international business etiquette tips for your next international client.

  • Time – Being punctual to corporate meetings can have a different impact in certain areas of the world. For example, in Australia, New Zealand and the UK, it is critical to arrive on time or early for all appointments. Arriving late can give the impression of superiority or disrespect in these cultures.
  • Joking – Kidding, joking or adding humor into business transactions can be taken as disrespectful in some cultures. For example, in Germany and France, it can be misconstrued as arrogance when joking or adding humor into a serious business transaction.
  • Gifting – A custom in some countries, such as Japan, China and India, is gifting to your new clients or business associate. It can be rude to not present the other business with a wrapped gift to express a token of appreciation for their time. Not presenting a gift could instantly ruin your chances for further business deals.

When deciding to participate in international business ventures consider these customs when traveling or working abroad. Looking for office space planning near the Chicago area? Check out for local listings, today!