Burr Ridge Office Space


The affluent Chicago suburb of Burr Ridge is a great place to live and work.  Surrounded by lush wooded areas, those who reside and own businesses in Burr Ridge are privy to scenic views, friendly people and a wonderful environment overall.  Located approximately 20 miles from the Chicago city limits, Burr Ridge offers access to the city for entertainment, shopping and more without having the hassle which city living and running a business in Chicago may present for some.

Business Atmosphere

Located by I-55 and I-294, Burr Ridge offers convenience to business owners, employees and customers.  There are various corporate parks within Burr Ridge which opens up the possibility of leasing office space within the village.  Retailers, professional corporations, restaurant owners and other business entities will find the perfect office space for lease or purchase in Burr Ridge.  There is a good customer base not only within the village but from those who live outside the village in neighboring towns.  Depending on your type of business, consumers from Chicago may even make the trip to Burr Ridge to buy your products or utilize your services.

Other Businesses in Burr Ridge

Since Burr Ridge is an upscale village, the median income for a family is around $190,000, it would stand to reason that the businesses within Burr Ridge are high quality as well.  Retail stores such as J. Jill, Ann Taylor, Banana Republic and others fill the Burr Ridge Village Center and many upscale restaurants as well.  Professional businesses such as accountants, insurance agents, realtors, attorneys and medical offices also are in place throughout Burr Ridge.  In this village of more than 11,500 residents, there is plenty for all to choose from, no matter what business they may be seeking services or products from.

About the Residents

Burr Ridge is a good-sized village where the residents enjoy a healthy and prosperous way of life.  The average home value of Burr Ridge residents in 2000 was $527,908 and many of the homes are kept up well and aesthetically pleasing.  Over ¾ of the households within the village contain married couples living together.

Things to Do

Those who live and work in Burr Ridge like to take care of themselves and live healthy lives overall.  There are plenty of parks for hiking and bike riding as well as spas for relaxing and taking advantage of luxurious spa treatments.  During the summer there is “Concerts on the Green” at the Burr Ridge Village Center and other special events planned throughout the year.  Whether young or old, married or single, Burr Ridge offers its community plenty of things to do year-round.

Dining and Shopping Options in Burr Ridge

As mentioned above, Burr Ridge offers many different retail stores and restaurant options in the Burr Ridge Village Center.   Men, women and children alike will enjoy shopping and dining at Burr Ridge Village Center as there is something for everyone there.  There are also plenty of other restaurants and stores throughout town which will cater to your every dining and shopping need and desire.

Tenant Advisors, Inc.:  Helping You Locate Burr Ridge Commercial Office Space

Tenant Advisors, Inc. has been helping business owners for years find their ideal commercial office space to lease and we can help you as well.  Our professional team of experienced real estate professionals will guide you on the right path to the perfect commercial office space in Burr Ridge.  Most importantly, our services are FREE FOR YOU TO USE!  Whether you are a sole practitioner or own a large corporation, there is a commercial locale for you in Burr Ridge.

As a tenant representation firm, we represent only tenants.  We will never provide services for landlords as we want our clients to know where our loyalties lie which is with the business tenant.  Finding a commercial office space to lease can be a time consuming and tiresome event.  You need to know that there is someone on your side who will be there for you 100% throughout the entire process.  That such entity is Tenant Advisors, Inc.

If you are eager to start the commercial office lease process and find that ideal office space to lease in Burr Ridge, fill out our contact form today.  We will contact you right away so that we can learn more about your needs and let you know how we can help you locate your perfect office space to lease.