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Commercial real estate is a promising career for many types of individuals in a wide array of positions. This field allows realtors, tenant representatives, real estate brokers and more to get involved with commercial real estate and engage in a lucrative job position. Although in the past real estate experienced a dip in sales, the truth of the matter was that commercial real estate didn’t experience too hard of a hit as residential real estate. These days, both residential and commercial real estate fields are getting back to their promising positions and returning to normal in the cities, suburbs and even rural areas. The following will list some prime commercial real estate careers in both Chicago and throughout the United States.

Commercial Real Estate Agent

If you are eager to take part in the actual commercial real estate transactions and work one-on-one with the seller or purchaser, then considering a career as a commercial real estate agent is a great idea. As a commercial real estate agent you can represent buyers and sellers who deal with commercial real estate purchases and sales. You will be their go-to person from the very beginning to the end. Commercial real estate agents deal with their clients, their real estate brokers, financial institutions, title companies, real estate attorneys and others. When you start a career in commercial real estate as an agent, you are seeing the entire process before your very own eyes.

Commercial Real Estate Broker

If you want to play more of a supervisory role in commercial real estate and you have prior experience in commercial real estate, becoming a commercial real estate broker is an option. The commercial broker supervises the activities of their agents and helps out when managerial issues arise. The commercial real estate broker is the lead in the commercial real estate firm and is the individual whom the commercial real estate agents report to in their daily business dealings.

Tenant Representative

Another wonderful option, perfect for those who wish to play a role in commercial real estate, is a tenant rep career. Those who are tenant representatives will help the commercial real estate tenants with every aspect of their business leasing. This individual will help the prospective commercial real estate tenant find a commercial office to lease, help them in their dealings with the commercial landlord and basically be the tenant’s contact person whenever they have an issue during their tenancy and wish to have someone by their side when they speak with the landlord. A tenant representative is a real estate career individual who wears many hats and serves many roles. This person will work alongside of the tenant and not have any individual loyalties with the commercial landlord.

Any and all of the careers listed above are excellent choices for those seeking a job in the commercial real estate field. Depending on your individual experience and desires, you may be more suited to one career over the others. The commercial real estate field is a continually growing one and certainly filled with a vast array of job options for those seeking work in the real estate industry.

Top 10 Mistakes Companies Make When Leasing Office Space

Leasing commercial office space is a wise move for business owners to make.  With that said, there are certain times when the company leasing the office space makes an error when it comes to leasing an office building or office space.  Here are the top 10 mistakes which companies make when leasing office space:

Leasing Office Space Which Is Too Small

One big mistake which some companies make when they lease office space is to choose an office which is too small to accommodate their business and employees.  It is extremely important to consider how large of an office you need to lease and stick with that figure when looking at and ultimately leasing offices.

Leasing an Office That Is Too Big

It is also not advisable to lease an office which is too big for your company.  Leasing an overly large office space can be a costly mistake.  Not only will your company pay more for the rent but it will also cost more with regard to the utilities being paid on a monthly basis.  An office space which is too large can be burdensome to the business owner and the employees.

Obtaining an Office Lease Which Is Outside of Their Financial Means

It is easy at times to get off track and become smitten with an office space which is simply not within the financial means of the company.  This can be a costly error and put the business owner in a financial crunch when it comes time for the monthly commercial lease payments.  Always know what is within your budget and what isn’t when shopping around for an office space to lease.

Choosing an Office Space That Is In an Inconvenient Location

Business owners who lease office space should always choose an office which is in a convenient location.  This relates not only to public transportation but also relates to the surrounding businesses and population.  The office space for lease should be close to other commercial businesses and be in a spot which is sure to attract the usual clients in addition to those who simply are in the neighborhood and happen across the business.

Not Choosing the Office with the Right Amenities

Another mistake which companies sometimes make regarding the leasing of office space is to choose an office which does not have the right amenities.  For example, a business that has 50+ employees should not choose an office space location where there is only one bathroom.  Looking into the amenities before leasing an office is important to ensure that the office space has all the right amenities included.

Obtaining an Office Lease That Is Restrictive In Its Terms

Commercial leases have a tendency to be strict in some of their terms.  However, companies will often find that some office space leases are more restrictive than other ones are.  Always review the lease thoroughly to make sure that you are agreeable to all of the terms in the lease as once you sign it you are bound by the terms and must adhere to them throughout the duration of the lease.

Choosing an Office Space Too Quickly

Some companies may jump into leasing office space too quickly.  The business owner may think that the office space may get leased to another or they may be so eager to find an office location that they sign the lease and find out later that it may not be the best choice.  Therefore, it is important to shop around and not jump into leasing office space without thinking it through and making sure that the office space chosen is the best of the bunch.

Selecting an Office to Lease Where Parking Is Not Readily Available

An additional mistake which companies may make when leasing commercial office space is to choose one where parking is not readily available.  Although this is not a deal breaker for all companies by any means, it can be a bit cumbersome for those companies which see a lot of customer traffic and need ample parking for their customers.

Choosing an Office to Lease That Is Non-Conforming with One’s Business

It is important to make sure that the office space a company chooses to lease will be conforming to their business.  Some companies may choose a business location which is not suitable for their business and find themselves in a tough spot when they move in and acknowledge this fact too late.

Not Reading the Fine Print on the Office Space Lease

Lastly, company officials and business owners can make the mistake of not reading the fine print on their commercial office space lease.  There may be certain terms which restrict their business in some way and make the leased premises less than perfect for the needs of the company.

By having an idea as to the top 10 mistakes which companies make when leasing office space, business owners can make sure that when the time comes to lease commercial office space they take all measures necessary to avoid making these mistakes in their next business leasing transaction.

LaSalle Street Office Space

LaSalle Street is a well-known locale in Chicago.  LaSalle Street runs from Lake Shore Drive/1700 North on the north side to 157th Street/South Holland on the south side.  Nicknamed “The Canyon”, LaSalle Street is surrounded by tall buildings, thereby creating the appearance of a cavernous thruway.  Many of the popular buildings of Chicago are situated on LaSalle Street such as the Chicago Board of Trade Building and Chicago City Hall.  There are many access points all along LaSalle Street which makes it easy for the customers of LaSalle Street commercial office buildings to get to and from the commercial office space.  This is one of the main reasons why LaSalle Street commercial business owners lease commercial office space on LaSalle Street.

Business Atmosphere

LaSalle Street has an excellent business atmosphere.  As part of LaSalle Street is nestled in the financial district, it is easy to see that there are many businesses which lease commercial office space in this area.  Customers can drive to businesses on LaSalle Street via routes such as I-94 and I-294 or take one of the many different types of public transportation to get there including the Metra, taxis and more.

Other Businesses on LaSalle Street

LaSalle Street in its downtown Chicago location is home to many other businesses and entities.  When you lease commercial office space on LaSalle Street in Chicago you may be neighbors with the Chicago Stock Exchange, sporting goods stores, department stores, restaurants or other commercial businesses.  Although LaSalle Street is in part of the financial district, it is not comprised solely of banks and other related institutions.  Therefore, no matter what your business niche may be, you are sure to feel at home on LaSalle Street in your leased office space.

About the Residents

Although LaSalle Street is filled with commercial office building tenants, there are also residential buildings on the street as well.  Many of the residential premises are in the form of lofts, condos and apartments, all of which are perfect for those who love the convenience and energetic vibe of city living.  These residents make good use of the commercial businesses which open their doors on LaSalle Street.

Things to Do

When you live or work on LaSalle Street, there is plenty to do.  You can attend local Chicago festivals, eat some authentic Chicago-style pizza in one of the many dining establishments in the area or do some heavy-duty shopping.  Architectural beauty is all around you on LaSalle Street and those who appreciate viewing fine architectural layouts or simply enjoy looking at the historical aspects of this area will adore LaSalle Street.

Dining and Shopping Options on LaSalle Street

No matter what type of food you may be craving or whatever item you need to buy, LaSalle Street is the place to go.  Fine dining establishments as well as casual eateries are all around you and if you need to pick up a product from a store there are plenty of large department stores as well as small, quaint boutiques scattered throughout LaSalle Street.

Tenant Advisors, Inc.:  Commercial Business Tenants Are Our Specialty

As a business tenant looking for LaSalle Street commercial office space, you simply have to do your homework prior to entering into a commercial lease so that you get the proper office space at the right price.  In addition to knowing what type of property you will be leasing, you also should have the assistance of a tenant representation firm which will have your best interests in mind.  Tenant Advisors, Inc. can do just that.

Tenant Advisors, Inc. is the premier tenant representation firm in the Chicago area.  Our staff is comprised of experienced real estate agents who know the commercial realm inside and out.  We will help you locate the ideal commercial office space to lease and then pursue the leasing of the property with you every step of the way.

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Warrenville Office Space

Located 30 miles west of Chicago, Warrenville offers business owners access to big city opportunities in a small town atmosphere.  Close to Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport and other modes of transportation, those who lease commercial office space in Warrenville can rest easy knowing that clients will find them with ease.

Business Atmosphere

Warrenville is the perfect place to lay down business roots and offer goods and services to the residents.  Whether customers come from within the city limits to take advantage of commercial opportunities or commute in from surrounding areas, business owners leasing space within Warrenville will have their share of individuals to do business with.  Companies and corporations will also find comfort in knowing that O’Hare International is close by as well as the ease of access which I-88 offers travelers.

Other Businesses within Warrenville

There are many large corporations which have established their headquarters within Warrenville. Some of the larger names include BP America, Exelon Nuclear and International Truck and Engine, Inc.  Large corporations are not the only businesses which have secured commercial space within Warrenville.  Plenty of restaurants, boutiques and other companies call Warrenville home.

About the Residents

One of the reasons why residents flock to Warrenville is to take advantage of the many businesses which operate therein.  As residents know that a city which has all of the necessary conveniences and then some is golden, it is no wonder that office space for lease and purchase fills up quickly in Warrenville.  The town is comprised of approximately 13,360 residents and the median home value hovers around $242,755.  The inhabitants are warm, friendly and ready to take advantage of any and all businesses which rent commercial office space or buy office space in Warrenville.

Things to Do

There are many charming aspects to Warrenville and plenty of things to do around town.  Residents take advantage of the 30-screen movie theater in town as well as fitness centers in and about Warrenville.  Those who live in Warrenville also take advantage of the local library to catch up on some reading and enjoy shopping at the local stores.

Dining and Shopping Options in Warrenville

Whether residents want to shop at small boutiques or large department stores, all is available in Warrenville.  There are also quite a few different categories of dining options to choose from ranging anywhere from stellar burgers at Red Robin to pizza galore at California Pizza Kitchen.  Those who live in Warrenville rarely have to leave the city limits for dining and shopping as there are plenty of choices within town.

Tenant Advisors, Inc.:  Locate Office Space with Ease

At Tenant Advisors, Inc. we are dedicated to helping you locate office space with ease.  Whether you choose to rent commercial office space or lease an office within Warrenville, our licensed and extremely experienced real estate agents can help.  In addition, our services are FREE to use.  Therefore, you are getting reputable real estate agents and at no cost to you!

Leases and purchase agreements are often difficult for the layperson to understand.  We will help to simplify the process and allow you to reach your goal, which is to find the best commercial office space in Warrenville at a great price.  We will find out what your desirable commercial office space traits are and match your desires with the perfect commercial office setup.

It is easy to get started.  All you have to do is to fill out the short form and we will reply within 24 hours to your request.  We acknowledge that business owners are often eager to get the ball rolling and we will help you to do that and so much more.  Contact us TODAY!

Vernon Hills Office Space

Located about an hour’s drive from Chicago, the Village of Vernon Hills is home to approximately 20,100 individuals who crave a small city feel with all of the amenities of a big city.  Many companies and corporations have established their businesses within Vernon Hills due to the vast commercial opportunities and availability of commercial real estate options throughout the area.

Business Atmosphere

Vernon Hills is situated close to I-94, I-90 and I-290 which enables clients to access Vernon Hill offices and businesses with ease.  Train transportation is offered by Metra’s North Central Service, which features transportation between Antioch and Chicago.  Buses also travel throughout Vernon Hills on the Pace bus line.  O’Hare International Airport is a short drive away as well.

Other Businesses within Vernon Hills

When you open up your business in Vernon Hills you will be in good company.  Some of the big name companies and corporations which will be your neighbors include CDW, Zebra Technologies, American Hotel Register Company and Rust-Oleum, Corp.  Every year more and more businesses are finding out that Vernon Hills is a commercial real estate goldmine and they too are opening up shop in this village.

About the Residents

Vernon Hills residents are diversified and community-oriented.  The median income for Vernon Hills residents is $71,297 and the median home value is $196,500.

Things to Do

For those who like outdoor recreation, the Village of Vernon Hills is ideal.  Augusta Park, Big Bear Lake, Little Bear Lake and Oakwood Park are just a few of the many parks and lakes located within Vernon Hills.  The Cuneo Museum and Gardens is a popular spot for residents and tourists alike to visit.

Dining and Shopping Options in Vernon Hills

There are plenty of shopping and dining options throughout Vernon Hills.  If you are interested in a big mall setting, the Westfield Hawthorn is a popular choice.  For those who like smaller shopping centers the Rivertree Shopping Center and Hawthorn Fashion Square are two good options.  Restaurants including Famous Dave’s, Ruby Tuesday, Tasty Thai, TGI Fridays and more provide good variety for all.

Tenant Advisors, Inc.:  Representing the Interests of Tenants and Buyers

If you are looking to find office space for rent in the commercial real estate arena, look no further than Tenant Advisors, Inc.  We exclusively represent the interests of tenants and buyers and help you to make the best possible decisions when buying, leasing or subleasing Vernon Hills commercial office space.

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