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Chicago Space: How Negotiable Is The Price Per Square Foot

Office space leasing rates will vary in the commercial real estate market. The exact price of the office space rental will depend on a number of different factors. Some of these considerations include size of the rental space, location, amenities included in the commercial office space, parking options and more. All of these factors come […]

Office Space: Now That The Lease Is Signed, What’s Next?

Okay, so you finally found the perfect Chicago commercial office space to rent. What to do now that the lease is signed. ┬áThe lease is signed and moving in the near future is inevitable. The best way to ensure that your commercial office space move goes as smoothly as possible is to have a to-do […]

Commerical Office Space Lease Rates and Escalations

When compared to residential real estate leases, commercial real estate leases take on a whole different form. Commercial office space leases are more involved than residential leases, in general. Whereas with ┬áresidential leases, there is usually a set lease amount which will not increase, commercial real estate differs in that these tenants will face rent […]

Chicago Commercial Real Estate Careers

Commercial real estate is a promising career for many types of individuals in a wide array of positions. This field allows realtors, tenant representatives, real estate brokers and more to get involved with commercial real estate and engage in a lucrative job position. Although in the past real estate experienced a dip in sales, the […]

Office Lease And The Financial Components

Before signing the documents on your next Chicago office lease, there are quite a few financial components you must consider. Since you want to be able to properly afford your annual office lease and also know just what you as an office tenant will be responsible for paying, it is important to ask questions prior […]