Commercial Office Space in the Lincolnshire Area

Lincolnshire is a town situated southwest of Lake Forest.  This prime location offers a relatively easy commute to the city of Chicago while maintaining a suburban-like feel.  With Vernon Hills and Bannockburn close by, Lincolnshire offers an excellent atmosphere for maintaining a commercial business and leasing office space in the area.  From its stellar location to the vast array of amenities located nearby, it is no wonder that the Lincolnshire area is the place for business owners and their company to be.

Choosing the Lincolnshire Area for Your Commercial Office Space Lease

Leasing office space is a smart move for Lincolnshire business owners to make.  When you lease commercial office space in Lincolnshire, Vernon Hills or Bannockburn, you are getting an excellent location which has a small town feel with all of the amenities of the big city.  The Lincolnshire area is located close to Route 22 and I-94, which is a huge benefit for local business owners, employees and customers.  Those seeking Lincolnshire office space for rent, Vernon Hills rental offices and Bannockburn commercial offices to lease find that the location is a significant reason for choosing this area to open up their commercial offices.

Amenities galore are also available throughout this area.  When a business owner leases office space in Lincolnshire, Bannockburn or Vernon Hills they do so knowing that various amenities are located close by.  Starbucks, The Cheesecake Factory and other great dining establishments offer excellent food and drink options.  For those who like to shop, there are plenty of small boutiques in addition to more well-known retailers.

When you decide to lease commercial office space in Lincolnshire or rent an office in Vernon Hills, you will find plenty of great commercial neighbors within this area as well.  Businesses such as ACCO Brands, Klein Tools and Hewitt are based throughout the Lincolnshire area.  Add in all of the other smaller professional offices and retail businesses and it is easy to see that the Lincolnshire area is a prime location for renting office space.

Benefits of Leasing Office Space in Lincolnshire and Surrounding Areas

There are plenty of benefits to leasing office space in Lincolnshire and the surrounding areas.  First, the close proximity to interstates and major roads allows access in and out of the area easily and efficiently.  Secondly, there are plenty of amenities within the Lincolnshire, Vernon Hills and Bannockburn towns which means that your employees and yourself as business owner can get what you need on your lunch break, in addition to before and after work.  Also, this area is a prime commercial leasing setting which means that with multiple commercial neighbors, not only will you get business from your own customers but may even gain new clients from those individuals who come to town to do some other type of business with your commercial office space colleagues.

Leasing commercial office space in Lincolnshire and the surrounding area is simply a wise move to make.  There are plenty of amenities available to all in a prime location which is easy to get to from Chicago and other areas.

BOMA Standard for Measuring Office Space

Before you even think about renting office space, chances are that you want to have the measurements so that you can obtain the proper size office space for your company or corporation.  Therefore, it is essential that you not only have approximate office space measurements but exact office space measurements.  The Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) has created the proper standard for measuring office space.

Usable Area for Measurement Purposes

In ascertaining measurements, the usable area is the part of the office which can be occupied.  When determining the usable area of office space one should measure starting at the side of office space and corridors (those with a permanent wall) and move to the partitions centers.  You then take all usable area measurements and add them together to get the total amount of usable area.

Floor Rentable Area for Measurement Purposes

The floor rentable area is the area of the rented premises which the tenant can use.  The measurements for this area are taken from the inner finished surfaces of outer walls, without taking into account corridor walls or structures in the area.  Rentable area and usable area can be converted to one another by using the common area feature in measurements.

Common Area for Measurement Purposes

The common area of a building relates to the areas which are not technically included in the office area but can still be used by office space tenants.  In other words, adding the pro rata common area space to the floor rentable area space will provide the gross rentable area.

Common Area Factor for Measurement Purposes

An important calculation is the common area factor which creates a ratio of the rentable area to usable area of office space.  This loss factor or load factor shows what percentage of the office area can be used as the office space.  The R/U -1 ratio will dictate what part of the office space can be used by the tenant.

Reasons for Measuring Office Space

The calculations for measuring office space may seem a bit confusing at first but when you put the measurements into their proper ratio format, you will see that the resulting measurements are quite easy to come by.  There are a few different reasons why office space tenants would want to calculate the measurements of prospective office space.

First, by doing so, the business owner can determine how much the rental will cost and if it will be worth the money based on the amount of office space being rented.  Secondly, by measuring office space the future commercial office space tenant can ensure that there will be plenty of room to accommodate all employees and carry out the business in an efficient manner by doing so in a proper amount of office space.

Before you lease office space, it is important to determine how much space you will be getting in a particular rental.  By using the BOMA standard for measuring office space, you can ensure that your future rental is the perfect one for your needs.

Niles Office Space


Located north of Chicago, Niles, Illinois offers residents, employers and business employees access to many wonderful things both within and outside of the village limits.  With a population of 29,803 in the 2010 census, one can see that Niles is quite the popular place to live.  With a slogan of “Where People Count”, one can easily establish that the people of Niles are quite appreciated around town.

Business Atmosphere

There are many reasons why the business atmosphere of Niles is a beneficial one.  The location is ideal for business owners who want to open up shop in Niles.  As it is located close to Chicago yet beyond the reach of the hustle and bustle of the big city, business owners find that the proximity to the city yet still being out of the reach thereof works well in their favor.  Public transportation options are readily available in Niles.  Those who live and work there have access to the Metra, Pace bus line and taxis as well.  There are also office lease options for all sizes of companies and corporations to take advantage of in Niles.

Other Businesses in Niles

When you lease office space in Niles, you may find that your commercial business neighbors come in many varieties.  Some of the other businesses in Niles include W.W. Grainger, Shure, Bradford Exchange, MPC Products and Coca-Cola Bottling Company, to name a few.  You will also have plenty of service providers such as restaurants, retail shops, medical offices, attorneys and other business professionals as your new neighbors in Niles.

About the Residents

In 2000, there were 12,002 households throughout Niles.  54% of those households had married couples living in the home and 21.9% of the 12,002 households had children within them.  The median household income was $48,627 and the median family income was $58,215.

Things to Do

Whether you live in Niles or work in this area, you will find there are many great things to do.  Those who like the outdoors can go golfing at the Tam O’Shanter Golf Course, have fun outdoors at one of the many parks within the Niles Park District or visit the Leaning Tower of Niles.  Indoor activities include a trip to the Niles Historical Museum or going bowling at Brunswick Zone-Niles.

Dining and Shopping Options in Niles

Shoppers young and old will have a great time at the many shopping venues throughout Niles.  You can shop around at the Oak Mill Mall or visit one of the many boutique shops throughout town.  For those who love to eat out, you will never be without a great place to eat in Niles.  You will find some excellent Italian cuisine at Riggio’s Restaurant or if you care for a different type of cuisine you can try Los Comales Mexican Restaurant or Panera Bread for a bite to eat.

Tenant Advisors, Inc.:  Helping You Find Niles Office Space

Niles offers many wonderful commercial office space leasing options to business owners of all varieties.  Whether you have a large corporation or are a solo practitioner, there is sure to be the perfect office space for lease in Niles.  If you are seeking out leasing options in Niles, Tenant Advisors, Inc. can help.  Our tenant representation firm will help you to search for the ideal location as well as get you through the leasing portion of the process.  We represent tenants only and never the office space landlords in order to provide you with the best representation possible.  Best of all, our service is FREE for business tenants to use!

Commercial leasing procedures can oftentimes be difficult to understand but when you have Tenant Advisors, Inc. on your side the entire process is much easier overall.  Fill out our contact form on this page and allow us to guide you in your search for that perfect piece of commercial real estate to lease for your company.  Our real estate professionals will get back to you promptly and allow you to get started with the office space lease search.

Darien Office Space


Darien is a Chicago suburb located in DuPage County.  With an estimated population of 22,086 tabulated in the 2010 census, Darien offers large city amenities in a suburban setting.  With 6.1 square miles of city space, Darien has plenty of places to put residences, businesses and other establishments.  Darien’s town motto, “A nice place to live”, is one which those who reside there and lease commercial office space in Darien tend to agree on.

Business Atmosphere

The location of Darien is one of the reasons why it is such an optimal business atmosphere.  The city is not too far from Chicago which means Chicagoans can get to Darien businesses with ease as can business owners and employees who work within Darien.  Different interstates surrounding Darien such as I-55, I-355 and I-294 allow drivers to get around with ease.  Darien also has public transportation options available to allow consumers to reach your business quickly and efficiently.  They can take the Pace bus system or hop on and off the Metra at one of three Downers Grove stations.  Darien also has taxi service throughout the town.

Other Businesses in Darien

Many businesses are present throughout Darien.  Small boutique firms as well as large corporations open up shop in Darien every year.  Whether you are looking for an accounting firm, beauty salon, automotive center, large retail department store or chain restaurant, you can find all this and more within Darien.  There are small, individual buildings which business owners lease as well as large corporate centers where the bigger companies open up their doors.  No matter which business you may be in, Darien has a place for you and your business will fit in perfectly with that of your neighbor’s.

About the Residents

Darien has approximately 8,929 housing units, per the latest estimate.  Within those housing units, one will find a wide array of familial settings.  64.1% of the homes contained married couples and 31.4% of the housing units had children within them.  In the 2007 estimate, the median family income was $95,332 and the median household income was $78,122.

Things to Do

When you live and/or work in Darien, you will find plenty to do in your spare time.  There is a community center in Darien where you can take courses or use the gym.  For those who like to ice skate or play ice hockey, the Darien Sportsplex is the place to go.  The parks offer an ideal spot to hike, run or simply relax to get a breath of fresh air.  Darien’s library system is a comprehensive one and perfect for individuals of all ages.  There are also various annual events held within Darien which are sure to please.

Dining and Shopping Options in Darien

Shopping and dining options are plentiful in Darien.  For the shoppers out there, head to the Home Depot to buy some items to spruce up your home or office or head over to one of the various clothing and accessory boutiques if you are eager to spruce up your wardrobe.  Those who enjoy dining out can go to any one of the various restaurants in town.  Some of the ones you may find ideal include Patio Restaurant of Darien, La Notte Due or Jimmy John’s.

Tenant Advisors, Inc.:  Locating Darien Office Space

Finding a place in Darien to lease commercial office space is often what business owners are looking for when they search for real estate.  At Tenant Advisors, Inc. we know the area well and can help you to locate the perfect spot.  Not only will our reputable and well informed real estate professionals help you to find the commercial real estate to lease but we will go through the entire process with you, by your side the entire way.

Our free service provides you with the safeguards and knowledge you need to enter the Darien commercial real estate arena with confidence.  We do not represent landlords, only business tenants.  Therefore, you know where our loyalty lies, which is with you, the business tenant.  Once the lease is signed and you are in the commercial office space, feel free to call on us at any time for any further needs.  We will be there for you.

Fill out the short form on this page and you will be contacted by one of our talented real estate professionals ASAP.  Now is the best time to lease commercial office space and various buildings and offices in Darien await you.

Highland Park Office Space


Located in the North Shore region above Chicago, the suburb of Highland Park offers so many great opportunities to both residents and commercial entities as well.  With an area of a little over 12 square miles, Highland Park offers a small town feel with all the great amenities of a big city.  Leasing office space in Highland Park is an excellent choice for many business owners as it provides them with convenient access to a large number of consumers, allows their employees to have access to public transportation and offers the business owners an opportunity to lease one of many offices in the area.

Business Atmosphere

No matter where you lease office space in Highland Park you are sure to have a great location.  US-41 runs through the city and offers easy on/off access for business owners, employees and residents.  In addition to easy driving access, Highland Park also has four Metra stations within the city limits.  The Pace bus line also runs through Highland Park, offering employees and customers easy ways to reach your business.  For out of state visitors who wish to reach companies in Highland Park, the two international airports, O’Hare and Midway, are close by.

Other Businesses in Highland Park

As an established city, Highland Park has many businesses set up within the community.  Home improvement companies, financial institutions, attorneys, doctors, stock brokers, artists, retail stores, restaurants and more line the streets of Highland Park.  The variety of businesses within the city ensures that you will feel at home no matter what type of business you are in.

About the Residents

With 33,492 residents calculated in September of 2009, one can see that Highland Park is a popular locale for residents.  It was estimated in 2007 that the median household income was $113,350.  Almost 70% of the households in Highland Park contained married couples and approximately 36% of the households had children within the home.

Things to Do

Families and singles alike will find a wealth of entertainment possibilities in Highland Park.  Both groups will enjoy the annual Ravinia Festival offering plentiful entertainment as well as park district options throughout the year such as hiking, biking and enjoying nature.  There are quite a few nightlife options for singles and couples looking for fun in the evening in the downtown area such as nightspots for drinks, music and fine dining establishments.  Highland Park is a well-rounded locale which provides things to do for all who live and work in the city.

Dining and Shopping Options in Highland Park

In the downtown area of Highland Park you will have access to over 125 retail shops for all of your shopping pleasures.  From clothing boutiques to electronics stores and more, the Highland Park downtown area is the place to go.  You will also find other stores to check out in other areas around Highland Park.  For dining options, the downtown Highland Park area is a wise starting point as well.  If you have an appetite, you are sure to be happy with the Highland Park dining options.  With choices such as Bella Via Ristorante, City Park Grill and Las Palmas Mexican Restaurant, to name just a few, you simply can’t go wrong dining in Highland Park.

Tenant Advisors, Inc.:  Helping You Secure an Office Space to Lease

Highland Park offers many opportunities to business owners and if you are eager to lease office space in the city, Tenant Advisors, Inc. can help.  Our free tenant representation services will not only get you on the right avenue to locating office space to lease but we will help you secure the lease and come to adequate terms with your new landlord.  Our real estate professionals are well-versed in the area of office space leasing and will guide you along the way to the perfect office space or building to lease.

At Tenant Advisors, Inc. we represent only business tenants so you never have to worry about our loyalty to you, the tenant.  We do not represent landlords as we want to serve our tenant clients in the best manner possible.  You can rest easy knowing that Tenant Advisors, Inc. is there for you every step of the way.

Now is the ideal time to get started with the commercial leasing process. Contact us today by filling out the form on this page and we will get back to you in a speedy fashion.  We want to make the most of your time looking for an office space to lease and will start the process with you right away.  Tenant Advisors, Inc. is here to help!