Leasing Medical Office Space And The Finer Points

The business owner who leases medical office space has quite a bit more to think about when leasing this type of an office building over all others. Since the medical profession is unique in the office setting it needs and the work which is performed there, there are certain finer points which an individual must consider prior to leasing medical office space.

Medical Use Issues

Certain issues relating to usage of the leased office space will come into play, especially in the case of medical use. There will often be requirements relating to the disposal of hazardous waste materials, the proper office usages and how many individuals will be allowed in the office space at one time. The presence of different pieces of medical equipment may also have to be discussed so that the landlord is agreeable to the medical office space use and what services may be offered in the leased premises.

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Issues

Since you will be operating a medical facility, you should make sure that your leased office premises meets the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements and are accessible for patients and other individuals who visit your facility. This ADA issue should be addressed in the lease and it is quite important so be sure to pay close attention to this factor before you sign a lease for medical office space.

Exclusivity Provisions in the Lease

Many medical professionals like to be the only medical provider in the office building or commercial building. Therefore, it is a good idea to make sure there is an exclusivity provision in the lease which states that there will only be one medical office within the development or office building. This outlines the request of the office tenant and makes sure that there won’t be competition for the office tenant down the road with the landlord leasing out other office space in the building to another medical professional.

Clause in the Lease Which Pertains To Death and/or Disability of the Office Tenant

In the case of solo medical practitioners, some may wonder what would happen to their lease should there be death or disability during their lease term. A death and disability clause within the office space lease will help to ensure that the lease can be canceled or will expire upon such an occurrence and there will no longer be any requirement to pay rent on the lease. This may take some persistence on the part of the office space tenant but one should attempt to have such a clause included within the lease if at all possible.

Renting medical office space may take a different route than renting regular business office space. A tenant advisor can help with the process to make it go more smoothly. The office space tenant who is a medical practitioner must do everything possible to ensure that the office space which they lease is suitable for their medical practice needs and that the lease contains all of the necessary provisions which will benefit them and protect them in the long run.