Commercial Office Space And The Changing Office Trends

Commercial office trends are seeing some drastic changes these days. Not only are companies as a whole undergoing transformations but the individuals who work for such companies are taking it upon themselves to pursue new varieties of working environments. The changing office trends are so prominent that it can be stated there will be major implications with regard to future office demand.

More Telecommuting Means Demand for Smaller Size Office Space Increases

In the past, telecommuting existed but was not as popular or readily available as it is today. More and more individuals are taking that step to turn rooms in their homes into home offices. There are many more ways to telecommute in a wide array of commercial industries. When more people select telecommuting as their employment option, this means that the demand for smaller sized office space increases.

As companies see their workforce working from home more often, they don’t need the large offices and corporate monstrosities which were once so necessary. This means that more commercial office space tenants will be seeking out small office space as opposed to large office buildings to ensure that they are not spending unnecessary cost on too large of an office building. In addition, competition will often be fierce when it comes to securing smaller office space as the demand for smaller office space increases.

Shared Office Space Amenities Increase in Demand

Shared office space is another office trend which is making an appearance in various industries. Shared office space is where commercial office tenants have their own set office area but share business necessities such as a receptionist, mail room, conference room and more. The existence of shared office space means that the commercial office space tenants will not have to pay extra to have their own individual amenities nor will they have to make extra space for a receptionist, for example. Shared office space is quite popular these days as it provides the necessary amenities to office space tenants and allows the tenants to save money in the long run.

Large Office Space Demand May Decrease

As the need for smaller office space increases, the need for large buildings and offices will lessen. The rationale behind this is simply that a business owner doesn’t want to pay for space which they don’t need and won’t use. Business tenants find it more practical to lease the right amount of office space and not acquire square footage which won’t be put to good use. This may leave large office space owners looking high and low for business tenants who still need a good amount of space for their company and their employees.

Although the aforementioned trends may seem like a serious concern, there will still be large companies with in-house employees which need the large office space for their company operations. However, there is certain to be a transitioning movement in the office space leasing area whereby smaller office space may be higher in demand in the coming years as opposed to the demand of the past.