Westchester Office Space


Westchester is a large western suburb of Chicago.  With a population of 16,824 noted in 2000, Westchester is a popular one with Illinois residents.  It is also home to a wide array of companies and corporations whose business owners and CEOs enjoy the close proximity to the city and the convenience of a suburban atmosphere.

Business Atmosphere

Westchester offers the ideal business atmosphere due to its location, wide array of employers and an even larger amount of customers and potential clients.  Nestled in between I-290, I-294 and I-55, those traveling to Westchester businesses by car can do so with ease by traveling on any one of the various interstates surrounding the village.  Public transportation is also plentiful and those who take public transportation to get to and from work in Westchester or do business with one of the many companies in the village can take the Metra, Pace bus lines or taxis.  Business parks and small office buildings are high in number and no matter what the size of your business or industry you are in, Westchester offers the perfect business atmosphere for you and your employees.

Other Businesses in Westchester

Businesses throughout Westchester keep customers happy and content.  There is very little which Westchester does not have in the way of businesses as all types of companies lease office space and buy commercial property throughout the village.  Some of the largest employers within Westchester include G4S Secure Solutions, Corn Products International, Sogeti, Insurance Auto Auctions and Chicago Laborers Pension and Welfare Funds.  When you lease office space in Westchester you can also expect to have plenty of small companies and independent professionals as your neighbors, whether you open up your business in a single company commercial building or lease space in a high-rise office building, such as the Westbrook Corporate Center.

About the Residents

For a village, or suburban area for that matter, Westchester has quite a large population.  Perhaps it is due to the area lying close to the city lines or maybe people live in Westchester for the multitude of modern conveniences which this village affords them.  Whatever the reason may be, Westchester is a popular locale to say the least.  The median family income was $70,313 in the last census and there were 4,924 families residing in the village during that time.

Things to Do

Nature lovers in Westchester will have a great time taking part in one or more of the activities offered by the Salt Creek Greenway Association such as nature treks at Wolf Road Prairie.  The historical society offers residents and area business employers and employees a glimpse into the past of Westchester.  Westchester also offers plenty of indoor activities and recreation options for all to enjoy.

Dining and Shopping Options in Westchester

For those who live and work in Westchester, finding a store to shop in or a restaurant to dine in is not that difficult a thing to do.  Whether you want a small, personalized boutique or a large retail chain store, you can find it in Westchester.  For dining options, try a casual pizza place such as Rocky’s or visit Morton’s the Steakhouse for a lengthier dining experience.

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