Chicago commercial tenant advisorsA commonly asked question when looking into commercial leasing or renting is if you need tenant representation. Here are a few ways that tenant advisors can help your choices so you can decide if they can help you and your business. There are three main functions that tenant advisors can help with.

  1. Strategy Development – When looking to either move your business or to renew your lease it is important to consider what your strategic plan is for the space. Experts are able to achieve maximum value and flexibility within the market to your best advantage.
  2. Extensive Market Experience – A broker will not be playing “both sides of the fence” so to speak. So when looking for space options, an expert will be able to leverage their existing relationships with previous tenants, landlords and brokers to ensure lowest prices possible for your business.
  3. Financial Analysis – A financial analysis will be performed by your tenant advisor to enable you to shop spaces and price ranges that fit your overall strategy. This budget planning can help with how much you pay overtime and to make sure that your investment is safe.

Consider all of the options when choosing tenant representation for your company. Are you looking for Chicago commercial tenant advisors? Check out for more information about finding your perfect commercial space in Chicago.