Bensenville Office Space


Located on the outskirts of Chicago and close to O’Hare International Airport, Bensenville offers residents, employees and business owners access to the city in an easy manner while not needing to live within the city boundaries.  Business owners enjoy the close proximity to the city without the hassle of customer parking issues and downtown city traffic.

Business Atmosphere

Bensenville is nestled nicely between some of the large interstates surrounding Chicago such as I-90, I-290 and I-294.  This makes it easy for clients of the business as well as employees to reach the leased office building with ease.  Public transportation including the Metra rail service, city bus lines and taxi service enable those who take public transportation means to easily reach Bensenville office buildings.

Other Businesses in Bensenville

Tax specialists, aerospace companies, financial institutions, restaurants, retail stores, florists, doctors, lawyers, accountants and more have businesses within Bensenville.  The business offices and buildings vary in size and structure.  Some business owners choose to buy their office space while others find that leasing commercial office space is a better move to make.  The diversity of the businesses within Bensenville will allow your business to fit perfectly within the village.

About the Residents

The village of Bensenville has a population of 20,138 according to a 2000 census and has a wide diversity of residents living there.  The median family income was noted at around $59,008 and home values were stated to be $160,200.  Many Bensenville residents work in the village while others make the short journey into Chicago and surrounding areas for work.

Things to Do

Bensenville residents have plenty to do within the village.  The Redmond Recreational Complex offers ice skating, a 1.2 mile walking path, free summer concerts and more.  The Bensenville Theatre is the ideal spot for catching a movie with friends and loved ones.  Hockey lovers who live and/or work in Bensenville are sure to enjoy one or more Chicago Steel hockey games in town.  It really doesn’t matter whether you like indoor activities or ones of the outdoor variety, Bensenville has a little something to offer to everyone.

Dining and Shopping Options in Bensenville

Bensenville has a variety of choices regarding dining and shopping.  Some of the popular restaurants in Bensenville include Cancun Mexican Restaurant, Tomato’s Pizza, Market Place Café and others which make dining in Bensenville a good choice.  Shopping options vary from small boutique stores to popular name corporate retailers.  In Bensenville, you are sure to find the exact type of cuisine and retail store you are seeking without having to leave the village.

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Bensenville Office Space

Leasing Commercial Office Space In Bensenville

Bensenville Office Space

Located in Cook and DuPage counties, Bensenville is a village situated close to the city of Chicago. The city aspects of Bensenville but suburban location make it a prime leasing spot for business owners. There are many reasons why individuals choose to lease office space in Bensenville. The location, amount of commercial industries represented and leasing options offered are some of these reasons.


With a location close to O’Hare International Airport, it is easy to see the convenience of Bensenville to out-of-state travelers. However, Bensenville is also readily accessible to those in and around the Chicago area. The main Chicago-area interstates are close to Bensenville and there are many local roads which provide ease of access to those going to and from the area. There is also a Metra station located right in Bensenville for those who use public transportation to get to their destination in the Chicago area. This in itself is a huge draw to business owners, especially those who lease office space.

Wide Array of Commercial Industries Represented

One will find many commercial industries and companies represented within Bensenville. There are plenty of large as well as small corporations and companies which buy and lease office space in this village. Some of the larger corporations and companies include US Foods, LifeLink, Victor Envelope Company, Ewing-Doherty Mechanical and more. Even though Bensenville is a great spot for large companies, there is always plenty of room for smaller companies and professional offices in Bensenville as well.

Village Amenities Provide Much for Business Tenants and Their Customers

When consumers utilize the services of a business or buy products from a specific company, they often want to get as much done as possible when it comes to running errands. In Bensenville, business owners will enjoy a large customer base as there are plenty of businesses and amenities within Bensenville. Customers may be in the area for one reason but ultimately use your services as you are in the Bensenville area as well. This is in addition to your current customers who will come to your office for your products and services. Leasing an office where there are plenty of other businesses will help your business to grow.

The Bensenville Commercial Area Is Continually Growing

Bensenville is already home to many well-known businesses and service providers, as mentioned above, however this is not where the commercial growth ends. The commercial atmosphere of Bensenville is continually expanding and commercial real estate brokers are always advertising office space leases. Small professional buildings as well as industrial headquarters are up for lease in Bensenville. No matter which niche your company fits within, there is an office space lease for you in Bensenville.

If you want to lease an office in an area where residential and commercial blend nicely and there are many opportunities for your company to lease office space, Bensenville is the area to choose. The location of Bensenville makes transportation easy and the area amenities are wonderful aspects to consider when leasing an office in the village of Bensenville.