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Rosemont is an ideal location for those who want to live and work in close proximity to Chicago yet still remain outside the city limits.  Situated to the northwest of Chicago, Rosemont offers close access to multiple modes of transportation, residential options and commercial opportunities.  When businesses decide to lease commercial office space in Rosemont, they are gaining access to a vast array of clients and optimum office space.

Business Atmosphere

Rosemont affords a great business atmosphere to small companies, medium-sized commercial entities and large corporations.  With the convenient locale close to Chicago and the major highways around the city, clients can reach the businesses and the businesses can stand out to the crowd as well.  Whether there are customers flying in through O’Hare or traveling by train via the Metra to get to a business establishment in town, it can easily be stated that Rosemont is the commercial hub of the Chicago metropolitan area.

Other Businesses within Rosemont

There are many top names in the commercial business industry which have their headquarters located within Rosemont.  Some of the more well-known names include U.S. Foodservice, Banco Popular North America and Culligan.  Many hotels are stretched throughout Rosemont as well including Wyndham, InterContinental, Hilton and Marriott.  Smaller companies and shops also line the streets of Rosemont, providing a plethora of commercial options for residents who live there and those who come from outside of the village to do business.

About the Residents

Approximately 4,200 individuals call Rosemont home, according to a 2000 census.  The median income for households within Rosemont was $34,663.  Those who live in the village find ease of access when it comes to shopping and entertainment options in Rosemont and don’t even have to go into the city of Chicago in order to acquire the things which they need.

Things to Do

When businesses lease commercial office space in Rosemont, not only will they have access to residents of the village who need goods and services but also those individuals who come into Rosemont to engage in the entertainment options there.  Rosemont is home to the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center, Rosemont Theater and the popular Allstate Arena.  When people are coming and going they are sure to need some commercial goods and services from those who lease office space in Rosemont.

Dining and Shopping Options in Rosemont

With all of the great entertainment venues which are located within Rosemont, it should be no surprise that dining and shopping options are plentiful as well.  From upscale steak restaurants such as McCormick & Schmick’s to contemporary American fare restaurants like Chicago Fire Oven, visitors, business owners, clients and residents are sure to find a cuisine which suits their tastes.  For shopping options, the many different shopping centers in Rosemont and department stores such as Target are sure to please.

Tenant Advisors, Inc.:  Helping Tenants Find Ideal Commercial Office Space

With all that Rosemont offers to residents and visitors, it is no wonder that business owners clamor to be a part of it all.  Tenant Advisors, Inc. can help to make your office space leasing dreams a reality.  Our real estate agents are some of the best in the business and can help you and your company to choose a commercial office space setting which will work for you.

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Our staff will identify your Rosemont commercial office space leasing needs and show you properties which fit within your parameters.  We will not waste your time taking you around town to show you office space which simply does not suit your needs.  Tenant Advisors, Inc. will zone in on the necessary requirements with regard to desired office space rental and get you in that new office in no time.

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In Today’s Office Space, Are Cubicles Or Open Work Spaces A Good Move?

Office space setups vary greatly from office to office. Some office buildings are a large collection of cubicles amongst the various floors while other office buildings have primarily individual offices to accommodate the business professionals. For those offices where cubicles are a common sight, it may be in the commercial office space owner’s best interest to consider whether these seating areas are right for their employees.

Here are a few things to know about cubicles in today’s office space:

Distractions Are More Apparent With Cubicles

When you have a cubicle setup within the office, you’ll find that your employees tend to get distracted more easily. The constant foot traffic, conversations and office machinery noise will interrupt your employees in their daily work and make it less likely for them to concentrate. When you have individual office space and less cubicle-like structures throughout the office, you’ll find that your employees are more productive and happier while accomplishing their daily work.

Cramped Setups Often Cause Work Disruption

An employee who is comfortable at work is one who will get more done throughout the day, and do so with peace of mind. Cubicles often equate with cramped setups and leave your employees looking for extra room, not only for their belongings but to allow them to sit easily and comfortably. Consider taking down the confined walls of the cubicle or expanding the walls so that it is more like a single office space but not completely closed in like one. You’ll find that your employees work with greater ease, and a more positive attitude as well.

Cubicles Are Not The Best Health-Wise For Your Employees

Cubicles hinder mobility and, for this reason, may be one of a variety of contributing factors related to certain health conditions. Those who work in constricted spaces every day are less mobile, less active and may be more likely to be at risk of experiencing various health conditions, such as Type 2 diabetes, heart conditions and more. This sedentary work setup will make it easier for the employee to stay seated too long and not be as mobile as others who have their own office or are located in a more open setting where they are able to move around more often.

Making the Decision to Omit Cubicles

Many business owners like the aspect of cubicles because they allow the employer to fit a good amount of employees within the office space and provide each employee with a bit of their own private space, even though it’s not a completely closed-off office area. However, if possible, it may be wise to redesign the office in a cost-efficient manner to thereby eliminate the cubicles and produce a more employee-friendly setup.

Some employers may like to make all executive decisions without consulting their employees while others may be more open to employee input on office space layouts. If you fall within the latter category, provide your employees with a few possible office space layout options and ask them which office space layout works best for them and the reasons why this is so. By having this information, you may find that cubicles should be eliminated, or maintained, and know which layout will be best suitable for your employees and provide them with a seating area which allows them to be most productive and content.

Office Space Distractions – How To Minimize These

Each day, work distractions are a serious consideration for employees. Not only does it affect work product but it is also a frustration for the employee who experiences such an event. There are many reasons for office space distractions, but on the bright side, there are also ways to fix these. The following will identify some office space distractions and solutions to combat those issues as well.

Open Office Space Can Be a Major Cause of Distractions

Open office space is a business trend these days, but not all companies should opt for this type of setting. When employees work in an office which has open office space seating, they may not be able to concentrate as well as they would if they were in a more sectioned-off office space setting. In order to minimize distractions, simply set up your office with well-constructed dividers and partitions or ensure that each employee has their own office space.

Limit Unnecessary Personal Technology Use in the Office

Another way in which employees get distracted is by constantly checking their smartphones for texts, Facebook messages and more while on the clock. Put a rule into effect that personal Internet use should be eliminated or at least kept to a minimum during the workday. This will help your employees to focus on their work and save their Internet surfing for their lunch break or after work hours.

Situate Office Space Outside of the General Path of Foot Traffic

It’s easy to get distracted when sitting at your desk and you continually see people walking back and forth around you. For this reason, employers should set up their office space so that employees are not seated within the main walkways, such as next to the reception area or break room. When you arrange the offices or cubicles in a secluded fashion, you are helping to eliminate distractions which are inevitable when the flow of traffic is close to the employee desks.

Ask Your Employees for Input

Perhaps the best way to determine what is most distracting to your employees is to simply ask them. Brainstorming with your employees as to ways to eliminate or minimize distractions will help you to have an inside look into what is really causing your employees to be distracted and which might adversely affect their work product. You don’t have to put all of your employees’ suggestions into play, but it’s a wonderful way to learn more about what may be causing a disturbance throughout the workday.

When you act to minimize office space distractions, you will not only ensure happier, more productive employees but you will benefit your company by taking the steps to make sure that the work product being turned out will be the best it possibly can be. Minimizing office space distractions doesn’t have to be a costly improvement, either. When you make simple changes, whether it be in the office space layout or by requiring employees to refrain from personal Internet use, you have a cost-effective way to improve productivity in the office.

Shared Office

Open Space Plan; Will This Work To Your Advantage?

Office space settings have evolved over the years. In the past, business owners were used to having more private office spaces, where walls and doors separated space into individual offices. Now, many business owners are exploring a more open office space plan, where co-workers are in closer proximity to one another. But, the question is often asked, whether this type of office space setting is a truly advantageous one or not. By answering the following questions, you’ll be able to pinpoint whether or not an open office space plan will work well for  your company.Shared Office

Will an Open Office Space Plan Suit Your Employee Size?

Open office space plans will work with certain employee sizes but not others. Before leasing commercial office space with an open layout, you need to consider whether your employee size will work with such an office setup. Frequently, when you have too many employees, who are bunched together in an open office space, the distractions are too apparent and will be reflected in the work product.

Does Your Type of Company Agree with An Open Office Space Layout?

It’s also vital to consider what type of company your entity is, with regard to figuring out if an open office space will be a wise choice or not. If your employees are often on phone calls and need to be in an office environment where they have quiet work time, an open office plan is one which business employers may avoid in order to produce the best work product for their clients.

Will Your Employees Be Able to Concentrate and Work Best In This Type of Setting?

One of the primary concerns for employers is to offer the best type of setting in which their employees can work and be productive. Although open office space is sometimes chosen by employers so that the employees can work more as a team and not be isolated from one another, or it simply may be a situation where the office building is set up as an open space layout already, there are times when an employer would rather not have their employees set up in this type of office plan.

Examining Your Options

Before you lease commercial office space, you’ll need to examine the options. Determine whether an open office space plan is suitable for your employees and see what’s available in the way of office space leases. It’s extremely important to examine the options before signing a lease because if you decide to lease an office with an open space floor plan and you later decide that this was not a wise move, you are stuck with that type of office environment until your lease term expires. Considering your office space options right in the beginning will help to ensure that you select the right type of floor plan and lease an office which suits your company and employees.

There are pros and cons to open office space plans and it’s up to the business employer to find an office space setting which is suitable for their office employees and company/corporation.

Chicago Office Space

Improve Work Productivity At Your Office

The best way to ensure that the work product produced at your office is top-notch in every way is to create an employee-approved environment. In other words, make sure that those who are a part of your company find your practices to be most optimal to their workday. You want the people who are most affected by the work environment to have their say in what procedures are in effect. Here are four easy ways to create an employee-approved work environment and ones which you’ll feel good about bringing up with your employees for their approval.Chicago Office Space

Create a Quiet Workspace

The best way to ensure employee productivity is to create a quiet workspace. With so many office distractions, it’s vital to create a workplace where your employees can concentrate and focus on their work. In this case, an open office space layout may not always be best. If it’s possible to set up noise-blocking cubicles or even seat employees in their own individual offices, you will find that productivity will be a given and your employees are sure to thank you for that feature.

Maintain a Welcoming Work Environment

In addition to creating a quiet workspace, you also want to ensure that the office environment is a welcoming one. Eye-catching wall art and plants will create a welcoming feel to the office space. It’s also helpful if your break room is stocked with coffee and the occasional breakfast treats, which will help your employees to be comfortable and happy being an employee within your company. It will often be the little things which make a world of a difference.

Arrange the Office Space So All Amenities Are Close By

Employees also appreciate an office space layout where amenities are situated close by. Copiers, fax machines and even restrooms which are in a semi-close environment will be advantageous to employees and make their work environment a more accessible one.

Ensure That Office Furniture Is Comfortable and Useful

It’s also important to select office furniture which will be comfortable for your employees. After all, many office employees are at work 8, 10, even 12 hours a day, so you want to be sure that you create a comfortable office space where the seating is inviting, the desk setup is convenient for your workers to access on a daily basis and more. An employee who has a proper office setup, which includes comfortable furnishings which are convenient and useful, is one who will be a productive worker and an asset to your company or corporation.

Employees not only want to be appreciated in the workplace but they also want to be provided with an office setup which will offer the most comfortable and useful features possible. If your employee has what they need in their individual office space on a daily basis, they will best be able to carry out their duties and produce a work product which you will be proud to offer to your clients. In addition, by making sure your employees are comfortable, you will be showing those individuals that you are dedicated to making the workplace a welcoming and productive one.