Office Space in the Tinley Park and Surrounding Areas

Tinley Park is an area located close to the city of Chicago but is of such a nature that it maintains a lovely suburban feel.  The Tinley Park area is home to both residential and commercial individuals and includes locales such as Oak Lawn and Palos Heights as well.  Its location is southwest of Chicago and is close to major highways including I-80, I-355, I-57 and I-294.  The area is also located within a short driving distance of Chicago airports.  The location is one of the many reasons why small business owners and corporate business owners choose Tinley Park, Palos Heights and Oak Lawn for their commercial office space leasing needs.

Reasons to Choose Tinley Park and Surrounding Areas for Leasing Office Space

If you are a business owner seeking a commercial office space to lease in the Chicago area, look no further than Tinley Park and surrounding areas.  Tinley Park, Palos Heights and Oak Lawn all provide business owners with a great variety of commercial office space leasing options.  Whether you are searching for a small office space property to lease in Tinley Park or are hoping to lease a large office space property in Palos Heights, all of these options and more are available to you in this region.  The wide array of commercial office space leasing options makes this area one to certainly consider.

There are also plenty of amenities surrounding Tinley Park, Oak Lawn and Palos Heights areas.  Most business owners who lease office space want a location which is not isolated but instead surrounded by plentiful amounts of amenities such as stores, restaurants and things to do after work.  When you lease an office in the Tinley Park area you are settling into an area that has many different retail stores and dining establishments.  You will also find that the area is home to various entertainment spots including the First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre and The Vogt Visual Arts Center.

Office space rental is also a popular choice in this area.  When you open up your store doors or professional office doors in Tinley Park and surrounding areas you may find that your neighbors include businesses such as Panduit, Odyssey Country Club or UGN, Inc.  No matter whether you are a large corporation looking for office space to rent or a small professional company seeking an office building for lease, the Tinley Park area is a perfect choice.

Leasing office space is a big decision for business owners to make.  When choosing an office space for lease in Tinley Park, you want to find a location which has ample parking, large enough office space for the entire company and is located in an area which has plenty of amenities nearby.  This area has so many great commercial leasing options that finding the perfect office space to rent is much easier than one might expect.  It is close to many highways, has plenty of commercial neighbors nearby and draws in clientele in an easy fashion.  No matter what type of office space you seek to rent, Tinley Park and surrounding areas such as Palos Heights and Oak Lawn will have the office space leasing solutions you seek.

Tinley Park Office Space

Tinley Park, Illinois is a southwestern suburb of Chicago.  Known for its family-oriented atmosphere and excellent business opportunities, it is no wonder that this village was ranked the best place for a family in America in 2009 by BusinessWeek.  Both the convenient suburban locale in addition to the family-friendly characteristics make Tinley Park the perfect place to settle down to live and also rent commercial office space for work.

Business Atmosphere

Set close to I-355, I-80, I-57 and I-294, Tinley Park is easy to get to via car.  However, for those who wish to use public transportation to reach Tinley Park destinations, the Metra line and the bus lines offer easy access.  Out of state travelers who wish to do business with Tinley Park commercial office tenants can fly into Chicago O’Hare International or Chicago Midway International and be in close proximity to your place of business.

Other Businesses in Tinley Park

Tinley Park is filled with many well-known businesses and other lesser known, yet equally as important, ones.  Service providers such as accountants, banks, grocery stores, boutiques and more call Tinley Park their commercial business home.  Some well-known commercial business names in the area include UGN Inc., Panduit and Odyssey Country Club.  When you rent office space in Tinley Park you are in good company.

About the Residents

The village of Tinley Park is growing every year.  In 2000, the population was 48,401 and this figure jumped up to 58,322 in 2007.  Families and singles fill the village as it offers plenty to see and do as well as an optimal living environment.  The home value listed in 2000 was $174,839 which presents an affordable home purchase option for residents.

Things to Do

For history buffs, Tinley Park offers a lot of options if one is seeking out historical theme activities.  Tinley Park is also home to the First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre, an outdoor venue which offers a wide variety of musical acts.  If you enjoy live music, you will never get bored with the offerings available at this 28,000 capacity venue.  Lovers of the arts will enjoy a trip to The Vogt Visual Arts Center to view the works on display.  If one is more apt to spending time outside, a journey to any one of a number of parks and outdoor venues in Tinley Park will be time well spent.

Dining and Shopping Options in Tinley Park

Delicious casual eateries and fine dining establishments as well as fast food stops are yours for the taking in Tinley Park.  Those who rent office space in Tinley Park are sure to enjoy the variety offered to them with regard to possible breakfast, lunch and dinner dining spots.  Shopping options are also plentiful throughout the village.  Large retailers and small boutique shops alike are spread throughout Tinley Park which means that shopping needs are easily met for residents and commercial business owners and employees as well.

Tenant Advisors, Inc.:  Helping In the Search for Prime Commercial Real Estate Rental

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