Westmont Office SpaceLocated in DuPage County, the Village of Westmont is popular with residents, visitors and business owners alike. Situated 18 miles west of Chicago, Westmont has the perfect location as it is suburban in nature yet close enough to downtown Chicago for those who need or want to get to and from the big city.

Business owners choose Westmont as their commercial office space location for many reasons. If you are looking to lease office space in the suburbs of Chicago, Westmont is a good choice due to location, transportation options, amenities and many other aspects.

Westmont Is Easy to Reach From All Directions

Due to its prime location, it’s pretty easy to reach Westmont, regardless of where you are coming from in Illinois. Westmont is surrounded by major interstates I-294, I-88 and I-355. There are also plenty of local roads which connect with the towns nearby, which will enable your employees and customers to reach you easily.

Many Transportation Options Are Offered

As a result of the suburban location, Westmont is an easy place to drive to, if you wish to use your own car for transportation. For those seeking public transportation, Westmont has you covered as well. There is a Metra station located in Westmont and the Pace bus line runs through the village, also. And, if you have clients flying into the Chicago area, O’Hare International Airport is only a short drive away from Westmont.

Things to See and Do in Westmont

Westmont is filled with dining options for you to take advantage of and is home to more than 90 restaurants. Dining establishments in Westmont include Standard Market Grill, The Sweet & Savory Spot, Amber Cafe, Golden Basket and more. For shopping options, Westmont residents, business owners and employees have access to Westmont Centre Shopping Center, Westmont Floral Shop, Mission Music Store and plenty of other retailers on the national and local levels.

For activities, the Westmont Park District offers many areas to enjoy as well as the Fitness Club and Twin Lakes Golf Club.

Your Office Space Awaits You

It’s easy to see why many businesses find their way to Westmont. It has a perfect location, plenty of amenity offerings and, most importantly, a lot of commercial office space lease options to consider. When perusing the leasing locations, you want to take into consideration where it is located within the town, to make sure that you will be in the best area for customers to reach you. You should also ensure that the office space includes all of the amenities which you are searching for when operating your business. For example, if you need a receptionist or conference room and want to consider shared options for these, make sure the office space lease has such amenities available to you. Also, you may want to be mindful of the parking situation surrounding your office and select an office space to lease which has parking included, if this is a concern for you.

Whichever office space you choose to lease in Westmont, just be sure to find one which will accommodate your business and your employees in the best possible manner.