Office Rentals in Northbrook and Surrounding Areas

The village of Northbrook is located approximately 25 miles north of Chicago.  In addition to being a lovely residential area, Northbrook and surrounding areas are also the locale of a wide variety of commercial business offices.  From retail stores to professional office buildings to industrial businesses, Northbrook and the areas surrounding Northbrook have a little bit of everything when it comes to commercial entities.  Those who lease office space in Northbrook find that the area is ideal for small businesses as well as large business giants.

What Makes Northbrook and Surrounding Areas Ideal for Commercial Office Space Leasing?

There are a wide array of reasons why companies choose to lease commercial office space in Northbrook and the surrounding areas such as Wheeling, Northfield, Deerfield and Glenview.  First, the location of these areas makes it ideal for business transactions.  Surrounded by interstates such as I-94 and I-294, getting into the Northbrook area is easy to do.  Since it is located not too far from downtown Chicago, many business owners like that it is close to the big city yet outside of the city limits so that traffic, parking and other issues are not too apparent when they lease offices in Northfield, Deerfield, Glenview and the other areas close by.

Northbrook commercial office space is also located close to all of the potential amenities which a business owner, his employees and customers as well could want in a location.  Those who choose to lease an office in Deerfield, Northfield, Northbrook or Glenview will find that there are a plentiful amount of lovely parks to give you a great view on the way to/from work as well as on your lunch break.  Those who like to dine and shop on their time off from work will enjoy the area restaurants and retail shops.  In fact, Northbrook has 14 major shopping centers within its village limits.  The Aquatic Center and Northbrook Theater are two other great amenities which business employers and their staff like to take advantage of after work.

When it comes to leasing commercial office space in Northbrook or renting an office in Glenview, there are plenty of leasing options for commercial businesses.  Some of your new neighbors in this general area will include UPS, Crate & Barrel, Allstate, Culligan Water and others.  The Sky Harbor Industrial Park also sees a lot of new businesses coming into the area as well.  The types of businesses are wide and varied.  No matter what business industry your company may operate within, you are sure to find an office space to lease which is perfect for you in Northbrook and surrounding areas.

Choosing Northbrook for commercial office space, renting offices in Wheeling or leasing commercial office space in Northfield is just a great idea all around.  The area is convenient for customers to get to your business, there are less traffic issues than if you opened up your store doors within the city and there are so many different types of office space for lease in this area.  When you lease office space in Northbrook you are making a wise business decision.

Gurnee Office Space


Located between the large metropolitan areas of Chicago and Milwaukee, Gurnee is a village with exceptional style all its own.  With over 30,000 residents calling Gurnee home, there is much which this locale has to offer residents and business employers as well.  Those who reside in Gurnee have access to the big cities yet get to live in a location with a suburban feel.

Business Atmosphere

The business atmosphere of Gurnee is quite a good one as the village draws in customers from both Illinois and the close neighboring state of Wisconsin.  I-94 makes it easy for customers and business employees to get to companies and corporations in Gurnee.  Although there is not a Metra station in Gurnee, there are stations in neighboring towns of Waukegan, Libertyville, and Grayslake.  Gurnee has plenty of office space and buildings available to business owners, whether you want to buy office space or lease commercial office space within the village.

Other Businesses in Gurnee

Business owners enjoy having their company operations in Gurnee.  When you lease commercial office space or rent an office building in Gurnee you may find that some of your neighbors include Gurnee Mills shopping mall, Target, Five Guys, Chipotle, and a wide array of professional, individually-owned companies.   The types of businesses located throughout Gurnee comprise every genre and you are bound to be in good company when you lease office space in Gurnee.

About the Residents

The residents of Gurnee enjoy a peaceful and enjoyable suburban lifestyle overall.  With two large cities in driving distance, one would think that the residents would be eager to venture out to one or both of the cities.  However, due to all of the wonderful conveniences present within Gurnee, they have everything they need right there in town.  The median household income in Gurnee according to a 2007 estimate was $71,455 and the median age was 34 years.  42.3% of the households of Gurnee had children living within them and 62.6% had married couples living in the household.

Things to Do

For those who like amusement parks, you will be in the perfect spot when you choose Gurnee as your desired residence and/or business location, as Six Flags Great America is situated there.  In the summertime you can cool off at Key Lime Cove Water Resort.  For the readers out there, the Warren-Newport Public Library System offers a large catalog in addition to great events throughout the year.  The Gurnee Park District also offers a lot for outdoor lovers to enjoy.

Dining and Shopping Options in Gurnee

There are so many great dining and shopping options in Gurnee.  For those who enjoy national retailers and chain stores, Target, Sam’s Club, Walmart, Home Depot, Starbucks, Panera Bread Company, and Lone Star are just a few of your many shopping and dining options.  There are also plenty of individually-owned boutiques and cafes to satisfy all cravings.

Tenant Advisors, Inc.:  Helping Business Owners Find Ideal Office Space to Lease

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Addison Commercial Office Space

Addison Office Space

Addison Commercial Office Space


The Chicago Metropolitan area is a great place to lay down roots, both for residents and businesses alike.  Addison is a wonderful village to choose if you wish to be close to Chicago yet still outside the city lines.  In fact, over 36,000 individuals call Addison home.  Business owners who choose Addison as their prime business location get to take advantage of the large resident customer base in addition to expanding their offerings to those outside the village limits.  Addison has plenty to offer for residents who live there and business owners who lease commercial office space in the village.

Business Atmosphere

Situated in the middle of I-355, I-88 and I-290, Addison offers convenient driving options for those who work and do business within the village of Addison.  Also, since it is close to Chicago, there are plenty of public transportation options as well.  The Metra, Pace bus line and taxis offer individuals easy access to Addison from other areas around the Chicago metro area.  There are quite a few business parks in Addison including Meadows Business Park, Addison Business Center, Tollway Park and Corporate Center, to name some of the big ones.  Regardless of whether your company which leases office space in Addison is a small professional company or a large corporation, there are plenty of leasing options within the village.

Other Businesses in Addison

You will be in good company once you lease commercial office space in Addison.  Some of the other businesses in town include big names like UPS, The Pampered Chef and Nabisco.  In addition to the large corporations, there are also plenty of smaller businesses in Addison.  In fact, 2/3 of the businesses in Addison each have fewer than 20 employees.  This means that there are plenty of opportunities for companies large and small within Addison.

About the Residents

According to the 2000 census, 35,914 individuals were living in Addison, and that number has since increased. The median family income was $59,007 and the per capita income was $21,201.  Out of the 11,649 households in the village, 38.3% had children within them and 62.7% contained married couples.

Things to Do

There is much for residents and business owners to do in Addison in their free time.  History is a big part of Addison and there are quite a few different historical spots to visit including the Historical Museum (the Balzer House) and the Century House.  Outdoor activities also present many natural options for those who come to Addison for work or to live.

Dining and Shopping Options in Addison

Dining and shopping options are certainly available throughout Addison.  For dining options you can visit Dave & Buster’s for some fun and games as well as food or enjoy some delicious barbecue at Famous Dave’s.  There are also plenty of individually owned restaurants to peak your interest in Addison and you can get pretty much any type of cuisine you like.  Shopping options are also plentiful.  Whether you want large name retailers or small boutiques, the answer lies in Addison.

Tenant Advisors, Inc.:  Helping You Lease Addison Office Space

Finding an office to lease in Addison is a definite achievable goal.  From small one-room offices to large, vast square footage buildings, the commercial office space you have been seeking is there in Addison.  To make the job even easier for you, Tenant Advisors, Inc. is the tenant representation firm you have been looking for.

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Burr Ridge Office Space


The affluent Chicago suburb of Burr Ridge is a great place to live and work.  Surrounded by lush wooded areas, those who reside and own businesses in Burr Ridge are privy to scenic views, friendly people and a wonderful environment overall.  Located approximately 20 miles from the Chicago city limits, Burr Ridge offers access to the city for entertainment, shopping and more without having the hassle which city living and running a business in Chicago may present for some.

Business Atmosphere

Located by I-55 and I-294, Burr Ridge offers convenience to business owners, employees and customers.  There are various corporate parks within Burr Ridge which opens up the possibility of leasing office space within the village.  Retailers, professional corporations, restaurant owners and other business entities will find the perfect office space for lease or purchase in Burr Ridge.  There is a good customer base not only within the village but from those who live outside the village in neighboring towns.  Depending on your type of business, consumers from Chicago may even make the trip to Burr Ridge to buy your products or utilize your services.

Other Businesses in Burr Ridge

Since Burr Ridge is an upscale village, the median income for a family is around $190,000, it would stand to reason that the businesses within Burr Ridge are high quality as well.  Retail stores such as J. Jill, Ann Taylor, Banana Republic and others fill the Burr Ridge Village Center and many upscale restaurants as well.  Professional businesses such as accountants, insurance agents, realtors, attorneys and medical offices also are in place throughout Burr Ridge.  In this village of more than 11,500 residents, there is plenty for all to choose from, no matter what business they may be seeking services or products from.

About the Residents

Burr Ridge is a good-sized village where the residents enjoy a healthy and prosperous way of life.  The average home value of Burr Ridge residents in 2000 was $527,908 and many of the homes are kept up well and aesthetically pleasing.  Over ¾ of the households within the village contain married couples living together.

Things to Do

Those who live and work in Burr Ridge like to take care of themselves and live healthy lives overall.  There are plenty of parks for hiking and bike riding as well as spas for relaxing and taking advantage of luxurious spa treatments.  During the summer there is “Concerts on the Green” at the Burr Ridge Village Center and other special events planned throughout the year.  Whether young or old, married or single, Burr Ridge offers its community plenty of things to do year-round.

Dining and Shopping Options in Burr Ridge

As mentioned above, Burr Ridge offers many different retail stores and restaurant options in the Burr Ridge Village Center.   Men, women and children alike will enjoy shopping and dining at Burr Ridge Village Center as there is something for everyone there.  There are also plenty of other restaurants and stores throughout town which will cater to your every dining and shopping need and desire.

Tenant Advisors, Inc.:  Helping You Locate Burr Ridge Commercial Office Space

Tenant Advisors, Inc. has been helping business owners for years find their ideal commercial office space to lease and we can help you as well.  Our professional team of experienced real estate professionals will guide you on the right path to the perfect commercial office space in Burr Ridge.  Most importantly, our services are FREE FOR YOU TO USE!  Whether you are a sole practitioner or own a large corporation, there is a commercial locale for you in Burr Ridge.

As a tenant representation firm, we represent only tenants.  We will never provide services for landlords as we want our clients to know where our loyalties lie which is with the business tenant.  Finding a commercial office space to lease can be a time consuming and tiresome event.  You need to know that there is someone on your side who will be there for you 100% throughout the entire process.  That such entity is Tenant Advisors, Inc.

If you are eager to start the commercial office lease process and find that ideal office space to lease in Burr Ridge, fill out our contact form today.  We will contact you right away so that we can learn more about your needs and let you know how we can help you locate your perfect office space to lease.

Oakbrook Terrace Office Space

Located in DuPage County, Oakbrook Terrace benefits from a suburban feel while still being close to Chicago.  Oakbrook Terrace has a small population (2,300 in 2000) within the city limits but has a lot of surrounding areas which brings in business customers and visitors.  Those who live in Oakbrook Terrace like the fact that they can live so close to Chicago without physically being within the city limits.

Business Atmosphere

Oakbrook Terrace has an excellent business atmosphere.  Due to its close proximity to Chicago, plenty of business owners express an interest in leasing commercial office space or buying property in Oakbrook Terrace.  It is close to all of the major roads and highways such as I-294, I-290, I-88 and I-395.  Public transportation including the Metra train, Pace bus line and taxis are readily available.  Both O’Hare and Midway airports are within a short driving distance, which is perfect for business owners who get a lot of customers flying in from out of town.

Other Businesses in Oakbrook Terrace

Oakbrook Terrace Tower is home to 31-floors of office space and is a building owned by General Electric.  There are seven hotels in Oakbrook Terrace which offer lodging for business clients coming into town to do business with you and your company.  In addition, the Chicago Automobile Trade Association has its business headquarters in Oakbrook Terrace.

About the Residents

The population of Oakbrook Terrace has increased a bit from the number figured at the 2000 census.  The median household income of Oakbrook Terrace residents was $59,148 and the median family income was $85,374. The residents have an easy commute for those who work in Chicago although many Oakbrook Terrace residents work right in the city where they live.

Things to Do

Since it is so close to downtown Chicago, it would stand to reason that there would be plenty to do in the area.  Shopping, dining, entertainment, nightlife and more are all yours in Oakbrook Terrace.  There is also Drury Lane, a large conference center and theater in one.  Conferences, banquets, trade shows, concerts and more are held at Drury Lane.

Dining and Shopping Options in Oakbrook Terrace

Breakfast, lunch and dinner options are yours for the choosing in Oakbrook Terrace.  From Dunkin Donuts to Chipotle for different cuisines and Drury Lane Restaurant to Capri Classic Italian Ristorante there is plenty to choose from in the way of dining.  There are many stores which you can shop at when you visit the Oakbrook Center and other individual stores throughout the city.

Tenant Advisors, Inc.:  Representing Tenants in Their Office Lease Transactions

Office lease transactions can be tricky and that’s why business owners benefit from tenant representation, among other things.  Tenant Advisors, Inc. is dedicated to serving the needs of business owners and their companies and corporations.  Our staff is comprised of dedicated, hardworking real estate professionals who are ready, willing and able to serve all of your tenant representation needs when you are seeking an office to lease.

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