Office Space in O’Hare

Office space leasing options are prevalent throughout Chicago.  There are so many areas within Chicago which cater to local businesses that it is sometimes difficult for business owners to narrow down the options to choose just one location to open up shop within.  One such area which sees a lot of commercial office leasing options is O’Hare.  This area has plenty of businesses, hotels, restaurants and more, especially since the airport is so close.  The following will list some insightful information regarding the O’Hare neighborhood and why it is highly sought after by business owners who want to lease office space in O’Hare.

Location Is Ideal

Located on the northwest side of Chicago, O’Hare is popular with business owners who want to lease office space as it is on the outer edge of Chicago which means that traffic and parking is not as difficult to deal with as it is in the center of Chicago.  Located close to the airport and the major expressways, it is easy to get to leased office spaces in the O’Hare area.  It is also minutes away from the inner portion of Chicago which means that the downtown area is close by.

Plenty of Things to Do

Although the O’Hare region has a good showing of industrial and professional businesses within it, there are still things close by if you are looking for something to do away from your leased commercial office space.  Take a short trip to the Lincoln Park Zoo, have lunch outdoors or simply take in the unique architecture.  O’Hare is filled with history and more in addition to being a great option for leasing commercial office space.

Various Sections within O’Hare Which Cater To Businesses

Within the O’Hare area, there are a few different towns/areas, many of which are ideally suited for businesses large and small to lease office space.  Some of the towns include Bensenville, Des Plaines, Rosemont and Park Ridge.  Bensenville office space rentals are widely available as is office space for rent in Rosemont.  If you are a business owner seeking office space leasing options in Des Plaines or office space for rent in Park Ridge, you too will find options in these O’Hare area cities.

Local Amenities Make the O’Hare Area A Great Place to Work

When you lease commercial office space in O’Hare, you are renting an office in a location where there will be plenty of amenities available to both you as a business owner and your employees as well.  Office space in Bensenville, Rosemont, Park Ridge and Des Plaines is usually close to a wide variety of restaurants and shops, which is perfect for employees to take advantage of during their lunch break.  For those office space rental businesses which see a lot of out of town clients, there are also a good amount of hotels in the area, especially due to its close proximity to O’Hare International Airport.

Leasing commercial office space in the O’Hare area is simply a great idea.  The amenities are plentiful, the access to the commercial office space in this locale is easy and both the business owner which leases commercial office space in O’Hare and the employees who work for the business will enjoy the convenience which this location offers.

Office Space

Consider Parking Options When Leasing Commercial Office Space

Office SpaceMany business owners are often focused on the office space itself when leasing a commercial office for their company. Although the interior of the office is quite important, it is vital to not overlook parking options when leasing office space. This is especially relevant in cities and largely populated areas where having parking on-site is an absolute necessity.

Inquire About Parking Right Away

When you are interested in a particular office space and are at the point of seriously considering leasing the chosen location, make sure you inquire about parking options right away, especially if parking is a must for you. This is a lease term which can often make or break a leasing commitment and force you to look elsewhere, especially if parking is what you want but not what you will receive if you lease that particular office space.

Find Out Whether Parking is Open or Reserved

Leasing will either be open or reserved in nature. With an open parking arrangement, you will have access to parking at a garage or lot but not receive designated spots, which means if the lot fills up, you are out of luck. With a reserved parking situation, you will have set office space parking and know that when you pull into your office parking lot, your parking spot will be available. This is often an important component for office space tenants to consider.

Ask About Client Parking Options

Even if you know that you will have office space parking for both you and your employees, you may not have parking spots available for your clients. It’s important to ask about this issue, and then determine if client parking is a necessity or not. Client parking is often an attractive feature as many customers and clients like to deal with businesses which offer ease of access to their facilities.

Make Sure Parking Terms are Included Within the Leasedeerfield

Even though you may have discussed parking terms and agreed that these features will be included with your tenancy, you must put it into writing and ensure that the lease contains the term related to parking. Rather than have a statement to the effect of “parking is included,” you should insert information related to how many parking spaces are included, whether parking is reserved or open, if clients may have access to parking spots while doing business with your company and other specific parking terms. Once the parking terms are included within the lease, you can rest assured that parking spaces will be available to you during your commercial office space tenancy.

Parking may not be a must-have inclusion for certain office space tenants. However, for others, having the access to parking for both employees and clients is a necessity which simply cannot be omitted from an office space tenancy. So long as you determine your parking needs, inquire about parking options and ensure that you will have parking spaces available to you, your company and clients, plus include such terms within the lease, your office space lease will consist of the pertinent items you need to do business efficiently.

Office Space

Office Space Tenants Often Pay More Than Just Rent

Office SpaceWhen business owners lease commercial office space, there is often more to consider in the way of expenses than just rent. One would like to think that a rent payment each month or year would cover all of the tenant’s costs, but this is usually not the case. Most office space tenants will have to pay an additional rent, such as operating expenses, under the lease terms. Here are some things which all commercial office space tenants must keep in mind when signing a new office space lease.

Business Owners Are Responsible for Rent Plus Operating Expenses

In addition to paying the set rent for the office space, commercial tenants will also pay operating expenses. These are items which the landlord must pay out in order to keep the building running. Some of these costs may include taxes, insurance, utilities, common area maintenance and more. Since these can be quite costly, it only makes sense to have the tenant share in some of the financial responsibility for operating features which they make use of as well.

The Costs Will Be Stated in the Lease

These operating costs may be few or many in number, depending on the individual commercial office, landlord, location and added features of the building itself. In order to have the right knowledge regarding what the tenant is responsible for and how much these items may cost on a monthly or annual basis, the operating expenses must be listed in the lease. The lease must be very detailed regarding what the tenant is required to pay, what the landlord will pay and how and when these payments are due.

Operating Expenses May Fluctuate Throughout the Lease Term

It would be nice if there were concrete numbers with regard to operating expenses, however, many times these operating expenses will fluctuate. In fact, most operating expenses will vary in amount but there is usually an average number for which the tenant can calculate approximately how much they will be paying in addition to the base rental payment. For most office space tenants, they will have to pay a portion of the operating expenses based on the amount of tenants in the office building, if more than a single tenant setting, and what the landlord requests in the lease. Although the portion of the operating expenses which the tenant needs to pay will be a set percentage, the cost of the operating expenses will still fluctuate.

The Best Way to Understand Operating Expenses Is With a Tenant Representative’s Help

Operating expenses can be a bit difficult to understand, especially if one is new to the commercial office space leasing arrangement. In order to have a good grasp as to what these operating expenses are and how much you will need to pay, having a tenant representative by your side during negotiations, lease signing and beyond will help. The tenant representative will thoroughly examine the operating expense clause and provide you with detailed information on what you will need to pay in addition to your commercial office space rent.

Elgin Office Space

Office Space In Elgin

Elgin Office Space

Elgin, Illinois, situated 35 miles northwest of Chicago, is a city which offers options for business owners of various sizes. This is especially true for those who wish to lease office space there. Elgin is located in both Kane and Cook counties and has a population of approximately 110,000 individuals, a size which is quite beneficial for business owners who open their doors in Elgin.

New Housing in Elgin Means More Customers for Businesses

In the past few years, Elgin has seen a surge in new homes, townhomes and condos being built. With the large population base and more housing being created for individuals moving to town, this is a big pull for business owners and a reason why many businesses come to Elgin to lease and buy commercial office space.

Plentiful Transportation Options

Due partly to the fact that Elgin is one of the larger cities in Illinois, the transportation options are readily available. There are three Metra stations in Elgin, including National Street, Elgin and Big Timber Road, along with the Pace bus line which runs through the city at various stops. Amtrak may be planning a future stop in Elgin as well in 2015. For those traveling by car, Elgin is surrounded by various interstates, specifically I-90 and I-355, as well as a vast amount of local roads running through town.

Retail Stores, Restaurants and Entertainment Options in Elgin

There are many wonderful shopping options in Elgin. From well-known national retailers such as Payless Shoe Source and Family Dollar to more specialized local shops including Fat Cat Custom Guitars and Shockey Jewelers, Elgin offers much in the way of shopping. Dining establishments are also wide and varied when it comes to national chains and local restaurants. Some of your dining options in Elgin include Chooch’s Pizzeria, Crave Deli, Dunkin’ Donuts, Gasthaus and more.  

For entertainment, Elgin offers the Elgin Symphony Orchestra, Elgin Public Museum and plenty of city parks and golf courses. Whether you crave indoor culture or outdoor activities, Elgin has quite a bit to offer its residents, business owners and business employees. There is also the Grand Victoria Casino in Elgin, for those who like to do a little bit of gaming and indulge in casino dining and entertainment.

Why Your Business Should Lease Office Space in Elgin

As a business owner, you have many options when it comes to leasing office space and which city to do so within. Elgin is a strong contender as it has plenty of amenities to draw people in, a large residential base, is located in an easy to reach spot and is continually expanding. Whether you are searching for a small professional office to fit a few people or want a large corporate headquarters, the city of Elgin can accommodate you. Leasing office space gives you the opportunity to ensure that your chosen spot is a good fit for your business and that the end result is a large client base which will provide individuals to buy your products and/or utilize the services offered by your business. Elgin is a good choice, no matter what type of business you run or how large your business may be.

Chicago-O'Hare Office Space

Office Space In Chicago-O’Hare

Chicago-O'Hare Office Space

The Chicago area welcomes businesses of all sizes and industry types. This is especially true for the O’Hare neighborhood. When you lease commercial property in Chicago-O’Hare, you are selecting a place which has many favorable business aspects. From the convenient location right next to O’Hare International Airport to the open availability for various property leases, the commercial community is fond of O’Hare.

Leasing Options in O’Hare Offer Favorable Commercial Features

Located in Cook and DuPage Counties, O’Hare is situated in Chicago but on the far northwest side of the city. This is a great aspect for a Chicago area business as those who live in the suburbs can reach your O’Hare location without having to travel too far into the downtown area but it is close enough for those who live in Chicago to be your customers, also. Large corporations as well as smaller, privately-owned companies lease offices in O’Hare.

Another favorable feature is that the commuting options are good for O’Hare businesses. Public transportation is easy to obtain but driving to/from the location is possible to do as well. When picking a space to lease an office, business owners must ensure that their business is easy to reach and, with an office in O’Hare, this is the case.

Amenities in O’Hare Are High in Number

Another great feature of O’Hare, and a reason to lease your next office space in Chicago-O’Hare, is the availability of amenities in the area. Restaurants, stores, recreational activities and more are yours for the taking when you open up a business in O’Hare. This benefits you and your employees for your own personal needs but will also be a selling feature for potential customers as well. If they come to the neighborhood to patronize another business in a different commercial industry, they may come across your business and become your newest customer. It is important to lease office space in an area where amenities are prevalent as they are always, and will always be, high in demand.

City Aspects Without Being in the Downtown Area

When you work in O’Hare and lease your office space there, you will be in an area which boasts city aspects without dealing with the hassle of being in the downtown area, which can be a bit more congested. O’Hare is on the edge of Chicago but still has plenty of city attributes, which is positive for many business owners. Things such as public transportation, shops, restaurants and recreation are prevalent in a city and it is always nice to have these options close by.

Leasing an Office in O’Hare Opens Up Commercial PossibilitiesHand Shake

Sometimes it’s difficult to know where to lease your office space. When you do so in O’Hare, you are guaranteed that your business will be welcomed into this largely commercial area. Industrial businesses as well as professional service providers find that they are quite comfortable and lucrative in the O’Hare neighborhood. When you join your future commercial neighbors and lease an office in O’Hare, you too will realize how perfect a location this city neighborhood truly is for the commercial community.