Central Loop Office Space


For residents and business owners who are looking to lay down roots or open up business in the city, the Central Loop district is a great place to do so.  Those who choose this area are ones who either want to live in an area filled with excellent dining options, great shopping venues and nightlife options or want to be in a location where a large customer base is readily accessible.  If you are interested in leasing office space in the hub of Chicago, Central Loop is your best bet.

Business Atmosphere

No matter what area of business you may be in, Central Loop offers a great business atmosphere.  As it is in the center of downtown, it is easy to reach from every direction.  Public transportation options are plentiful and taxis, trains and buses offer easy ways for customers to reach your office, store or restaurant.  Those who choose to drive can reach Central Loop from any direction and there are a variety of parking garages within walking distance to most Central Loop locations.

Other Businesses in Central Loop

There are all types of businesses in Central Loop.  Many business owners lease office space in the high rises scattered throughout the Loop while others have one-level storefronts right there on the city streets for clients and customers to have easy access to.  Small professional businesses to large corporations call Central Loop home.  Some rent the commercial office space while others choose to own the property.

About the Residents

Although Central Loop is a big commercial hotspot, there are also plenty of residential accommodations in the area.  Many of these premises exude character and city flair.  Some are now residential lofts but were once commercial business warehouses.  Those who live in Central Loop are various ages but there are quite a bit of younger individuals who crave all that the city life has to offer them in a central locale.

Things to Do

Entertainment options are abound in Central Loop.  Cultural spots such as museums and historical sites are readily available as are nightclubs, coffeehouses, bookstores and more.  Catch a show at the theatre or visit one of the many museums.  There are plenty of options for those who live and work in Central Loop.

Dining and Shopping Options in Central Loop

Due to its downtown city location, Central Loop has so many options in the way of dining and shopping.  Whether you are looking for a bargain clothing store or an upscale boutique, Central Loop has plenty to offer.  The options don’t just stop with shopping.  Dining options are easy to find in Central Loop as well.  Sandwich shops as well as those offering the finest cuisine line the Central Loop streets.

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